Lazy Unnie's Couch: Itaewon Class

Park Saeroyi’s life has been turned upside down after he gets expelled from school for punching a bully and his father is killed in an accident. Following his father’s steps, he opens a pub named “DanBam” in Itaewon and, along with his manager and staff, strive towards success and reaching greater heights.

  • Starring : Park Seo Joon | Kim Da Mi | Yoo Jae Myung | Nara
  • Episodes : 16 (1hr. 10 mins.)
  • Aired : January 31 – March 21, 2020
  • Network : jTBC | Netflix

Who would have thought two months ago that this show would end up occupying my mind every week? Anyone? Yeah, me neither. Like I said during the first impression, Park Seo Joon is my guy and I was probably going to watch this even if it turned out to be craptastic. Luckily it was so far from craptastic that I wonder if this could be Park Seo Joon’s best acting work yet.

There were many things that I loved and not so loved about this roller-coaster of a drama. A story of revenge, love, betrayal, and growth. You’re taken on the journey of Park Sae Royi’s revenge of Jang Dae Hee and his family and corporation for the wrongful death of his father. Along the way you meet people from both sides of this world. Ones that stand by and believe in Park Sae Royi and the ones that Jang Dae Hee surround himself with. Every time I felt like something good was happening or some resolve was coming, I felt like I was hit in the face with a sucker punch. However, this series progressed the way you make a stew and after two months of simmering and boiling, it ended with a nice taste on my soul.

With any good recipe, it comes down to your ingredients and the quality of them. In this case, the cast turned out to be top notch. Kim Da Mi who played the charming and sociopath Jo Yi Seo was really the breakout star for me. The character of Yi Seo felt fresh and a complete different breed of your typical female lead. Yi Seo was everything we should hate about a person; selfish, vengeful, tactless, an all around bitch. But her bluntness and bold actions are what made her somewhat endearing. Throughout the whole series she was very clear in her goals and her feelings. She loved Park Sae Royi and she didn’t care what or who stood in her way to reach that goal of being with him. But that isn’t what made me love her so much. It was her failures along the way. She was not perfect and messed up a bunch by not really taking others into consideration, even the ones you could tell she cared for. In a nutshell, her faults made her beautiful.

Then you had Park Seo Joon’s Park Sae Royi. On first glance he is someone who has his morals and values and stands by them to the end. But with deeper looks you can see that it is not only a positive about him but also could be his downfall. Loyal to a fault but also very prideful. It took him the whole series to come to terms with that. Sae Royi was so consumed in his plot for revenge you would think that it would blind him to others around him or close off his heart but actually it was the opposite, he was all about people and standing for them. Aside from his horrible haircut, Park Sae Royi was so attractive and not just because of his looks. No wonder Yi Seo was in love.

And you can’t have a meal without your seasoning and Itaewon’s seasoning were the supporting players. From ex-con and gang member Choi Seung Kwon, transgender chef (and badass) Ma Hyun Yi, Jang Dae Hee’s bastard son Jang Geun Soo and even our secondary villain Jang Dae Hee’s successor Jang Geun Won threw his own flavor in the mix. I guess I should mention Park Sae Royi’s first love and technically third piece of the love triangle, Oh Soo Ah. All you need to know about her is that she’s selfish, annoying, and really didn’t need her. I could go on and on about the amazingness of these characters as well as others (except Soo Ah, trash) but that would take too long. I’ll just show you one of my favorite scenes that brought me to tears.

Anyway, I know a lot of people didn’t like the ending but after the two months that left me feeling emotionally raw some weeks, I thought that it ended just as it should. For another show based off a webtoon, I’m really intrigued to see how the show and the source material were different. Especially after finding out that the author was also the screenwriter. All I can say is thank you and I will miss the Dam Bam crew.

Acting : 9/10
Story : 9/10
Music : 9/10
Overall : 9/10
Recommended For : Those who don’t mind crying into their soju bottles and don’t mind waiting for kisses.

Fave Song : ‘Our Souls at Night’ – Sondia

First Impressions: Quarantine Lockdown

Well.. Well… Well… This pandemic has been WILD AF. Idk guys, this shit is crazy and idk what I am doing with myself!! I haven’t left my house since I returned from Aruba. It has been a whole week. I am so happy liquor stores aren’t close because Lordy knows what I would be going through if I couldn’t drink. So anyways.. Due to some self-isolation, social distancing and quarantine, I have been sleeping, eating, working from home, reading and watching tv. The watching tv portion has allowed me to check out a few dramas and thus we shall venture below!


Genre: Crime, Mystery, Fantasy
Origin: South Korea
Episodes: 16
Air-date: March 11, 2020 to present
Starring: Yoo Seungho as Dong Baek, Lee Se Young as Han Sun Mi, Jo Sung Ha as Lee Shin Woong

When Dong Baek was a high school student, he suddenly gained a supernatural power. Whenever he touches somebody, he can read that person’s memory. Dong Baek reveals his memory reading ability to people and he becomes a detective. He is gung-ho to catch as many criminals as possible. He encounters a mysterious serial murder case.


Thoughts: Okay so I mainly decided to check this out because I have a super soft spot for Seungho! The concept seemed interesting especially given the fact that this super power was already known to the public. That being said, I am not feeling it y’all.. I am sorry. I just wasn’t really interested in any part of the story. It felt familiar to what I’ve seen already, but without the same charisma.. I am willing to give this a try later when it has ended as it may just be a binge type of show.

Recommendations: If you’re into thriller shows and enjoy seeing a seasoned cast.

Where To Watch: Viki

First Impression Score: 6.5/10

Skate Into Love

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Sports, College
Origin: China
Episodes: 40
Air-date: March 19, 2020 to present
Starring: Wu Qian as Tang Xue, Zhang Xincheng as Li Yubing, Zhou Lijie as Yu Yan, He Xuanlin as Xia Menghuan, Qin Tianyu as Liao Zhenyu

A speed skating girl crosses paths with the ice hockey god of their school. Despite starting off on the wrong foot, they start on a journey to chase after their dreams.

During elementary school, the timid and cowardly Li Yubing (Steven Zhang) had to endure his seat mate Tang Xue’s (Janice Wu) constant bullying. Even so, they share one thing in common, a dream on the ice. When they meet again at Lin Da University, Li Yubing has become the school’s ice god while Tang Xue’s future remains hazy.

