Hit It or Skip It – March 2023 Week 1

Happy March!

This week felt a bit dry but there were some standouts I’m happy to say. Spring is coming and that means the comebacks are flowing!

Park Woo Jin “Top Tier”

YES! I love when Woojin leans into the hip-hop. The pre-chorus was kinda whack but everything else was great.

Hwang Min Hyun “Hidden Side”

Did not think Minhyun can get me wanting to drop it low. Congrats bae.

Girl’s RE:VERSE “Time Takes Me To Love”

Not sure what the real concept is here, but I’m here for this anime kinda song.

Lim Kim X Jamie “Love Me Crazy”

Hated it, then liked it, then hated it again but ultimately didn’t dislike it. A rollercoaster of a Red Velvet style track.

J-Hope “on the street (with J.Cole)”

Very fitting for a J.Cole song and Hobi ain’t so bad on it. Def needed a few listens.

Yesung “Floral Sense”

I dozed and the song was over.

OnlyOneOf “seOul drift”

This ain’t it. Stick to BL concept boys.

Favorite SOTW:

Least Favorite SOTW:

Asian Drama Bingo : February Check-In

Lazy Unnie’s Card

Who else isn’t surprised I had only BLs this month? I’m watching non-ones! I swear.

Sugar Baby’s Card

I read more than I watched this month!

Hit It or Skip It – February 2023 Week 4

Oopsie. I forgot about this and if you say anything then you’re anti Black.

n.SSign ‘Salty’

And this is just the pre-debut song? praying hands that the debut isn’t trash because this is very promising.

The Boyz ‘ROAR’

Nothing particularly amazing here but Juyeon looks hot.

E’LAST ‘Thrill’

I was SOOO close to skipping this and then the chorus came on and I was like FUCK YESSSS.

Fifty Fifty ‘Cupid’

Why is this so cute? Also the rap didn’t ruin it?

Shaun, Jeff Satur ‘Steal The Show’

I was prepared to be a dick but this is good. fuck me.

Serri ‘Spotlight’

Her voice isn’t my ideal but the bassline is so good.

Woodz ‘Abyss’

The lyrics are wonderful and I like WOODZ a lot, but would I ever listen to this again? No. Sorry, I gotta be honest.

Shin Jimin ‘Sympathy’

I love that celebs love to say they’re leaving the industry and then you catch em making shitty songs a few years later.

HAWW ‘How Are You’

My day’s ruined thanks to this flavorless song. Thanks for asking.

Lucy ‘Unbelievable’

Comments saying this made them happy meanwhile I actually wanted to jump off a bridge? okay cool.

Paul Kim ‘One At A Time’


Favorite SOTW:

Least Favorite SOTW:

Lazy Unnie’s Couch: Plus & Minus

It tells the love and collision of two couples. No matter how far or near, they only exist for each other. Zheng Ze Shou and Fu Li Gong are good friends who have grown up together since kindergarten. Not only are they childhood friends, they even work for the same company until an accident shakes the two. At the same time, Kato Yuki, also known as X, is a free-spirited bartender and Jian Ying Ze, a divorcee who can’t let go of the past, runs a laundromat. One day the laundromat owner stumbles upon the colorful nightlife of the bartender. The two collide and slowly realize each other’s inner desires.

  • Starring: Max Lin | Shi Cheng Hao | Zheng Qi Lei | Matt Lee
  • Episodes: 12 (30 mins.)
  • Aired: April 15 – June 24, 2022
  • Where to Watch: Viki

After watching My Tooth Your Love, I was so in the Taiwanese BL mood. This came highly recommended and once I got into it, I could see why. However, no matter how cute it was, I became bored and slightly confused toward the show’s back half.

