Happy Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day! I decided to do this fun post to just be cute, adorable and spread love! I have watched a lot of dramas over the years and I thought it would be fun to pair my favorite couples with flowers, wines and chocolates that I think best represents their relationship. It was hard, but also not hard to pick the couples for this post. Some of these couples may have been in shit shows but gained extra points for being awesome. Anyways, enjoy! Spread the love! Xx

ChoI Han Gyul x Go Eun Chan

You know I couldn’t do a couples post without including the OGs of my Kdrama journey. They are my babies and I love them to death. When I think of their relationship, I think of my happiness and the way I feel in love with dramas. I think of their passion and love and the way he didn’t care if she was a man or an alien! 


Couverture Chocolate

Red Roses

Chen Yu x Hua Bu Qi

Yes this drama as a story is actually quite terrible. And even the romance was very shaky, but I cannot deny Chen Yu and Bu Qi’s chemistry. It’s hard to believe that Ariel Lin and ZBB had such a huge age gap. I loved these two so much. Notable scene would be their reunion during the southern nation cause you know they had seggs. 

Pinot Noir

Semi-Sweet Chocolate


“My destiny is in your hands.”

Bong Sang Pil x Ha Jae Yi

Yep this is also one that I mention all the time. I love Sang Pil and Jae Yi’s relationship. I loved that Sang Pil watched over her for so long and that he was very devoted to her. I appreciated that they communicated their issues. I loved how much of a simp he was for her.




Loyalty, Devotion, Faithfulness

Han Che x Liu Nuan Nuan

My cute, sweet, adorable babies! Han Che secretly ruined Nuan Nuan’s life and then spent all the time trying to make it up to her. I loved that even though he was a dumb dumb, she held her own. Their kisses were so cute and I can’t help but wanting to see Eleanor and Leon in another drama. This one was just so lovely. 


Ruby Chocolate

Purple Hyacinth


Moon Gang Tae x Ko Moon Young

My trauma babies who went on a healing and emotional journey together. Their love was such a bittersweet journey. I cried so often with them and they definitely deserve their place in my heart. Also I appreciate the way Moon Young was a horny ass hoe all the time. Like slayyy queen.


Bitter-Sweet Chocolate


A sign of devotion, representing strong bonds of love.

Mo Qi x Lu Zhao Yao

This is another drama where we have to kinda ignore the story and the illogical bits and just enjoy the romance. Xu Kai and Bai Lu truly put their foot into every romantic drama they have done together. They are really good together and I am sad that the breakup affected their professional relationship, but oh well. We love a good wannabe enemies to lovers relationship. Mo Qi really loved Zhao Yao so much it was lovely to see. 

Cabernet Sauvignon

Dark Chocolate


Signify Pride. Beautiful and blooming.

Jung Joon Hyung x Kim Bok Joo

Childhood friends to lovers hits very often. I just think of how Bok Joo learned about love and the youthful behaviors of all these college children. I feel like we need more college romances! We stan the way we went from a man to his brother. Elena Gilbert WHO?


Milk Chocolate

Purple Crocus

Youthful Happiness

Badz x Smile

The whole reason I even remember this show is because of Badz and Smile. GAH! The cutest cuties that lived. They were adorable and were a reason why cheating is not wrong. Listen, I can’t make the chemistry not pop. I think of a sweet innocence because of Smile.


White Chocolate



Park Joon Young x Chae Song Ah

MY FREAKING BABIES. I get so warm and fuzzy when I think of them. They reminded me of a relationship that is so weighted in different layers and emotions. Yet something I appreciated was how honest they were to each other. I liked that Joon Young actively tried to dispel any misunderstandings and that Song Ah stood up for herself by explaining how much it was hurting regardless. 


Sweet German Chocolate



Li Yun Kai x Zhang Guo Guo

Yun Kai the biggest simp I have seen in a modern cdrama. This man simped for all 50+ episodes even when Guo Guo ran him constantly, he was just like THAT’S MY WIFE. Seeing them become a couple that loves, understands and respects each other was literally the best. I think of springtime with them because of all the vibrant colors with the embroidery. Also the way the both of them loved that little girl like she was biologically their own. Pleaseee. So. Cute.

Sauvignon Blanc

Compound Chocolate

Red Tulips

Declaration of love. Springtime

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