The Unnie’s Review Couch Corner: Abyss

“Abyss” is about a man and a woman who tragically die and are given another chance at life through soul-reviving marbles in a magical abyss. Go Se Yeon was a tough, accomplished, and an unrivaled beautiful female prosecutor who worked in the Seoul District public Office but gets into a fatal accident and dies. However, due to the mysterious magical marble—Abyss—Go Se Yeon is revived, but now in a totally different appearance. Go Se Yeon now possesses a common appearance based off of how “good” her spirit was in her previous life.

  • Starring : Park Bo Young | Ahn Hyo Seop | Lee Sung Jae | Lee Si Eon | Han So Hee | Kwan Soo Hyun
  • Episodes : 16 (60 min.)
  • Aired : May 16 – June 25, 2019
  • Network : Netflix

So we’re back again with another buddy watch and review. See what we thought about this one. If you saw our twitter (@EonnisWaMelanin) then you have a clue about our feelings on good old Abyss.

Abyss Review

Acting : 5/10
Story : 3 /10
Music : 5 /10
Overall : 5 /10

Recommended For : Save yourself 16 hours.

Fave Song : ‘Into The Abyssby Suran & Coogie

Story: 1/10
Acting: 4.5/10
Music: 4.5/10
Rewatch Value: 1/10
Overall: 2/10

Fave Song:  Into The Abyss by Suran & Coogie

Lazy Unnie’s Playlist: ATEEZ – ZERO: FEVER, Pt.1



LABEL: KQ Entertainment

RELEASED: JuLY 29, 2020

I am SO ready for this release. This is the first group I started stanning prior to debut and have been a faithful ATINY since. I’ve loved ATEEZ’s approach to music and their dynamic as a group is enjoyable to watch. I already spent my morning yesterday watching their online concert, so here I am about to gobble up part one of their new Era. Bye bye Treasure, hello Fever!

INCEPTION – Title Track

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Just like last summer, ATEEZ asked ATINY to vote for their title track. It was between this and THANXX. Lucky for us, INCEPTION was the winner and we got this lovely haunting EDM track. The vocals are melody is haunting and matches well with the vibe of the MV. The hook is catchy and I legit can see myself singing it at random moments. One thing I loved about this was the transition between chorus and verse. It had a house element I didn’t expect but liked a lot. The MV was delicious. I loved how dark it was. And I swear, if Wooyoung keeps coming for me, we’re gonna fight. Seonghwa and San tho… my loves.

Dear Diary: 2016.07.29

Rating: 2 out of 5.

It’s legit what the title says, a diary entry. It’s dated four years ago and it is narrated in a young girl’s voice. She talks about having no dream. Until finding a friend and within that friendship, they found a passion and a connection. Sounds pretty symbolic to the journey of the ATEEZ members.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

I can really see this being a title track contender as well. It feels very in the ATEEZ sound but what makes me like it the most is the chorus. It’s catchy and gives you feels. It’s not a fast paced or aggressive sound but it is powerful. Absolutely a favorite so far.


Rating: 3 out of 5.

Their obvious second track of the EP, this is a EDM trap infused hip-hop song which kind of gives me the feel if Wonderland and Wave had a baby this would be it. I’m not entirely crazy about this one because it feels


Rating: 4 out of 5.

For some reason I’m in love with this. Straight hip-hop track with minimal vocal inclusion. Hongjoong killed the first verse and had me hype the whole track going forward. With the beat as is, I would have sworn it was an NCT noise track.

Good Lil Boy

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

A reggae infused track. That’s what this is and there isn’t much more I can say about it. It isn’t terrible but it isn’t one that I will be bumping on repeat. The chorus isn’t really my cup of tea. Mingi’s verse is the highlight clearly.

