Whatcha Watchin’ – May 3 – It’s gonna be…

Can’t believe we are already in the month of May! The year is almost at its mid point and that just seems wild. We hope yall are still staying safe! Masked up and vaxxed up! The panoramic is still happening.

Sugar Baby Unnie

I said that I was going to do better and I did so what’s good fam? No, but forreal. So many things to watch so little time. Happy May!


Currently Watching

Rattan: The end is upon us and I am so sad. So very very sad. I only have three more episodes to go and I am savoring it a little.

Storm Eye: Not much progress on this one since our last update, but with me almost being done with Rattan, I shall be back to the binging glory of this one.

Love Scenery: WHY ARE THEY SO DAMN CUTE? OHMYGOD. Naurrr.. IQIYI should definitely put this on Netflix or Viki soon.

Marriage Not Dating: I forgot how HILARIOUS this show was! It is just so funny and great. It is helping me out a lot.

No Boundary: I started this because of the comment that Darren made and I am so happy I did! It is very fun and cute.

On The Radar

So I Married An Anti-fan: Sooyoungie!!!! I have been looking forward to this because I have read the manga and watched the movie. Hahah. So I gotta give it one view.

Youth of May: You know I am properly obsessed with Do Hyun after watching Sweet Home, plus we have Go Min Si too?? Come on!

Love Like White Jade: I’ve been hearing good things and I am intrigued! Plus I have enjoyed both the leads in dramas that I have seen before.

The Romance of Tiger and Rose : I think it is time that I figure out the hold that Zhao Lusi has on twitter because listen….

Octogenarian and the 90s: Bai Jingting and Janice Wu. #EnoughSaid

Lazy Unnie

I have legit started and stopped so many shows in the matter of days! But lets see if I stick with any of them. All I really want is something romancey, damnit.


Sell Your Haunted House – I fucking love this show. It’s funny, scary and Jang Nara is KILLING it in this role. I don’t even miss the fact that there isn’t any romance… yet. I just love the dynamic of the characters.

TharnType – I’m hate watching this at this point. This show is highly recommended in the BL world and I keep asking myself why. Who fucking likes these men?

So I Married the Anti-Fan – FINALLY THIS SHOW IS HERE! I feel like it’s been years since I decided I was going to watch this. I loved the first two episodes so much and really can’t wait for the next two.

Still 2gether – I loved the fully original and of course I had to start the sequel. I’m still waiting for some more skinship.

18 Again – This is the week I go back to watching this, I promise.


High School Rapper 4 – Legit waiting on the finale to be subbed. I’ve surprisingly haven’t spoiled myself with the winner. This is a test in patience.

Kingdom: Legendary War – They are really milking the shit out of these episodes. Part of me loves the behind the scenes stuff and the other wants more performances and interactions with the groups. Either way, MNET is doing The Boyz dirty. And that’s fact.

On Deck

Law School – From the posts I’ve seen on tumblr, I really wanna start this one. But I am still scared it might be boring.

Taxi Driver – Not gonna lie, I legit just wanna watch this because of Lee Jehoon. He is so underrated, I love him.

The Sweet Blood – I really wanna watch something with Vampires, so I’m just waiting for this to be closer to ending.

Asian Drama Bingo : April Check-In

April showers bring… more unnecessary deaths, crazy online drama and people being cancelled every moment. At least we’re still in quarantine… for now. What’s up vaccinations!

Lazy Unnie’s Card

Thank you Japanese and Thai dramas for being so short and allowing me to finish these shows quickly as I binge more High School Rapper.

Sugar Baby’s Card

I fell into a slump and I am blaming it on Hello Me. Back to our regularly scheduled binging & reviews next month! 😛

Sugar Baby’s Review Corner: Please Don’t Date Him

Please Don’t Date Him

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama, Sci-Fi
Origin: South Korea
Episodes: 10
Air-date: Nov 10, 2020 – Jan 12, 2021
Starring: Song Ha Yoon as Seo Ji Sung, Lee Jun Young as Jung Kook Hee, Yoon Bo Mi as Moon Ye Seul, Gong Min Jung as Tak Gi Hyun

An AI controlled, household appliances developer in Pelican Electronics, Seo Ji-seong, has dreams to live a perfect life like a well developed program.

Working on an Artificial Intelligence refrigerator with voice activated features, she inserts a super sensor chip which was lost by National Intelligence Service into a refrigerator and an “Ancestral Spirit” program that picks scums instead of telling the freshness of vegetables is developed. So, Ji-seong finds out that her deemed perfect fiancé Jeong-han was actually not her Prince Charming.

