Sugar Baby’s Review Corner: Begin Again

Begin Again

Genre: Romance, Comedy
Origin: China
Episodes: 35
Air-date: Oct 29, 2020 – Dec 5, 2020
Starring: Zho Yu Tong as Lu Fang Ning, Gong Jun as Ling Rui, Zhang Jia Wei as Lu Yi Yao, Wu Man Si as Cai Si Yu

It tells the story of a domineering female CEO and a warm doctor who turn a fake relationship into reality due to practical reasons. Having exchanged their ‘I do’s’, they start on a new chapter of their lives as they learn to fall in love. Lu Fangning is the general manager of Luning Group, a large corporation in the business of home furniture. Lu Fangning is a woman who has it all – talented, beautiful and rich. Nearing her thirties, Lu Fangning succumbs to family pressures and decides that she urgently needs a husband with whom she will have a child. Coincidentally, surgeon Ling Rui appears in front of her. Ling Rui is not only blessed with good looks but also has an angelic heart, which makes him the perfect candidate in the eyes of Lu Fangning. She schemes her way to his life and they finally become husband and wife. Lu Fangning eventually realizes the error in her ways and strives to be better. However, keeping a marriage is not as easy as it seems.


I told yall I was pushing through and boom! I finished. Mama didn’t raise no flaky bitch regardless of what me always dropping dramas might indicate. This drama was never initially on the watch list, but as time grew and a bunch of promos dropped, it started gaining more of my interest. However, as y’all know MGTV is virtually useless and didn’t provide subs till a while later which meant falling off my radar until another time.

You guys know my personality by now, you know I cannot ever ignore a good fake relationship or arranged marriage plot. IDK them shits is like crack to me. We add the bonus of her being the aggressor and having a more bold and take charge CEO mentality, it was a nice refreshing change especially stacked against the current contemporary chinese dramas that are airing. Therefore, I ate this up. I was swayed by the kisses and while the plot did get super draggy, seriously we need to have a discussion about not making these damn dramas more than 24 episodes!! IT IS NOT NEEDED. So like I said, even though it got draggy and we had to endure secondary couples which I just have to accept as the way of life now, I enjoyed this for what it was. I think one of the flaws is that it tried to be too serious with the business aspects and like umm that is not why we’re here. I also really liked that the time skip and changes were covered over more than just two episodes (Yes I am looking at you Kdramas)…

The charming point of this drama is definitely the character development of Lu Fang Ning! She starts off as being self centered and selfish (which honestly if you ask me, I think she was quite fine) and then becomes more compassionate. As a mother you could very clearly see the growth that she had over the years. I do have a little bit of rant on this, but I am gonna keep it cute. I also really liked Ling Rui because we love hot doctors that are kind and hot and sweet and hot and sexy and hot. Did I mention he was hot? I really liked their banter and the relationship between them. You can tell that the actors were very comfortable with each other. I feel like we needed more steamy kisses and for MGTV to take down the caution sign.

Overall, we acknowledge that sometimes I don’t make sense with my ratings and that is okay. On the surface I would’ve probably given this a 7 overall, but extra points cause they cute af. I would recommend this as a nice watch for a fun, contemporary romance. Also GONG JUN IS SO HOT. OFFICIALLY INDUCTED INTO THE SUGAR BABY BOYFRIEND HALL OF FAME.

Story: 7/10
Acting: 8/10
Music: 7.5/10
Rewatch Value: 7/10
Overall: 8/10

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