One Day at a Time

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The amount of times I’ve actually listened to this just shows how much I love it. It’s been on constant repeat all morning. This is ATEEZ first full English track and it feels significant. It’s a song for ATINY, telling us that even though things are hard right now, they’re here for us. For it to be in English shows they are really out here trying to reach their global fans. Now that’s just the lyrics. The music is BOMB. It’s a tender pop track that makes me feel so warm inside. I would love for ATEEZ to play with this sound more often in the future.


This is absolutely a new era for ATEEZ. Even though they gave us things that we equate with the group; strong vocals, catchy hooks and raps with an impact, it felt like the group has matured and branched out with more experimentation of sounds.

OVERALL: 3.5/ 5

Least Favorite Track(s): Good Lil Boy
Favorite Track(s): One Day at a Time, INCEPTION, FEVER

Lazy Unnie’s Couch: Oh My Baby

Aged 39, Jang Ha Ri is the ultimate workaholic. She hasn’t even had a boyfriend in the past decade, long ago decided to forget about looking for love, and instead has thrown her energy into her career. However, as she works as a senior reporter for a parenting magazine named “The Baby,” she is constantly reminded of the one thing she wants most in life – to have a baby of her own. She decides to cut to the chase and try for a baby but wants to skip one key stage – and resolves not to marry. But as she turns her mind to single parenthood, she suddenly realizes that she is surrounded by admirers: freelance photographer Han Yi Sang, super-smart pediatrician Yoon Jae Young, and the office newbie, the doting Choi Kang Eu Ddeum. Could any of these three love candidates help Jang Ha Ri in her quest to become a mother? And could her quest inadvertently send her on the path to true love?

  • Starring: Jang Na Ra | Go Joon| Park Byung Eun | Jung Gun Joo
  • Episodes: 16 (1 Hr. 5 Min.)
  • Aired: May 13 – July 2, 2020
  • Network: tvN

I love Jang Nara. And after watching her in the crazy The Last Empress, I was excited to see her in this more adult drama. To me, the idea of a woman wanting a baby without a partner or husband seems normal. Just pop down to the sperm clinic and pick you out a baby daddy. But that’s a very western world mentality I realized. Here, Jang Ha Ri doesn’t have it as simple. Her struggle to find a partner, have a baby and keep her career don’t actually run at the same pace on the path that we call adult life. Throw in the fact she’s trying to basically save the baby magazine she works at, things aren’t what you call easy.

When I started watching this, I was enamored. I needed to keep watching to see how this whole reverse harem would turn out. Ha Ri’s harem included her childhood best friend and newly single father, Yoon Jae Young, a young employee at her job, Choi Kang Eu Tteum, and finally a photographer who she has a mysterious past with, Han Yi Sang. Each man was different, all on different paths in their lives but in some way they kind of all complimented different aspects of Ha Ri’s personality.

During the first half of the show it was really firm in it’s plot of trying to find a way for Ha Ri to have a baby against all the odds she had. Even to the point where she tried to illegally purchase sperm, and getting caught for it. Through some other mishaps and some really funny cute scenes, Ha Ri decides she’s going to go with her dongsaeng, Eutteum, who somehow has an abundance of sperm. Now here is something I didn’t like. She decided she would go through with Eutteum and they had a nice chemistry but when the writer decided that the love triangle would be better suited for Han Yi Sang and Yoon Jae Young, Eutteum-shhi kind of fell to the sidelines. Yes, there was some one sided love going on and then a misunderstanding between him and one of Ha Ri’s co-workers, but in the end, I wanted more.

Speaking of the love triangle, it felt forced but not in the typical sense. It just felt expected to be between her childhood best friend who was more of a brother but now that he was newly divorced and Ha Ri’s mother kind of kept putting them together, and the distinguished photographer who was against having children. In the end, I just had wished she picked Eutteum lol. At least it would have been a little more against the grain. Han Yi Sang wasn’t terrible, I just found them to have very little chemistry together and their relationship didn’t really feel all that romantic. I guess it was because at their age there was no need for the cute stuff. Or the fact that they had no chemistry.