One day, Jung Kook-hee, a firefighter, with no social media record, whom the program couldn’t analyze, shows up. Ji-seong is skeptical about him, as there is no trace of his past on the internet.


Sometimes you’re in the mood for a little fluff with nothing too serious and if that is what you expect when you pick up Please Don’t Date Him then you shall be satisfied. I know I wanted something that was nonsensical to watch while I waited on a few subs from other dramas. This story sounded harmless enough and I found it to be quite adequate for what I desired.

Something that I really enjoyed about this drama was how it explored the concept of how technology influences our lives and the limitations of going completely off the radar. I also really enjoyed the women’s relationships with each other because you know I am a proper sucker for any drama that gives me female friendships in which the women have personalities and don’t only exist to make the female lead better. I liked that each girl had their own stuff that they were dealing and that their conversations didn’t only center around their relationships. I also enjoyed seeing the portrayal of a woman in STEM and the stigmas that we have to go through. However, with all that being said, there are a lot of flaws in this story especially in the way a lot of the stories were concluded. Fortunately, I was not here for a well thought out story so I really don’t give a fuck. I think that 10 was more than enough even though it did seem a little rushed at the end, but like anymore and I would’ve hated this drama.

I thought that the acting was pretty decent. The roles didn’t require much and everyone was believable. I think this may be my favorite performance of Ha Yoon even though she did have moments where she was a bit annoying. Also, Bomi, was really fun in her role and I am looking forward to see more of her because I enjoy her as a secondary character. As for Lee Jun Young, he is so damn fine! So damn fine! I also enjoyed the sets used for the work and the cafe. The multiple use of the cafe setting was really good cause it felt like a center for almost everything. One of the biggest disappoint of this drama sadly lies with the OST. It just wasn’t memorable in anyway and it definitely isn’t due to the not very popular people but just the overall curation of this soundtrack. It was hard picking a favorite song because it was all so lackluster.

Overall, this drama gave me what I required of it and therefore I wouldn’t rate it any differently. I don’t think it would be a mid tier recommendation, but if you’re in the mood to pass the time then go for it.

Story: 7/10
Acting: 8/10
Music: 5/10
Rewatch Value: 7/10
Overall: 7/10

Favorite Song:

The Unnies’ Spin on The Playlist: BAEKHYUN – Bambi



LABEL: SM Entertainment

RELEASED: March 30, 2021

It has been a trend now for us to joint review Baekhyun’s stuff. We couldn’t let him go to war without reviewing his third mini! Hehehe. You guys are welcome. xx

(Lazy Unnie will be colored pink and Sugar Baby Unnie will be purple.)


Rating: 4 out of 5.

I purposefully ignored all the teasers and things that came out for this because I already knew that anything Baekhyun puts out is going to be amazing. I wasn’t disappointed because even though this song isn’t the same vibe that he put out previously, it’s still in that same realm. This is just a different side of the current R&B King. It’s haunting and sensual. This song felt like it was laying me down and giving me an erotic experience. That’s a lot for a song.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

This is a very melodic and sensous R&B style that we have come to enjoy with Baekhyun’s music. Unlike previous title tracks this one doesn’t immediately get stuck in your head, but it holds a very high replay value. As for the music video I enjoy the way it holds the subdued tone of the song. I feel like in certain frames, Baekhyun channels his inner Rain. Very nice.

Love Scene

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I am in love with the guitar solo intro of this song. This truly feels like it sets up a whole romantic movie in my head between the lyrics and actual song. Like I can imagine walking down a street and bumping into this man and bam, love. That’s what this song does. It’s a vibe.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

A nice song to vibe with. Not too much to it beyond a simple beat and a nice electric guitar string, but it is still quite calming. It accurately portrays the lyrics in slowly falling for someone as the song slowly creeps into your mind.

All I Got

Rating: 5 out of 5.

THIS IS HIS BEST SONG HANDS DOWN! I know I say that a lot when it comes to Baekhyun, but he is channeling some Maxwell and giving us one of the best R&B songs in recent years. Between his falsettos, the heavy bass… sexy. This song makes me want to get on my knees and accept any confession that he is giving. I will take all you got.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Baekhyun is really into telling you how much he wants to fuck. He swears he’s a 90s R&B King and you are not sir. His harmonies and falsetto over this bass is very delicious to listen to. This can be added to the “begging for head” category. He’s on his Tevin Campbell ‘can we talk’ grind ahhaha.