Li Yubing pulls a few strings to turn Tang Xue into his helper with the goal of getting payback for everything that she did. The more they spend time together, the more Li Yubing notices Tang Xue’s good qualities. He realizes that his courage on ice is inspired by Tang Xue herself. In turn, he helps Tang Xue rediscover her dream in speed skating.


Thoughts: I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOREVER FOR THIS DRAMA. I love the novel so much. It was a great read so imagine how psyched I was when I heard that it was getting made into a cdrama! Add to it that Janice was about to be my Tang Xue it was like it was made specifically for me!! Needless to say I thoroughly enjoyed the first five episodes that I watched. Yes some things were different from the novel, but overall everything was nearly identical. I am nervous that they’ll drag out the triangles though because that wasn’t the case in the novel and they gotta fill 45 episodes somehow. Anyways I am giving a predication that’ll be a 10/10 drama for me because it was produced by Ashes of Love production team and that drama was pretty good even though I never finished it. Also I loved the book and like how can you fuck it up? No way no way.

Recommendations: If you like Ice sports, cute ass relationships and all the shamelessness!

Where To Watch: Viki

First Impression Score: 10/10

Find Me In Your Memory

Genre: Drama, Romance, Fantasy
Origin: South Korea
Episodes: 32
Air-date: March 18, 2020 to present
Starring: Kim Dong Wook as Lee Jung Hoon, Moon Ga Young as Yeo Ha Jin, Kim Seulgi as Yeo Ha Kyung, Cha Kwang Soo as Lee Dong Young, Gil Hae Yeon as Seo Mi Hyun

The story revolves around a man with hyperthymesia, a condition that gives people the ability to remember an abnormally vast amount of their life experiences in vivid detail, and a woman who has forgotten the most important moments of her life. The two people with similar scars fatefully cross paths one day and come to love each other.

Jeong Hoon is an anchor of a news show which has the highest ratings. Jeong Hoon’s handsome face and perfect body figure make him look good in a suit. Unlike his gentle appearances, he becomes a tyrant all of a sudden and starts asking aggressive questions to whoever it is. Because of hyperthymesia, he remembers every single thing happening in 365 days a year ever since his childhood. He can’t forget the memory of the woman he loved, Seo Yeon, who disappeared 8 years ago. A rising star who attracts everyone’s attention, Ha Jin, appears in front of Jeong Hoon at that moment. Despite all the attention, Ha Jin doesn’t waver and keeps her confidence. However, she has a secret that her memory is fading away. The man who cannot forget and the woman whose memory is fading away. Will they be able to overcome their difficulties, understand each other, and fall in love at the end?


Thoughts: Of all the dramas in this post, this was the one that surprised me the most. I wasn’t really feeling this initially because the 13 year gap is a lot. However, I am a fan of Moon Ga Young and Kim Seulgi so I always want to support the girls. I ended up being really interested in the story and I want to keep up with this one. I enjoy the concept behind this story a lot. The age gap doesn’t feel very apparent and I like that there are some humorous moments to break up the high tension. I do find it unbelievable that Ga Young is supposed to be the older sister though, but I will ignore that. Heheh. I also do have a problem with the repetition of the “memories” hope that doesn’t happen too much. Yeah.. Imma actively watching this.

Recommendations: If you don’t mind age gap and wanna see Moon Ga Young in fly ass fits.

Where To Watch: Kocowa

First Impression Score: 8/10

I’ve Fallen For You

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Historical, Crime
Origin: China
Episodes: 24
Air-date: February 14, 2020 to March 22, 2020
Starring: Esther Yu as Tian San Qi/He Jin Xin, Liu Yu Chang as Zhao Cuo, Jack Lok as Bai Yi Fei, Anna Hollen as He Ruo Yao

A story that follows the quirky female investigator Tian Sanqi as she searches for her long lost ‘brother’ and cracks many cases along the way.

Growing up, Tian Sanqi (Esther Yu) had a strange liking for performing autopsies. She had an older ‘brother’ who would always be by her side and they spent many good years together. One day, he mysteriously disappears. Sanqi as a child promises to find her true love and vows never to marry unless it’s him.

In her search, she comes across many potential candidates and forms new friendships. The gang accidentally becomes involved in several cases in the area one of which seems closely related to the disappearance of her ‘brother’ all those years ago. A shocking conspiracy that is 10 years in the making comes to light.


Thoughts: I am watching Idol Producer 3 aka Youth with You and so I felt an obligation to finally watch something with Esther Yu as she is very clearly and heavily being pushed on the show. She is an established actress, but she also was a rumored sasaeng fan. So yes, I came here to judge.. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the overall vibe and found that it was kinda enjoyable. The character she plays reminds me of her attitude on the show; take that how you want. I find the rapport between the leads to be good. I just hope that the main female lead does not stay this ditzy for all 24 episodes because I am not with it. Also bonus points to this drama for having Anna Holden because I loved her in Lucky’s First Love.. Hehehe.. I may give this a few more episodes tbh.

Recommendations: If you like simple rom-coms, don’t mind airhead leads and need something light.

Where To Watch: iQIYI App

First Impression Score: 7/10

A Piece of Your Mind

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Melodram
Origin: South Korea
Episodes: 16
Air-date: March 23, 2020 to present
Starring: Jung Hae In as Moon Ha Won, Chae Soo Bin as Han Seo Woo, Lee Ha Na as Moon Soon Ho, Kim Sun Gyu as Kang In Wook

A drama-romance between Ha Won and Han Seo Woo. Ha Won is an AI programmer and he is the founder of M&H Company. He is a consistent person with a good heart. Meanwhile, Han Seo Woo works as a classical music recording engineer. Her life is unstable without a family or house, but she is a positive person.


Thoughts: This is the sole reason this first impressions post has taken so long… SHIT IS SO MOTHERFUCKING BORING. Like I am 93% sure that Jung Hae In just goes “mhm which boring ass drama should I choose?” It felt like a chore to finish episode 2 and so I didn’t.. Don’t get me wrong though, I do enjoy these type of shows but like there was no charisma or chemistry anywhere. I wanted to like Jung Hae In’s character because hello self-insert!! However, he was just so dull and uninteresting. Chae Soo Bin’s character feels overdone. I feel like we’ve seen her play this tenacious character in every show. Where is the range? The only person that was mildly interesting was Lee Ha Na, but it wasn’t enough. I just legitimately didn’t care about a single thing. I think that cast chemistry is so important and they do not have this. I will NOT be revisiting this.

Recommendations: If you like boring shit and appreciate slow burn, healing romances.