It is a classic friends-to-lovers with some unrequited love thrown right in. Cheng Tse Shou and Fu Li Kung’s friendship was pretty cute with one being extroverted and the other introverted. It was a tried true dynamic that worked even better because of the chemistry between the leads. It wasn’t searing or off the charts but it was like a small ember of burn. Then I learned that the leads are together in real life, and things made more sense why things just seemed very natural between them. I found the humor at the beginning of them going on blind dates to be hilarious. They were so sabotaging and if I was any of those women, I would have thrown my drink in their faces too. But that’s kind of where the charm with the main couple ended. It was cute how they had the keychains that signified that they always thought of each other as the other’s other half. But there was a breakup thrown in that really didn’t feel needed. And even all the divorce stuff since they were divorce lawyers felt like an afterthought so I had no cares about it.

On the other hand, I was so invested in the secondary couple of the dry cleaner owner and the bartender. We got so many good tropes from them that I could have done with just a show about them. Kato Yuki was the best kind of simp when it came to single dad Jian Ying Ze. Yuki was all about pushing Jian Ying Ze boundaries and opening him up, I was obsessed. And they ended up becoming the cutest little family with Yuki and Jian Ying Ze’s daughter.

There were things I loved which included the heat from both couples and the happy little ending with a wedding. Things were wrapped up nicely, I just felt like it was a little stale by the time we got there. The fluff was good, and the angst was not.

Acting: 7/10
Story: 7/10
Music: N/A
Comfort Score: 8/10
Overall: 7/10

Recommended: Sure

Fave Song : N/A

Whatcha Watchin’ – February 21th – CONFESSIONS OF AN ALLEGED GOOD GIRL

A day late because Lazy Unnie was thrown off by the fact it was celebrate dead colonizers day. Either way, things are light.

Sugar Baby Unnie

No update so read what was said last time.



Unchained Love: I think the complaints for this one are so annoying.. Is this the best drama to exist? No. Was it fine enough to pass time? Absolutely. Almost done.

New Life Begins: Haven’t watched much since last time but we’re doing it.

On Deck

One and Only: If you see this sitting here for like twenty years, mind yo business. It is happening. Don’t worry.

GAP: Let’s go lesbians!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crash Course In Romance: Ssshhh. Say nothing.

Lazy Unnie

I don’t know what my issue is, but dramas are all around and I can’t see to focus.


  • Crash Course in Romance – Seriously, I called this boy being the villain like 3 weeks ago.
  • The Heavenly Idol – This is so stupid, I like it.


  • Boys Planet – I love a good rigged boy survival show. At least this time I know what I’m getting.
  • Peak Time – This just makes me wanna cry and yell at the industry. Oversaturation has ruined these boys’ lives! GO VANNER!
  • Physical 100 – I don’t know why I like this but I’m eating this competition up.

Up Next

  • Island Season 1 – I think I should start it soon but I keep forgetting about amazon prime.
  • Work Later, Drink Now Season 2 – This week, I promise.
  • My School President – Also this week.
  • Never Let Me Go – See above.

Sugar Baby’s Review Corner: Song of The Moon

Song of The Moon

Genre: Romance, Wuxia, Drama, Fantasy
Origin: China
Episodes: 40
Air-date: Dec 15, 2022 – Jan 10, 2023
Starring: Vin Zhang as Lu Li/Luo Ge, Xu Lu as Liu Shao, Wang You Shuo as He Na, Zheng He Hui Zi as Luo Ning, Riley Wang as A Fu Jun

Young Liu Shao meets a mysterious man with whom she exchanges her future for three full days of happiness. Initially, she has led the carefree life of an heiress until she became embroiled in the battle between the immortals and the demons. Her involvement leads to the unravelling of several romantic entanglements between herself and Lu Li, the cloaked immortal shrouded in mystery.


Yes, I will watch anything with my man in it. Come on now, did you ever doubt me? There wasn’t a Romance of The Little Forest review posted on here, but best believe I watched it and I quite liked it. Call me a Vin Zhang dick rider until the end of days, I don’t give a fuck. That is my man and I am going to stand by him!