Amusement Park

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

When this came out, I can admit I was a little bored. It reminded me of something Dean would have put out. Not to say that is bad but it just felt like it had been done. It was more a song where Baekhyun is showing, yeah, I got skills. Just let me serenade you.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This is still absolutely one of my favorite songs on this mini. It is UN Village’s cousin and in this house we have to stan. His emotional vocals really elevates this mid tempo track.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

This is definitely a song about secret dating. And I’m here for the narrative. It’s jazzy and on brand with the whole vibe this album is giving. It is the quickest paced song out of the bunch but still makes you feel like he is singing only to you.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

A good jazzy vibe that follows up Amusement Park quite well. Unfortunately, there’s nothing that particularly stands out with this song. It’s enjoyable in the moment but forgettable in the long run.

Cry For Love

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

This is my second favorite track off the album. It’s a more contemporary R&B track and a bit of Baekhyun showing off his range because those high notes are down right sinful. But what I love about this the most is that the whole album was about getting someone, being with them, and now this song is the end of that relationship. My heart cries.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

If there’s one thing LDN Noise is gonna do, it’s give you a banger. We really had to stan this one. Kenzie is a lyricist and LDN Noise are great when it comes to arranging upbeat R&B tracks. It reminds me of a classic EXO sound and you can’t go bad there. His voice sounds so heavenly.


Leave it up to Baekhyun to drop something this good and this well thought out before having to leave us dry for 18 months. It feels like I know what to expect when a Baekhyun album comes out because he has established himself as such a great soloist thus far. Even though we know we are going to get some great R&B tracks, he hasn’t become stale. Each track off of this was just an example of how versatile as an artist he is and how much of a lover of music he is. It felt like pure joy being able to listen to this.

This is not my favorite project by him. That being said it is still better than what your dusty ass favorites could ever do. I felt like while vocally this has been his best, there really isn’t a stand out to me like there was on his other minis. I do think that when he comes back from the military he will bless us with something that is fresh and addictive. Tap into his Giveon bag. Hhehehe. Until then my R&B King! mwah!

PRODUCTION : 4.5 / 5
OVERALL : 5 / 5

Favorite Track(s):
All I Got | Cry For Love

Concept: 4/5
Vocals: 5/5
Raps: N/A
Cohesiveness: 4/5
Overall Rating: 3.75/5

Lazy Unnie’s Couch: 2gether

Tine is a very handsome student and cheerleader in college, while Sarawat is one of the campus’ most popular guys and is also in the soccer and music club. When Tine is chased by Green, who he does not reciprocate feelings for — he ends up begging Sarawat to fake date with him in order to chase Green away. Somehow, just like the tale as old as time goes — pretend somehow starts to turn into reality. However, before a “happily ever after” there is the process of falling in love, and the slow realization that somehow they aren’t pretending anymore. Somehow, they do not want to.

  • Starring: Win Metawin Opas-iamkajorn | Bright Vachirawit Chivaaree
  • Episodes: 13 (50 Min.)
  • Aired: February 21 – May 15, 2020
  • Network: GMM 25
  • Where to Watch: Youtube

Finally I have crossed over into the dark side. By that I mean Thai BL dramas. Yes, it has been a long time coming and I knew I would get here eventually but alas, I’m here. The synopsis is spot on with what this show is about in the beginning. Tine is a charismatic person who catches the eye from more than just the female population at their university. I thought the scenes where Green was basically chasing Tine down were over the top and hilarious. The dynamic was fun. And from that is when we finally get introduced to Sarawat… insert the tsundere swoon. As a character, I usually don’t fall for the tsundere type but Bright’s portrayal of Sarawat was spot on.

What I liked the most was the chase aspect. Tine basically doing everything he can do to try and get Sarawat to be his fake boyfriend to get Green off his back, was great. The plan was flawed from the beginning but that different matter because the chemistry between these two were really something I started to look forward to. Throw the addition of the supporting characters of the lead’s friend groups and you have a great romantic comedy.

However, those are the best things I can say because by the time I got to the last third of the show, things seemed to drag out in a way that felt disconnected from the beginning of the show. Once the chase was over and Tine and Bright had decided that neither could hold back their feelings and became a couple, things kind of went down hill. It was like they were only a couple in name only. Yes, they expressed their feelings through verbalization and the occasional possessive actions but that was it. The whole first half there was this build up of chemistry that I thought when they actually came together it was going to be this explosion of passion. Nah, they were roommates. All they needed to do was maybe focus on the fact that Tine basically went from always being with women to now adjusting to being with Sarawat. Or maybe instead of throwing in a random chick from Sarawat’s past to stir up some trouble. All it did was give us a scene where Tine had to awkwardly cry in a stairwell.