Where To Watch: Viki

First Impression Score: 5/10


Lazy Unnie's Couch: Another Miss Oh

another miss oh

Two women, both named Oh Hae Yeong, find themselves constantly mixed up in each other’s lives because of their shared name. From confusion over boys and grades in high school to ending up in the same occupation and company as adults, they can’t stop running into each other. And then there’s the man in their lives, a man with the ability to see into the future, a man who must decide which of these women he wants in it. Will these two women continue to find their lives entangled with each other? Or will they finally find a way to separate themselves from each other and become their own people?

  • Starring : Eric Mun | Seo Hyun Jin | Jeon Hye Bin | Lee Jae Yoon | Kim Ji Suk | Ye Ji Won
  • Episodes : 18 (1 hr. 10 mins.)
  • Aired : May 2 – June 28, 2016
  • Network : tvN

I have always kind of just seen this drama in the background. People have always listed it for something or another, especially the kisses, and I said eventually I’d get to it. So… I did. What I’ve determined is that yes, people were right in saying the skin ship and kissing were out of this world but everything else… yeah…

Plot-wise? Holier than thou. Well, maybe not so holey but the fact that we have a main male character, in my opinion, doesn’t really seem like a good catch and we’re basically conditioned to root for him. On the other hand, we have two female leads who share the exact name and their lives have been intertwined since youth. When in that predicament the girls were obviously compared to each other and our heroine was deemed the regular/other Oh Hae Young where the other was the pretty/popular one. Anyone in main Oh Hae Young’s position would build some animosity and it was there for sure. But what this whole plot boiled down to was some weird supernatural aspect thrown on top of what happens when you assume, you make an ass out of you and me. And this cast of characters was full of your fair share of asses.

Let me first say that I hated Park Do Kyung. I don’t know if it was Eric Mun’s face or stiff acting but everything about him turned me off. I mean, if he ruined my potential wedding because he thought he was getting back at his ex-girlfriend, I couldn’t be with him. But look at that, main Oh Hae Young didn’t have those same moral issues.

Speaking of Oh Hae Young, as a character, she is hella flawed. I mean not in an endearing way. More in the “oh girl you so messy. Try an AA meeting or therapy.” Even though her drunk moments lead to some great funny moments. However, because Seo Hyun Jin is such an amazing actress, Oh Hae Young became a highlight and I found myself just wishing for her happy ending because she just deserved it. Even if the ending she got was one I didn’t agree with (I shipped her with her coworker!).

Now I didn’t hate the drama entirely. There were highlights besides the obvious (make-outs galore). The supporting cast and storylines ended up being more intriguing overall. From main Oh Hae Young’s parents to Park Do Kyung’s siblings and best friend. Oh Hae Young’s mom was legit the best. She was the kind of mother that would cuss you out for fucking up but if someone said anything sideways about her baby she is cutting a bitch. She just wanted what was best for her daughter even if that meant giving some tough love. One of the best scenes was when her parents found out she had been dumped instead of ending her wedding like she wanted everyone to believe, they took her out to some karaoke to sing and dance away the blues. Now that’s some love. At some point in the series, I ended up loving the story between Do Kyung’s sister Soo Kyung, who was also Oh Hae Young’s boss btw, and his best friend Lee Jin Sang. This deserved its own series and if it was, I would have watched religiously. I SHIPPED IT!

So what this all boiled down to for me is… I would have liked it if things seemed a little more believable. I know that’s a lot coming from dramaland, but I know it is achievable.

Acting: 8/10
Story: 5/10
Music: 7/10
Overall: 6/10
Recommended For: If you don’t mind unlikeable leads and plot holes for days

Fave Song: ‘If It Is You’ – Jung Seung Hwan

Whatcha Watchin' – Mar 22nd Quarantine Edition

So the biggest difference between two weeks ago and now… we are in the middle of a pandemic and the end is nigh. Yeah, shit is looking pretty bleak but what do you do when you’re sent home for the unforeseeable future to quarantine and social distance? Work your way through watchlists.

Sugar Baby Unnie

Lazy Unnie here speaking on behalf of Sugar Baby. What did this bitch do in the middle of the world ending? She went on vacation to Aruba. Lucky ass… But I’m sure she’s not watching anything as she sits pool side and gets all tipsy. Moving on…

Lazy Unnie

Unfortunately, my hypochondriac and anxiety ass is working from home and worried that every sneeze is the end. So to compact the panic, I’ve basically been drama hopping and trying to knock down my currently watching list and to be watched list.


Hyena: I finally caught up with the episodes on this and I’m soooo glad I did! The chemistry and dynamic between Joo Ji Hoon and Kim Hye Soo is top notch. But I do find myself always reminding myself that there is a large age gap between the actors. It doesn’t seem weird cause Hye Soo looks good but it’s always in the back of my mind. Even the law stuff doesn’t bother me much. It’s going to be a nice replacement for Itaewon Class as my weekly obsession.

Romantic Dr. Kim: Technically I started this. But I only got to episode 2 before getting distracted and rewatching Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. I think I will eventually get back to it .

Kingdom: Another Joo Ji Hoon drama. Another “Netflix Original”. Another drama that I’ve only watched one episode with the promise of going back. But that one episode got me intrigued. However, not intrigued enough to watch at night. I’m not insane.

Hotel Del Luna: This is back. I couldn’t sleep one night and thought I’d pick this up again. I don’t know why it’s such a struggle. Maybe it’s because the romance between Jang Man Wol and Gu Chan Seung feels unbelievably forced. But I can appreciate the creepy atmosphere and keep with it.


Player 7: I randomly found this on kshow and said why the hell not. I laughed SO hard. A show about how you’re trying not to laugh really had me dying. Plus, there is Jung Hyuk. I didn’t know him before this but he got me saying “Boi, what that mouth do?”

What’s On Deck

Bride of the Water God: Since I binge watched WFKBJ, I’m in my Nam Joo feels and need to see him again. I realized how cute I find him. This has forever been on my list to watch.

Hospital Playlist: I know I’ve already started another medical drama but I’ve really missed Jo Jung Suk. I’m not really inclined to watch Two Cops and I was tempted to rewatch Oh My Ghostess (Still might), so this came right on time. Since it’s from the creatives of the Reply series, my expectations… vary. I’m gonna give it a go and see if it sticks.

A Piece of Your Mind: It’s been a while since I’ve watched Jung Hae In in something because everything he’s been in since While You Were Sleeping has seemed boring as hell. Honestly, this kinda seems it as well. But I’m hoping with Chae Soo Bin it has a cute factor.

What are you all watching? Tell us in the comments below. Or tweet us! @unbotheredunnie

Sugar Baby’s Review Corner – Romantic Doctor Kim 2

Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim 2

Genre: Medical, Romance, Melodrama
Origin: South Korea
Episodes: 16
Air-date: January 6, 2020 to February 25, 2020
Starring: Han Seok Kyu as Teacher Kim / Dr. Boo Yong Joo, Lee Sung Kyung as Cha Eun Jae, Ahn Hyo Seop as Seo Woo Jin, Kim Joo Heon as Park Min Gook

Three years following the events of Dr. Romantic, Kim Sa-bu (Han Suk-kyu) comes to Geodae Hospital to recruit a general surgeon. He finds Seo Woo-jin (Ahn Hyo-seop), a doctor with a troubled past who is ostracized by his fellow doctors, and offers him the job. In the meantime, Cha Eun-jae (Lee Sung-kyung) is suspended after making another mistake in the operation room and has no other choice but to follow the two doctors to Doldam Hospital.


Ah! Here I am, at last with my long anticipated review of Romantic Doctor Kim 2! Yes, I am pretending like y’all were waiting anxiously to see what I had to say and yes I am here to disappoint you guys as usual. This review is completely spoiler free! BOOM!

As I have mentioned previously, I never finished the first season and I can’t quite remember why, but we can chalk it up to boredom or busyness—either works. I knew that even though I didn’t complete the original one, I was still going to watch this because of Lee Sung Kyung. I LOVED her as a doctor in Doctors so I was elated that she was casted as the female lead. Plus she owed me big time for the hot ass mess that was About Time. I also knew that we had a strong cast that I enjoyed from what I had seen during the first season even though my initial reaction to Ahn Hyo Seop being casted was, “at least he’s pretty.” Ooopsie.

I enjoyed the story and the different thematic elements that this had to offer. We had a drama that was focused on character developments and hospital politics. I will admit that I often get apathetic towards medical dramas when a huge story point is centered around hospital politics because it’s just a little too dry and not what I often seek out. I’m sorry, but I just don’t particularly care if a director wants to take over and turn it into a spa or not. I don’t care because it is a tired and played out trope. However, I do believe that Romantic Doctor Kim series does a good job of maintaining that balance and is probably one of the few medical kdramas that I have watched that can do that. That being said, I still did not give a flying monkey fuck about any of that while watching. I only cared about the character development and the sense of family that this show offered. It reminded me of Hospital Ship and I really liked that one which is a controversial opinion. Also lowkey lowkey I stayed for the romance. Sung Kyung and Hyo Seop were so cute. I love me a rivals to lovers trope. Hehe.

I think it goes without saying that the acting was pretty good. We saw the glimpses and the growth in the characters. Everyone played their characters quite believably and the biggest shocker to me was how much Ahn Hyo Seop had improved. I really liked his character, I found his performance to be typical, but still quite enjoyable. I have a thing for tortured souls. Sue me. He was definitely the actor that changed my opinion the most. I even want go watch Abyss now. I will admit to being a little disappointed by Lee Sung Kyung’s character, but that wasn’t due to her portrayal, but rather the character’s development. I really felt like the writers could have done more there—after all, the premise of her character was so interesting and had great potential. It is what it is sadly. Shin Dong Wook as Dr. Bae can catch me outside for some of this p-… *whistles innocently*

I LOVED THE MUSIC SO MUCH. THE TASTE. THE FLAVOR. IT GAVE ME ALL THE LIFE. They wasted no expense in giving me all the people I fucking love. We had Baekhyun, Gummy, Punch, Chanyeol, Heize, Chungha—it was basically Sugar Baby’s kryptonite! All we needed was Taeyeon to complete the trifecta. YamYam Entertainment is a godsend. Every song was so perfectly placed with the scenes.  I am literally obsessed.

Overall, I liked this drama. I would probably only rewatch certain episodes. For e.g., all the scenes between  Ahreum or Eun Tak and definitely the last kiss between our couple because I am single and lonely and need to self-insert.. *chuckles nervously* But on a serious note at its core this was a very enjoyable and heartwarming drama.

Story: 8/10
Acting: 9.5/10
Music: 10/10
Rewatch Value: 8/10
Overall: 8/10

Fave Song:  Go Away Go Away – Chanyepl x Punch

Rambling Queens – Episode 1

“There is no group without flaw, and if there is—give it time.”

Sugar Baby Unnie

Hello readers! So like about two weeks ago on Feb 15th, I sat down with an old friend and we drank booze and talked mad shit about dramas and kpop. What should’ve been an interview just turned into a world wind of topics which caused the audio to be almost three hours long. I know I would not listen to myself talk for three hours so I broke my rule of no editing and tried to cut this shit all the way down. I ended up with about half of what we discussed. Since I had to cut it down, I decided that I would make this a recurring treat and will link up with Nat once every few months. I mean in all honesty, it was wild how it ended up being close to three hours when we literally chatted for like two hours before I even decided to record. Next time it won’t be so long between recording and posting because we’ll make it concise and I won’t have to edit it. Hehehe.

A few things to know is that Nat and I have been friends for close to five years now and we share a mutual love of Yoon Eun Hye, Gong Yoo and Coffee Prince. Since this recording the coronavirus has gone on its one world tour so some of what we say may not be as relevant anymore for e.g. it is obviously not black history month anymore. But I am black and a woman so I win twice!

Disclaimer: Somewhat sensitive language. Not necessarily recommended for children under 18.

Rambling Queens – #1

Not Your Average Netizens (NYAN)

“Why do you have braids and a bang?”


“If there is someone to thirst after, I will thirst after them”



Nat’s Article: When They Refuse to See Us: K-pop and the Continued Erasure of Black people.

“I don’t need a song to be deep to enjoy it.”

Song at the intro
Our vibe ~

The Unnies’ Spin on The Playlist: ITZY – IT’z ME



LABEL: JYP Entertainment

RELEASED: March 9, 2020

Look at us! When Sugar Baby asked if I was going to do a review for Itzy’s new release, I had no intentions to do so. But I thought this was the perfect opportunity for us to do a joint review. Our opinions on things tend to be so polar opposite so finally everyone can see it in action.

(Lazy Unnie will be colored pink and Sugar Baby Unnie will be purple.)


From when I heard this in the teaser I was here for it. But once I started it I realized that the part I was here for was really only Ryujin’s rap in the second verse. I do appreciate ‘Don’t give a fuck’ attitude that the song is giving off but I grow bored of it quicker than I anticipated. The MV and Choreography really elevated the song for me. During the last comeback I was all here for Yuna, but this one Ryujin slayin’ me to filth. 

The first 15 seconds fooled me because I thought we were getting something different, but I forgot that this was Itzy we’re talking about. Wannabe is basically Dalla Dalla 2.0 with about ½ the personality. I feel like I would have enjoyed it a lot more if it was a lot less toots and hoots? I don’t know.. It definitely isn’t particularly memorable as Dalla Dalla was. I think oddly enough, my favorite part is probably Ryujin’s rap at the second part. I say oddly because we all know how dull I find Ryujin to be. I definitely dislike when they all sing together and this is by far their weakest choreography.

TING TING TING (with Oliver Heldens)

If reggaeton and house music had a baby, this would be the offspring. This is definitely a ear worm of a song that really doesn’t give you anything other than a deep bass and catchy hook. Perfect recipe for a club song. Basically, I’m here for it.

This is probably my favorite song on the album. Is it because they don’t sound like shouty noise? Perhaps. I am digging the future house elements that remind me of the sounds of early 2013/2014 which is refreshing coming from this group and also kpop’s trajectory for this year in general. I also like the trap beats that are infused during the first hook. Yeah, I’m not mad about it this one at all.


This is shocking for me because a case where I actually like the verses more than the chorus. But the hook’s beat is really jumping. It reminds me more of an old J.Lo song, like J.Lo before she got with Diddy. The bridge is a change in tempo but doesn’t seem too disjointed from the rest.

That’s a No No is the song on the album that makes me remember that Itzy is truly Stray Kidz’s sister group. I know I am not the only one who gets a bit of Miroh in the chorus? Mind you, I do like Miroh so take that how you wanna. At its core it is easily forgettable once we move on to the next songs in the album.


YES! Give me a full on rock instrumental of this ASAP! This song is the only one that doesn’t blend into the next and sets itself apart by not being what you expect from these gals. It kind of have a Avril Lavigne song in the best way. 

Nobody Like You is very straightforward song with a really good guitar riff. It’s a really nice pop rock song and along with Ting Ting Ting is the song I would likely willingly revisit. It is very fun and the only song that goes against the grain of what to expect from Itzy. The only weak part was the rap bridge. I think that was a poor call tbqh. Sorry Yubin!


You make me… yawn, a bit. I almost forgot that this song was on the album. However, when it actually gets to the hook I find myself vibing to it. I found myself waiting for something to happen in the song that never really did. What that something was… not even sure. 

You Make Me is just ping pong noise to me. I feel nothing about this song. We’ve heard this a million times over. Predictable and overused. Zzzzzz


Another clubesque one that feels like it deserved a place on this years superbowl halftime show. Yes, it feels very pop Latin inspired but not like KARD. I find myself dancing to the verses and singing along with the hook. I’m feeling it. 

I Don’t Wanna Dance was almost interesting but then they went and put in all those Native American sounds. It’s 2020, we’re still doing this shit? Really? Worst song on the album.


This is a more hip-hop inspired track… until the pre-chorus and then back. A little disjointed but I’m here for it. But every time the child song styled pre-chorus comes on I can’t but laugh at how it switches. But Imma slut drop to this one on repeat. 

24Hrs is the definition of ITZY. A noisy song, with chants and hoots and hollers. Perfect way to end the album with no flavor. Zzzz. Can’t believe I’m saying this but I would’ve rather a ballad.


If I was going to be on RuPaul’s Drag Race, this would be the soundtrack to my time. I would walk the runway and duck walk to almost all these tracks. It’s a fun play and really playing up to this club vibe ITZY has going. I wasn’t overwhelmed or underwhelmed by it. Only pockets of surprise in the form of 2 songs. 

Overall this album just solidified that ITZY is a group that benefited a lot from company image (sorry Stray Kidz) and release time. I would say that 3 out of the 7 songs here are something I would revisit from time to time. Which brings it to about 5 out of 12 songs (not counting the remixes) that I find okay to listen to. That’s 42% so basically when it comes to their music there is a 50-50 chance that it’ll be okay or hot garbage. I do think what makes them stand out is that they tend to be more convincing when delivering the performances.. Err well 3/5 of them at least. LOL.

OVERALL : 7 / 10

Least Favorite Track(s): You Make Me
Favorite Track(s): Nobody Like You, 24HRS

Concept: 3/5
Vocals: 2.5/5
Raps: 2.5/5
Cohesiveness: 3/5
Overall Rating: 2.5/5


Whatcha Watchin’ – Mar 8th

January went on forever and Febraury disappeared within the blink of an eye, now here comes March with new shows and new possibilities!

Sugar Baby Unnie

Soooooo…. I’ve been kinda sick so I haven’t done much except sleep, go to work and re-watch HIMYM. It is so unlike me, but I am literally only “actively” watching two shows and I don’t foresee that changing any time soon. I will be working monstrous hours next week and I will be traveling to an island the following week. Coronavirus?? Pfft.. I do intend on checking out a few dramas this month! So come April, I may be back on my bullshit. xx


Two Love Lasts Two Minds: Ughhh.. The things I do for love. Listen this drama is dull and so dreadfully predictable. This is a straight up what you see is what you get. Fortunately, Yukee is doing her thing and she keeps you super engaged. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for her Alan. He is the definition of the “go ahead girl give me nothing” meme. He has zero emotions. Am I gonna finish this? Probably. I am waiting on the vip episodes to become available. Side note: iQIYI needs a roku app.

Someday or One Day: Holy shit guys! This is sooooo good! The acting is really flawless and the story is just so engaging. I am really reminded of Life Plan A and B with the stylistic and directing choices. I know if I was feeling better I would have done a full weekend binge. I really like the male lead.

March Premieres To Watch

Memorist: Hehehe Se Young and Seung Ho in a detective drama where one has super powers? Oh yeah. That’s right up my alley.

A Piece of Your Mind: I am seeing a theme where March dramas seem to be into this whole mind/memory thing (see Find Me In Your Memory). Anyways, I like seeing Chae Soo Bin. I also like a little self-insert every now and again, so I am looking forward to a watching a love story with an AI programmer. Heh. I am just so here for this and I have a feeling it may be snooze town but I am willing to give it a try nonetheless.


