It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye… No it’s not! SEE-YA 2019!

Not only is 2019 coming to an end but so is the last decade. Personally, it’s not been my favorite but just like this year has shown, good and bad things have made it one wild ride. Let’s say goodbye to 2019’s highs, lows and the shocking turns in between. Ripped From The Headlines ItContinue reading “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye… No it’s not! SEE-YA 2019!”

Tour Review: A.C.E – UNDERCOVER: AREA US – New Jersey

Hi! So I haven’t done a concert review before but I felt compelled to do one after an AMAZING night last night. First I would like to thank my friend Angela for gifting me a ticket to this show for my birthday/Christmas. And not just a regular ticket, she gave me a VIP one! SoContinue reading “Tour Review: A.C.E – UNDERCOVER: AREA US – New Jersey”

Sugar Baby’s 2019 KPOP Mid-Year Draft Picks

I was contemplating even doing this list because if I am honest, this year has been proper dryyyyyy so far. I was thinking to myself, “Nicki, can you really consider any song that has been released SOTY contenders?” The answer is no. I mean they could be other people’s SOTY contenders but certainly not mine.Continue reading “Sugar Baby’s 2019 KPOP Mid-Year Draft Picks”