To wrap that all up, I liked it. I liked what it showed me in the beginning, I liked the supporting characters and their little love stories and I even liked the mains. They all just seemed to be victim to some had writing and direction. Maybe in the sequel I will get what I feel like I was promised.

Acting : 6/10
Story : 7/10
Music : 7/10
Overall : 7.5/10
Recommended For : A first step into BL dramas.

Fave Song : “Trapped (Stuck on You) – Max Natthawut Jenmana

Hit It or Skip It – April 2021 Week 4

I loved my week off but I’m back again with my need to listen to any and everything. I tried not to have so many but well…whatever.

DAY6 “You Make Me”

They really are the kings of this Pop Rock sound even though I wish they would be more rock than pop. The vocals make this stand out. MISS YOU BOB.

APINK “Thank You”

I’m a sucker for some cute shit and this is right there with it. Sometimes bad bitches need to be cute.

PENOMECO “Hotel Lobby”

Yass get your PSY coins boy! This is so vibey, I’m in love.

P1Harmony “Scared”

Going for that NCT style song. It’s not as good as them but still memorable.

ORBIT “Dionaea”

Thought this said diarrhea but this is clearly not shit. They have a SVT kinda sound with this but not bad.


Penomeco holding it down for Fanxy Child with the great R&B tracks while they’re in the military.

Peakboy “Anywhere”

I always forget he’s a singer and when I hear him I’m always pleasantly surprised. This is one of those times.


Not a terrible song but they have better versions of this same song I feel.

ORBIT “Blind”

When you have two title tracks, you run into the chance one is better than the other. This just happens to be the other.

SEVENTEEN “ひとりじゃない”

I wanted to love this but this falls flat when you hold it against their whole discography.

Favorite SOTW:

Least Favorite SOTW:

Lazy Unnie’s Couch: Kakafukaka

I never thought I would see him again. Aki Terada said goodbye to her first love long ago. When her current boyfriend is caught cheating on her, Aki moves out of her apartment and into a sharehouse, where she’s reuinted with her first love. When things get heated between them, he drops a major bomb … Heart and body and everything in between intersect in this fresh new adult love story.

  • Starring: Morikawa Aoi | Nakao Masaki
  • Episodes: 10 (25 Min.)
  • Aired: April 25 – June 27, 2019
  • Network: MBS
  • Where to Watch: VIKI

If I thought that Shanai Marriage Honey was a cute intro to Japanese dramas, Kakafukaka took that and threw me in the gutter. I’m no stranger to mature themes or scenes but damn, I was not prepared for this. But I think I would be more okay with it if the characters were more likeable or if I understood some of their motives more.

Let me start off saying that I didn’t like anyone. Not one character had anything I could root for. At some points they started to just be annoying. When Aki Terada moved into the sharehouse, I thought this was going to be a sexy sweet story about co-habitation with her first love. It was def some of that but when Hongyo Tomoya basically said to her that he’s been suffering erectile dysfunction for 2 years and he can only get it up for her, I was like the fuck. First of all, not sexy nor romantic. But their whole relationship didn’t seem it. From when they were in middle school, their whole first experience seemed hella rapey. Besides that weird dynamic, there was the one between the house owner, Hase, and Aki.

I understand the plot device of a character thinking they have to get married for family reasons, but for Hase to basically propose to Aki because she can cook and clean?? Bruh, calm the hell down. At points, I kinda shipped it because the whole Aki sleeping with Hongyo so he can have an erection was getting too much for me. I mean, Hase even got her a job. And because this is kinda a corny drama, of course Aki thinks, or knows, she’s in love with Hongyo. Whatever.

Another weird but actually kinda funny relationship was the one between Aki and the third roommate, Akari. She was a weird one with bad acting but I actually liked the weird sismance they had. Aki cooked and basically took care of Akari but it was Akari that told Aki to actually have some confidence in herself. That was nice to see. We all need friends who are willing to be a bitch to us for our wellbeing.

At the end, I really don’t know what the point of this story was. Was it for Hongyo to cure his erectile dysfunction and in turn his writers block that he was also suffering from? Or was it for Aki to gain confidence in herself again through the means of being a sexual tool for Hongyo? Who fucking knows.

Acting : 5/10
Story : 6/10
Music : 0/10
Overall : 6/10
Recommended For : Anyone looking for a bit of soft corn porn with minimal plot.

Fave Song : N/A

First Impressions: Real Estate is a Killer

Here I am starting another show when I have 25 million other ones to watch. I remember a time when I didn’t watch currently airing shows…. so long ago.