Ultimately, I ended up liking elements of the show and didn’t think it was all too bad. I really liked Ha Ri as a character. She was relatable as a writer and I loved how Ha Ri would narrate some of the articles she wrote. It made me as a viewer, care about what she was trying to get across. It allowed me to connect with her better. And I think that’s what I liked about the show from the beginning, Ha Ri’s struggles to really be what she wanted to be from even a young age. A mom.

Acting : 7/10
Story : 8/10
Music : 8/10
Overall : 7.5/10
Recommended For :

Fave Song : ‘Love Is All Around’ by I’ll

Lazy Unnie’s Couch: Put Your Head on My Shoulder

On the cusp of graduation, an accounting major searching for her career winds up living with a genius physics student who shakes up her daily routine. Situ Mo is a graduating student. As someone who got used to having her whole life planned out for her, she is at a loss about her future and can’t find the courage to make a decision for herself. Because the school districts have merged, physics major Gu Weiyi barges into her life. They clash repeatedly without noticing that they are slowly walking into each other’s hearts. To their surprise, they accidentally end up having to live together.

  • Starring: Fair Xing | Lin Yi | Daddi Tang | Zheng Ying Chen
  • Episodes: 24 (42 Min.)
  • Aired: April 10 – May 8, 2019
  • Network: Tencent Video

I could have almost had a baby with the time that it took me to finish this drama. It wasn’t that it was bad. On the contrary, it was incredibly sweet and wholesome. I wanted to watch it because it was promised to be like A Love So Beautiful. There were some similarities, like the height difference between our main leads, the two main couples were a group of friends, there was a school and… that’s about it.

This was a slice of life Chinese drama that was basically an opposites attract story. The plot wasn’t something that was deep or even complicated. There were times when you would think that there would be some problems from outside people trying to break the OTP up but nope, love is strong. A lot of the plot points was about their daily life and learning to live together. On the outside I can see how that would seem boring and nonexistent. I even took a while to finish because it got a little repetitive, but on a whole, the normalcy of the story was refreshing.

At first I thought that Gu Wei Yi was cold and dull. He didn’t really have a wide range of expressions and I was about to write him off as a shit actor. But that’s just how the character was supposed to be. He was a scientist and everything in his life had to have a logical explanation. So when presented with someone that doesn’t fit that equation, it kinda had him buffering at times. Those were my favorite moments. When the relationship between him and Si Tu Mo started to progress, he would look up things like “How to know when a girl is mad” or he looked up how to please her. It was all cute and funny.

Si Tu Mo was kind of your typical female lead. Spunky and defiant until she got in the relationship and then became super shy and girly. That was the only thing I didn’t like about her character. She should have taken that spunk that she had with everything else in her life and applied it to her relationship with Weiyi.

As for conflicts, the only ones I saw were the failed attempts at forming a love triangle from both ends. There was the celebrity that had eyes for Si TuMo and then Weiyi’s classmate. Both times there was no real chemistry to even think that they would be contenders against this OTP.

In the end, if you’re in the mood for a unproblematic drama that makes you feel warm and fuzzy, then this one is for you. Plus, look at how cute Weiyi looks with a cat in a bag! I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE.

Acting : 6/10
Story : 6/10
Music : 7/10
Overall : 7/10
Recommended For : If you’re in the mood for light and cute

Fave Song : Have Your Plot‘ by Zhou Pin

Lazy Unnie’s Playlist: Hwasa – María

TITLE: María


LABEL: RBW Entertainment

RELEASED: June 29, 2020

As Sugar Baby likes to point out, I’m such a boy group stan. But I do love me a female soloist. Even though Hwasa is part of a girl group, I do like Mamamoo (older mamamoo except their problematic behavior.) Let’s see what she does with her first mini.

María – Title Track

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Unfortunately, I’m immediately comparing it to TWIT and both songs have the same vibe for me. It’s like they said lets recreate TWIT but make it Latin. I’m not saying that it’s bad, but it feels expected. It’s also not as addicting as its predecessor. I do like the back end of the chorus, it has a nice drop beat. The tempo change at the musical break felt unnecessary and could have just been for the MV instead of the full song. Speaking of the MV, I have no idea what the concept is here but I do know that Hwasa should ALWAYS have her brows filled in.