For some reason when I went into this drama, I thought it was going to be a three worlds, three lives kinda drama and so when our couple was like in love by episode 11, I was like okay now it’s on to phase two. Except Liu Shao never graduated from her mortal self until the very end, so really she put in the work to fall in love with this man each and every time. This story was very heartwarming but also heart aching? The women got fridged a lot. Like, a bit too much if you ask me. I was humored by the fact that this show didn’t have any mermaids, yet we saw an underwater Kingdom and everything which Blue Whisper could not relate to. Speaking of water, why was it that every time someone fell into water they were still dry as fuck?

Additionally what humored me was how comically bad at acting Riley Wang was? Like ohmygod, it was actually quite painful at times to watch him. The other cast members were acting dowwwwwnn and mans was giving absolutely nothing. When Luo Ning died I was taken out of the scene every time the camera panned to him. I couldn’t help but wonder if they screen tested him at all. Thankfully, there were two versions of the ending and in the one that my copodcaster and I prefer, A Fu, died as was deserved. What an annoying ass prick.

I waited too long to write this review that I can’t possibly cover every single thought on this drama anymore. With that being said, I really enjoyed this one guys. I was obsessed with the cinematography and the chemistry amongst the cast. The visual effects were stunning even if the wigs weren’t. I would rewatch for sure and I do recommend. I JUST WISH WE HAD MORE KISSES. STOP WASTING HIS LIPS DAMMIT.

Story: 8.5/10
Acting: 9/10
Music: 8/10
Rewatch Value: 8/10
Overall: 9/10

Hit It or Skip It – February 2023 Week 3

Happy Black History Month

There was so much music this week and I have to say… the ladies killed it through and through. Repeat of last year?

tripleS “Rising”

This is a bop. And the bridge was slick. Nice job.


Didn’t expect this to be as catchy as it was.


Was NOT expecting this to be a RnB bop! BUT IT WAS!

LIMELIGHT “Honestly”

What works for this debut was how not typical of girl groups it was. I love the lower register of the girls.

PURPLE KISS “Sweet Juice”


TNX “Love or Die”

There is just something good when a BG does something against the grain, and this is it.

So!YoON! “Bad”

This is just a bad bitch song and I’m down bad for it.

Jay Park “Yesterday”

Jay has done better ballads than this. This just feels flat.

KEY “Killer”

It gives me a Weeknd feeling, but I feel like it’s been done. Don’t hate it but bored,

STAYC “Teddy Bear”

Just a cute song. And I really liked how the rap broke up the song. BUT it is forgettable.

Favorite SOTW:

Least Favorite SOTW:

Lazy Unnie’s Couch: The Director Who Buys Me Dinner

Hundreds of years ago, a child was named after god and was cursed. After 4 reincarnations he finds his love in the form of an employee of his company, a man! If they don’t date, they die! “We have to date. If we don’t, we die.” Dong Baek is one of the newest employees at Min Entertainment. His director, Yu Dam, is absolutely perfect in every way. Yet, Dong Baek thinks his director has lost his mind… What do you mean the director has lived three lives and because of that he wants to date? What’s going on?

  • Starring: Park Young Woon | Park Jeong Woo | Jang You Sung
  • Episodes: 10 (15 mins.)
  • Aired: December 15, 2022 – January 12, 2023
  • Network: iQiyi
  • Where to Watch: iQiyi

I seem to just be in an adapted BL mood because again, here I am, watching a Korean BL based on a webtoon. This time it’s wildly different than anything I have watched. At least in the BL aspect. Our leads are basically reincarnated (I think) and are destined to be together to cure a curse put forth by god. At least that is what I took away from it because about halfway through, I was super confused about where this was actually going.

I loved the idea that Min Yu Dam and Seol Dong Baek had to be together in order for Dong Baek not to feel any of the pain from the death in his past life. But the confusion comes in: I wasn’t sure if Min Yu Dam was actually the man who lived all those years ago or if was he just aware of his past life and what had happened between them. That wasn’t really made clear. Either way, I liked that they had a semi-contractual relationship. Let’s date or you’re going to die again. I think that’s where the good stuff ended for me.