Sell Your Haunted House

Ji Ah, a woman who has inherited exorcism abilities from her mother, is the owner of Daebak Realty, a company that specializes in selling haunted houses. Ji Ah looks perfect and is also brilliant, but her hot temper makes her fists fly before her words. One day, Ji Ah encounters a conman named In Beom who specializes in exorcism fraud. Late at night when Daebak Realty operates, In Beom visits Ji Ah to make an offer. He suggests that they team up to exclusively sell houses that are haunted by vengeful spirits and lingering ghosts. Can the two get along well and deal with house prices, ghosts, and their sorrowful stories?

  • Genre : Romantic Comedy, Thriller
  • Origin : South Korea
  • Episodes : 16 (1 hr. 20 mins.)
  • Aired : April 14 – June 3, 2021
  • Where To Watch : Viki
  • Starring : Jang Na Ra | Jung Yong Hwa | Kang Hong Suk | Kang Mal Geum

Thoughts: When I read the description, I immediately got vibes of Korean Odessey so I was wary. But because I have a big heart for Jang Na Ra, I needed to give it a try. What I liked about the first two episodes was the level of horror without being overly camp. Sometimes in shows with spirits, it can be super corny but Ji Ah is a badass with baggage. Some of the plot points I can already map out what is going to happen and even though it’s probably going to turn out cliche, I can stand it for now. I don’t know how this chemistry is going to go between Nara and Yonghwa, but I am liking the hate/hate vibe they have right now. Plus, I love love love Nara as this cold hearted but semi warm hearted badass boss.

Are You Still Watching? : In Contract

First Impression Score: 8/10

Whatcha Watchin’ – April 19th: It’s Getting Old

We almost forgot to make this post because time is a social construct and it is not real. April is almost over and what do we have to show for it except for more mass shootings! YAY! Sighs.

Sugar Baby Unnie

I no watch TV. I just read. I useless. I will do better this week though… Maybe.


Rattan: SO. FREAKING. GOOD. It’s the looks, cinematography and chemistry for me tbh.

Storm Eye: Watching slowly and took a mini break cause I am in the mood for cringey love stories currently.

Love Scenery: So far there’s nothing unique or stand out, feels like Love O2O.. We shall see.

Marriage Not Dating: I was in the mood for a rewatch! Hehehe.

Lazy Unnie

Again, I have too many shows I’ve started but no idea where my loyalties lie. Lets see if I can finish any of them by the end of the month.


Vincenzo – So I went back to watching this because I really want to see what the hype is about. But I admit, it is still a bit dull where I’m at.

Never Twice – I wanted to see how this would go and the amount of episodes had me wary to start but I’m intrigued with how this cast will work together. I hear good things.

She Would Never Know – I’m bored and I don’t know if I’m going to stick with it but it would be interesting to see how this plays out because as of the first episode, I’m like, fuck these characters. Hate them all.

Sell Your Haunted House – I will do a first impression because I’m surprisingly liking this so far. But then again, I fucking love Nara.

18 Again – I’m sticking with this because Lee Do Hyun but I admit, a bit bored with this too.


High School Rapper 4 – I am biting my hand waiting for new subbed episodes. I am living for the mentors but I have to admit that these teenage rappers are way better than them SMTM trendy asses.

Kingdom: Legendary War – This show got me heated. Like I love watching the performances and the interactions between the groups but all the behind the scenes and MNET’s bullshit makes it difficult.

Hit It or Skip It – April 2021 Week 3

Guess who’s back! Back again! Sugar Baby is back! Tell a friend! How was three weeks in a row without my bitchy comments? Heheheeh. Okay let’s get into it.

SHINee ‘Atlantis’

Spare cock Minho? Please? Also so so so much better than Don’t Call Me.

Kang Daniel ‘Antidote’

You can’t go wrong with a trap infused R&B song as a male soloist tbh.

Dvmn (ft. IIIBOI) ‘Yeonnam-dong’

Immediately added this to the wind & vibes playlist!

A.C.E (ft. Grey) “Down”

The rap isn’t good, but the vocals really makes up for it. Heheh.

Whee In ‘water color’

I know it says it’s wheein but like I really only recognize the voice. idk what she did to her face or what’s different but I don’t like it. The song though, generic and forgettable.

KYUHYUN ‘Coffee’

You know his ass was mad that Suju released that nonsense in March and was like let me remedy that.

Yoon Jisung “House Party”

Not bad but would I listen to this again? No.

Majors ‘Rain On Me’

They could’ve done better. Dancing In Starlight is the better btw.

Favorite SOTW:

Least Favorite SOTW: