About the Unnies

Nicki aka ‘Sugar Baby Unnie’


I really can’t believe I am doing another fucking blog. I told myself I wouldn’t and here I am again. Sighs. Ahh.. About me? Mhm.. Well I am in my mid-twenties which makes me an old hag by fandom standards (well fuck yall I am here to STAY! I didn’t survive mid 2000s Tumblr and early 2010s Twitter to not know how to throw virtual hands like the next bitch!). I am a pop culture junkie. I enjoy  finding new things to fall in love with and appreciate, books, tv shows, music, you name it! Me falling into Asian pop culture was just a matter of time, after all a thirteen year old me, and some other friends did create the Japanese club at our school! I am very opinionated, that is not to say that I will not accept any discussion because I love debating with people (I wanted to be a lawyer when I was younger), I am just letting y’all know that either way I got a lot to say. That being said, I am not someone who talks out of their ass, you can guarantee that I will not speak on things arrogantly unless I have done my research. So yah.. Oh and like ‘Lazy Unnie’, I am gonna post about whatever I want whenever I want. LOL we don’t care. The only news that will be reported is news that I deem important. HAHAHAHAHHA.

Nikki aka “Lazy Unnie”


Like the name implies, I’m old and lazy, so don’t expect too much. Age is just a number that you don’t need. Anyhoo, I’m a fangirl who has gathered many badges and wounds over the years. If you can stan it, I probably have. Just like Sugar Baby unnie, I’m also a pop culture junkie. From music, movies, books, to just even pictures, I’ll devour it in a heartbeat. I’m even a blog junkie (this will be my 4th or so I’ve run). So no wonder when I was strong armed by my best friend to watch a Korean drama that I would fall down this wormhole, that now includes me spending hours of my time on tumblr and youtube. I’m new to the world of korean culture. I watched my first drama only a year ago. Everything still has that new car smell and I’m not jaded by scandals and fanwars. What you can find from me on this blog is a fresh take on things you’ve probably already experiences but who gives a damn.

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