The rest of this little drama was filled with flashbacks of what happened between Yu Dam and Dong Baek to cause the curse (which helped) but mainly was stuffed with this weird subplot of Dennis Lee, a failing idol with a serious drug problem and some reason he is coming between Yu Dam and Dong Baek. I really didn’t get his purpose, unless it was just for the end and he caused the death of Dong Baek. Spoiler alert, Dong Baek dies… again. But in the end, everything is rewound in time to right before Dong Baek was tricked into working for Yu Dam and now they can fall for each other naturally? But instead of Dong Baek forgetting everything that happened like the first time hundreds of years ago, now Yu Dam remembers nothing. The fuck?

Yeah, I was left scratching my head more than once with this. The leads were cute as fuck (except Dennis Lee, the makeup was HORRIBLE) but their chemistry felt a little contrite. At times I really wondered how either of them would actually fall for one another with everything that was happening but I guess it happened while I wasn’t looking. I believe that if given a better budget and possible script it could have been 10 times better. But for what it was, it was alright.

Acting: 6/10
Story: 6/10
Music: 6/10
Comfort Score: 7/10
Overall: 6.5/10

Recommended :

Fave Song : N/A

Lazy Unnie’s Couch: The New Employee

Seung Hyun is a virgin guy in his late twenties. A late bloomer, he finally manages to score the internship of his dreams. On his first day at work, he runs into the handsome yet cold Kim Jong Chan. Who is he? Just Seung Hyun’s new boss! Will the two be able to keep their hands off each other at work?

  • Starring: Kwon Hyuk | Moon Ji Yong
  • Episodes: 7 (20 mins.)
  • Aired: December 21, 2022 – February 1, 2023
  • Network: Watcha
  • Where to Watch: Viki

When I saw this would be a web drama, I got really excited. Another manhwa that I’ve read was going to become a drama. But like I learned by watching Oh My Assistant, my expectations were low because how much could they allow in a Korean BL while still being their semi-conservative selves? Ultimately, I was pleasantly surprised with the normalcy of everything and it really worked for this mini drama.

The plot was really easy to follow and without the usual tropes of miscommunication and other filler things you get with longer dramas, you had a sense of adults just being adults. The character of Woo Seung Hyun was adorable and you really wanted him to succeed in his role as the new intern just following his passion. And on paper Kim Jong Chan read like your typical romantic business lead but little differences to him gave him a little depth. I really liked that once there was a problem between him and Seung Hyun, he was no-nonsense and wanted it resolved. It was refreshing just to watch adults have an adult relationship without contrite situations driving them apart. Even when they were put up against a problem, they worked through it.

Besides the office romance between Seung Hyun and Jong Chan, I liked the experienced gay man and not so experienced one finding out what works for them dynamic they had. I also really liked the subtle visibility. They weren’t in your face screaming they were queer but just like… this is an everyday occurrence which it is.

There were minor faults I found with this drama and that all boils down to the fact that with a bigger budget, this could have been given a longer treatment. Toward the end, I was not feeling the rush feeling it had. A problem was introduced and quickly resolved without really any time for it to sit. Though it did end in a way I didn’t expect but I was still left with wanting more. Give me longer Korean BLs PLEASE!

Acting: 7/10
Story: 7/10
Music: 5/10
Comfort Score: 9/10
Overall: 7.5/10

Recommended :

Fave Song : N/A

Hit It or Skip It – February 2023 Week 2

Yes, this is late.. Leave me alone! Also, it was a dead week anyway.. So who actually cares?

BSS feat Lee Young Ji ‘Fighting’

I enjoy KPOP especially when they give us fun music like this! Like yes let me just enjoy this pop song and vibe.

SOOVI (ft. Dvmn) ‘Missing You’

Whoa. I genuinely like this? Her voice is great and this is just so light and airy. Gives the kind of upbeat background music that places during the montage of a 2000s romcom.

Yang Yoseop ‘Again Goodbye’


Favorite SOTW: N/A

Favorite B-Side SOTW: N/A