Lazy Unnie


Itaewon Class: Still my number one these days! This show causes me to rage and then get super sad and cry. I really think this may be one of Park Seo Joon’s best dramas to date.

Hyena: I’m still liking this but there isn’t really that much urgency to watch weekly anymore.

Another Miss Oh: I really liked this drama when I started but I’m almost toward the end and the frustration started to set in so I had to take a break from it. I ended up binging Fight For My Way just to get so happy vibes.

Romantic Dr. Kim: FINALLY I have started. And I have to say I’m not totally in love yet. The medical drama person in me is very critical of it. I mean, my favorite show on the earth is ER so my standards are high. Gonna keep going and see what’s up.

What’s On Deck

Meow, the Secret Boy: I mean, it has a cat so I’m already intrigued. This premise reminds me of this webtoon I was reading so I’m gonna check it out.

When the Weather is Fine: I started this but I immediately stopped because it seemed slow but I’m going to go back to it eventually because Lee Bae Wook is it!!!!

Lazy Unnie’s Playlist: NCT 127 – Neo Zone: The 2nd Album

TITLE: Neo Zone – The 2nd Album


LABEL: SM Entertainment

RELEASED: March 6, 2020

Let me start off by saying, Kudos to NCT 127 and SM for the promotion of this album. All throughout February, they had me hype as hell for this release. So hype that I took my ass out the house this morning and traveled all the way to Target to purchase both versions of this album. The teasers they supplied and the visuals they were laying down were just THAT good. Now I’ve been a fan of their brand of noise from the first time I got into K-Pop almost 3 years ago. And I have to say, their first album didn’t do it for me like the minis did. Let’s see how they redeemed themselves in my eyes.


First beat and I’m ready to do some proper headbanging. But leave it to these 9 to switch it up on me. The moment that bass comes in and the first line Yeah, let me introduce you to some New thangs. New thangs indeed. This song really experiments with genre-blending and the raps and vocals don’t disappoint. From the moment the MV dropped, its been the earworm in my head. Speaking of the MV…. HOLY SHIT! I’m here for this whole kung-fu inspired vibe and Johnny, Jaehyun, and Yuta were just plain rude. They also gave us some new centers… I’m looking at you Haechan. They did Bruce Lee proud with this.


I feel like this song was made for me. The classic funk bass riff goes right to my soul. Add in Haechan’s high tone and the rest of vocal line doing the damn thing, I’m in love. It was nice to actually see Yuta have some lines and I’ve become addicted to his tone. The raps didn’t feel out of place and grooved right in. It’s a nice driving song.


I like the vibe of this one. Not as much as I would anticipate but I don’t hate it. Chorus is kind of weird, if I can even call it a chorus. It feels a little disjointed from the rest of the song but then again, that’s NCT’s thing. The verses are very soft pop with a weird middle. The mini MV though got me wanting to snatch a Letterman jacket off of these boys.

Pandora’s Box

If Sunday morning mood was a song… this could be it. The soft retro pop vibe is nice and it was really nice to see Johnny and Yuta to get lines. Thank you Johnny for writing. My favorite part of this song would have to be the first bridge though. There is something about Doyoung and Taeil’s voices blended together that do it for me. Chill playlist for sure.

Day Dream

This encompasses its name clearly. The contemporary R&B track really feels like it could be a soundtrack to a dream. With just Mark and Taeyong not even on the track, you don’t feel like anything is missing. Not sure if that’s bad to say but come through vocal line!

Interlude: Neo Zone

Nothing will top Neo Got My Back. Waste of track space.

Mad Dog

Ummmm. No. Talk about noise. I’m really not a fan of this EDM-rap track. It’s not that I don’t like EDM inspired tracks, but this just feels like pure noise with no vision. By the time the chorus comes on I want to skip. I get where they wanted to go with this but it just didn’t get there for me.

Sit Down!

Alright, this I can rock with better. This hip-hop track feels a bit more focused than the last. The R&B hook and bridge really bring the song to another level than just the trap raps. Mark and Taeyong bring the fire as usual but it’s Doyoung’s riffs that really make me not hate this.

Love Me Now

This is the first track off the album that I could really see being on the radio here. The Zedd like dance pop track is addiction. The chorus can be very earworm. I feel like I should be at a music festival with a flower crown as I dance freely to this track. Basically, I’m here for this.

Love Song

Second Johnny Suh touched track of the album and the boy may be on to something. This 90’s inspired soft pop track feels like it could easily be in the likes of Bruno Mars. But even with that similarity, the uniqueness that is the different vocal colors each member brings to a song really works. Again, Yuta’s voice is so nice to tell apart from the pack.

White Night

NCT 127 said we make baby making music now. That’s legit all you need to know about this song. It’s probably about some sadness but I’ve learned after Whiplash and Go knock some boots to White Night.

Not Alone

I can’t really say anything good or bad about this song. It is… just there.

Dreams Come True

Thank you NCT 127 for giving me my throwback R&B vibe song. And to make it all inspirational and emotional, I’m here for it. It’s like classic boy band ballad. Haechan says the line When you’re out of breath you can sit and rest I felt that in my soul. And Rapper Johnny Suh come through!


This album has a debut NCT 127 feel but matured. It is sticks to the blueprint of NCT Noise that people love to talk about but the concept is clear almost all throughout. A throwback album for today’s audience in my opinion. It also allowed members like Johnny and Yuta who in the past were thrown to the visual only side but this time they really are given the chance to showcase their voices with more lines. What this boils down to is there are more members than just Taeyong and Mark and when they come together NCT 127 is a force and are really cutting their own slice of the massive K-pop pie.

VOCALS / RAPPING : 8.5 / 10
VISUALS / CONCEPT : 9.5 / 10
OVERALL : 9 / 10

Least Favorite Track(s): Boom, Mad Dog, Not Alone
Favorite Track(s): Elevator, Love Me Now, Dreams Come True

Monthly Roundup – February

I think its safe to say that January was lame and boring compared to February, but I also have a confession to make. Some of these will not have a “now” thoughts because ya girl was so busy she hardly had the chance to check out any music that was out between Feb 21st to Feb 28th. So sorry to those people. Hhehe. Okay let’s dive in.


Bibi – Restless

I really liked Bibi’s debut song Binu cause it was such a vibe. I don’t really follow her much though.

Initial: She has such a soothing voice. This is very chill.

Now: I still enjoy how chill and sweet her voice is. It is so soothing and soft.

Vince – Emergency (feat Zion T)

I have no strong feelings about either of these two people tbh. I just wish they weren’t stingy and would throw a spare collab to Jennie or Rosie. Especially considering that they’ve been doing charity and promoting them for no reason.

Initial: Why is Zion T so fucking ugly? At the start of this song I was like “k” but my midway I was kinda feeling it. Dammit. Pull up on the block when you calling.

Now: Honestly… it’s good. Being a niggaboo works from time to time. This was probably way Jay Park was having an identity crisis on Twitter the other day.

Kittib – psycho (feat Vincent Blue)

Yall already know that I love me some Kittib. I also love me some Vincent Blue. When we put them together we get certified Sugar Baby unnie crack.

Initial: Everybody wanna be psycho again ever since Red Velvet made it cool. Heh. This song is legit so smooth and Kittib sounds so sexy. This is a whole chill vibe and I absolutely love it. The music video isn’t anything, but with a song like this, it doesn’t need to be.

Now: I have been vibing hardcore with this song. It’s so good with the bass in my car. asnksjnsa. lol

Saay – Winter (feat Woo)

I like Saay’s vibe a lot.

Initial: The music video and concept is really nice. The song really doesn’t do anything for me though.


Sumin x Zion T – Dirty Love

Damn Zion T just be fucking everywhere huh?

Initial: This song isn’t quite memorable, but it’s like okay. Ya know? Like I like the beat more than I like the singing. I liked the song with the boy better. Maybe I am sexist.

Now: x2

Moonbyul – Eclipse

Moonbyul is my least favorite member of Mamamoo and I don’t even really like Mamamoo anymore. She just brings down the average enjoyment in the group down to zero every time she opens her mouth or the screen pans to her. I also don’t think she’s a good rapper nor dancer and you will never convince me otherwise.

Initial: I see why KPOP stan twitter was yelling about breaking gender roles and whatnot cause this is definitely the vibe of a boy group song. However, there is nothing that is breaking gender norms about the androgynous member of a group debuting a song in the style that you would expect. That being said, song is okay, I don’t know if I would listen to it more than once.

Now: This is my second time listening to it and I contemplated adding it to my playlist but then I listened to it once more and was like-pass.

Crush – Digital Lover

Crush isn’t cute.. Like at all.. But like… I’d fuck him.

Initial: Quite obviously added to my library. Does Crush have a bad song? Maybe.. Have I heard it? Definitely not.

Now: Ugh I love it so much.



Everglow may be noise, but you know what? They are valid! I like their noise more that I like Itzy’s cause at least the girls can give me life and performance! Plus Mia and Aisha are monsters and always serving.

Initial: MIA JUST STAYING EATING THIS 4TH GEN GIRLS UPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!! Visually speaking, the girls look so good. There is some truly gorgeous shots of them that are breathtaking. Aisha as a rapper is serving what I always needed.. Girls yuh look good. The song doesn’t immediately jump at me, but I was staring at all the pretty and servitude. I like the “dun-dun” hook a lot as a standout moment. Everglow are Blackpink’s daughters. Check that.

Now: Yeah… I listen to it everyday. These girls are gonna be a force to reckon with once they go on tour and become better performers.

Gfriend – Crossroads

Gfriend and I are simple acquaintances. I feel nothing other than boredom 9/10 times that I hear them. I don’t believe I have liked any song from them post-Fingertip era. They are often a girl group I consider to be just there..

Initial: I like this music video. Eunha looks so pretty with that color hair wow. In general while watching this I felt like I was close to them…Song still a skip tho.

Now: I’ve been busy listening to Labyrinth, the superior song instead.

Loona – So What

Ahh Loona!! Hard to believe they hadn’t released anything in almost a year.

Initial: I like this LOL. I know I am in the minority but like I didn’t like Butterfly at all and for my tastes this is so much better. I read that Lee Soo Man helped with producing and such and it shows tbh.. I am kinda reminded of Red Velvet’s Happiness a bit and the EDM beats from Dalla Dalla. I like this song. I like the MV too. Wow.

Now: It’s aging badly folks lololol. I keep skipping it.

IKON – Dive

Listen I have no strong feelings about ikon. I just want all these YG boy groups to stop using Blackpink’s hard earned money. Let’s see what the first post-Hanbin comeback sounds like.

Initial: This is a cute song. OMG why does Bobby look sooooo fine. I would suck him off in a heartbeat.

Now: Imma be honest… I forgot about this.


I am little mad this isn’t a real comeback and wish I knew that before I got midway into the song.

Initial: This MV is so cute. I like it and the song is so good and I didn’t even notice it was in English. Watch the real comeback be crap though. Sighs.

Now: This. Is. So. Good.


The only things I know about this group is that they lost a member last year,  that one of their members is a super Beyoncé fan (I think his name is Kevin?) and Knetz thought that Eric(?) was getting bullied by his classmates.

Initial: Nothing really out of the ordinary. Kind of expected of a boy group release nowadays and HOLY HELL why are there so many of them?? I really thought there were only like seven members??

Now: It’s not something I would add to my playlist, but it’s easy to listen to.


I forgot all about this group until someone tweeted about their comeback and I was like wow Cherry Bullet lost hella members.

Initial: The MV is very vibrant and colorful. Also why do they all look so young? I really wish the girls had some charisma because I absolutely like this chorus so much. This song has some really fun parts to listen to. I Bouncy ballll.

Now: This is definitely a grower song. I randomly find myself at times singing the chorus. It really is their best song so far.


Poor one out for my homies Mirae, Kokoro and Linlin! Linlin was a part of bias line with Chaerin! I was very very sad. I wish her well on her future endeavors.

Initial: A bitch is shooketh…. This is Cherry Bullet???!!!???!?!? Wow this is just wow. I am somewhere in between liking this and kinda being underwhelmed. It is overall enjoyable and holy shit so much Chaerin!! I like the classical loop of Beethoven and is probably what allows this song not to be dreadfully dull. As for charisma they definitely pull it off—Well Chaerin does hehehe.

Now: This fucking bangs! Like idk what to tell yall but I have been having a hardcore jam session every time this comes on shuffle. I make no apologies for this.

Pentagon – Dr. Bebe

Do you know that Shine and Naughty Boy are still my favorite Pentagon songs to this day? Are they the only ones I have listened to? Yes, but that does not negate any of my opinions on them being the best. Wooseok and Hui are the biases.

Initial: I am feeling a feeling in which I feel like I like this only because the music video is nice and the boys are so expressive. It has the same style as most boy group releases, but maybe it’s because I like Pentagon’s together and I wanna suck Wooseok off… Either way something is working for this. Full album review HERE.

Now: I will be honest and tell yall that I have only been consistently listening to Zoom Up that I forgot this was the title track hahah. Dr. Bebe is still a cute girl though.

Black6ix – Call My Name

When I saw this name I felt like 6Lack should sue them and I stand by this.

Initial: It’s just noise without personality. Anyways. They kinda remind me of GOT7.

Now: x3

KARD – Red Moon

For all the shit that I talk about KARD on a daily basis, I would still like to see them in concert. I have to support #1 Jensetter, Jseph.

Initial: Nothing special typical KARD. Gonna listen to Dumb Litty again at least I could rage to that one. Yes I liked the noise that was that song, what yall gonna do? Beat my ass?

Now: I actually like this more as I continued to listen to it. Hehehe. Stockholm Syndrome.

Iz*one – Fiesta

This poor group went through so much because dumb people couldn’t figure out that all these competition shows be rigged as fuck. Anyways welcome back cuties!  The way they be breaking records whew LOVE TO SEE IT. In all honesty I only remember La Vie En Rose by them, but SAKURA IS THAT GORL.

Initial: Cute song. Cute girls. Cute video.

Now: This was another case of Apple Music not providing the material and such this is my second listen and nothing has changed.

Dreamcatcher – Scream

My girlssss. I was literally just saying how I wanted the comeback and they said “ask and ye shall receive!” Blackpink could never.

Initial: I have been religiously watching this music video. It is so good. And the song is freaking everything. Full album review HERE.


Weki Meki – Dazzle Dazzle

I know everyone things that Weki Meki is just a noise making group and that Itzy took their concept of teen crush and outdid, BUT I still have a soft spot for them because I really really really like Doyeon so much and I don’t understand why she hasn’t been cast in a full time lead in a drama as yet. Out of their five lead singles, I think Crush was my favorite and I didn’t mind, Picky Picky.

Initial: The first listen I was like sighs at least Doyeon is pretty, but then by the second listen I was like shit.. This doesn’t suck. Of course the rap breakdown is the worst part. When will this trend die?

Now: I am addicted to the pre-chorus. I really am. It’s so good. I wish the whole song was more along those lines. Oh well. Still a banger.

3YE – Queen

I really fucked heavily with their follow up single OOMM which was lightyears ahead of Do My Thang. I loved the pre-chorus so much in that one. Hehehe.

Initial: Okay but lets talk about the way they are getting better with each release? THE POWER! THE GROWTH! Ugh if the damn trap breakdown wasn’t in the second verse. I mean they ate that shit up yall.

Now: The way this be hitting in my car when I drive to work! Gets better with each listen I swear.

BTS – On

I guess I have to post the official MV verses the one that released when the album drop because Big Hit had to Big Hit… So technically I did listen to this when it was released, but I hadn’t gotten to write down my initial thoughts. So I am just gonna quote my text messages to lazy unnie.

Initial: “I like bts’ song.” “I was kinda shocked LOL. I liked it immediately.” “I will listen to the album out of curiosity.” “Why do I legitimately forget Jin is in the group?”

Now: I will admit to having not listened to it since the 22nd adbcdhnk so this is like a new inital listen with the official MV. I think I still like the song but I’ve been on this journey where I realized that I do not like Jimin’s voice..oops. Was it always this autotuned? Taehyung looks hot though.

Elris – Jackpot

It has been forever since Elris’ last promoted comeback. When I saw that they were coming back I had hoped just for the sake of diversity that they would be doing something like Summer Dream to help with the variety amongst girl groups as everyone is making shouty noise.

Initial: Disappointed but not surprised. You literally can’t distinguish any girl group sounds these days. Who do I blame for this?

Now: N/A


DKB – Sorry Mama

Personally I think Brave Entertainment should stop producing groups.. #JusticeForBraveGirls.. But anyways… It’s kinda wild to me that we’re now at the point where ’04 and later can now be maknaes in groups.

Initial: I should’ve known today was gonna be trash when I saw Megan and Gerald making out.. I should not be taking this many Ls during black history month when it only day three….. I reiterate that Brave Entertainment should stop producing groups. #JUSTICEFORBRAVEGIRLS

Now: Honestly they shouldn’t apologize to their mom and apologize to me instead.

Cignature – Nun Nu Nan Na

Good Day dies so that they could get repackaged into Cignature. I am not sure why C9 is obsessed with the Cs but whatever. So here we have CIX’s sisters debuting and I wasn’t particularly fond of the cover, yet I persisted.

Initial: I would be lying if I said that I didn’t see the very obvious Red Velvet inspo in the mv, styling and production choices. Nevertheless, I didn’t hate this. I am interested to see where they go. I wish they could garner some charisma though.

Now: This is my second time listening lolol. Not much has changed tbh. I wanna add it to my playlist. I think when I tried before they weren’t on Apple Music.

UNVS – Timeless

This group debuted in Taiwan first and now Korea. Idk google them. I was quite shocked to see that there were like three new boy groups that debuted in the span of one week.

Initial: Eh… nothing much here. Kinda like a IKON-lite vibe.

Now: N/A

XENEX – It’s Gonna Hurt

I regret seeing that person’s tweet about this group cause then I couldn’t pretend they didn’t exist.

Initial: Yes. It did hurt. I lied this one is ikon-lite. Or maybe like BTS if they didn’t at least have half a personality.

Now: N/A

MCND – Ice Age

I could have sworn this group debuted already, but I guess it was just a pre-debut single and that this one is the real deal. They’re from Top Media home to groups of moderate fame such as 100%, Teen Top and UP10TION. Wow so Top Media is also a sexist company it seems.

Initial: I mean.. I didn’t hate this.. There are parts that I like. It seems like NCT-esque noise tbh.. but you know what? It’s amazing what a budget and charisma can do. These boys are adorable.

Now: N/A


Crash Landing On You
Crash Landing On You


I have nothing to report. I am not sure if music was slow or if I just missed a lot of stuff. I am drawing a blank and can’t remember. I also am way too tired to go and revisit. SORRY. The only thing that I know is that the coronavirus is out there beating South Korea’s ass. I really hope this situation gets sorted out soon.


Dreamcatcher – Scream

Runner-up: EVERGLOW – Dun Dun Dun


Sumin x Zion T – Dirty Love