Intro: Nobody Else

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I really like how it really highlights her vocals and doesn’t really sound like another Mamamoo song.


Rating: 3 out of 5.

This was not what I expected when I first played the song. The beginning is this light jazzy start and then it goes into this more eletro R&B melody. Hwasa does this more monotone singing throughout which I almost forget to pay attention to. The chorus is my favorite part. Thank you Zico for that weird ride.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

This is a ballad that I didn’t really expect. It’s sweet and traditional and shows Hwasa vocal range. But the chorus is dark and synthy. I really like the song’s concept. Why don’t you love me? is repeated over and over in the chorus. I get it girl, I say it all the time to people who don’t know I exists.

I’m bad too (feat. DPR LIVE)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I love this. Yes, it’s another Latin infused R&B Pop song but it’s fun and the inclusion of DPR brings it to another level. I didn’t know they had a friendship like this but whatevs, cute song.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

I’m a sucker for a string track. Hwasa put on her Adele and sang the hell out of this. It’s so soul bearing and the musical accompaniment just heightens it’s dramatics.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

This was released last year as a single and was added to the CD version of this mini. This track took everyone by storm and had bird sounds everywhere for months. I like it more than Maria for sure but I guess this is just gonna be the kind of sound that she has now.


It’s not surprising that the golden girl of Mamamoo came out with this sort of sound. I tried to sum up my thoughts about this but I found myself being meh about it. It’s just meh.

OVERALL: 2.5/ 5

Least Favorite Track(s): Maria
Favorite Track(s): LMM

Sugar Baby’s Review Corner: Angel Beside Me

Angel Beside Me

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Fantasy
Origin: Thailand
Episodes: 12
Air-date: 18 January – 4 April 2020
Starring: Kritsanapoom Pibulsonggram as Mikael Lansaladon Aekisna Ares/Somchai, Ramida Jiranorraphat as Lin, Pongkool Suebsung as Thong, Jirakit Thawornwong as Luke, Juthapich Inn-Chan as Punpun.

Lin is a poor girl who is on the verge of suicide when suddenly been interrupted by a loud crash through the ceiling of her room. An angel known as Michael Lansaladon fell from heaven after observing Lin’s attempt suicide. As a blessed angel in heaven, he understood human’s feelings. Feelings such as taste, excitement, fatigue, anger, pain, and love.


I started the year watching a show about an Angel and human falling in love and now that we’re halfway into 2020, I have returned with a review of another drama about an Angel and human falling in love. Does this mean that I will need to end the year with another drama with this theme? Mmmm….

I’ve always been able to stumble upon random Thai dramas and this was no difference. From a story standpoint this went as much as you expected it to in some parts and a little differently in others. I found that things were moving quite quickly throughout the episodes and it wasn’t a pace that I was used to at first because I know the trajectory of what happens when stories do this. This much was evident with how slow and unnecessary the span of episodes 6-10 felt. I think the themes that this drama tried to tackle was done a bit more entertaining than others and the whole idea of points reminded me of The Good Place. One of my main issues is that I wasn’t sure exactly which religion they were following the etiquette of—it felt like a bunch of jumbled up ones and a more concise and direct link would’ve been better.

The acting was pretty okay even if I did find character actions to be annoying. I actually decided to watch this for Jane and it was lovely to see the difference between her character here and what I had seen her in Gifted. I was not familiar with the male lead, but he was fine albeit a little unbelievable at times. I actually believed that Luke was perfectly casted. I believed him as every bit the devil that he was.

For the romance, I didn’t fall deeply for it. Once again chemistry is very subjective and tbh I didn’t feel it like I was supposed to. It was still nice enough though. In the beginning, it was interesting to see that Lin just accepted anything Somchai said as is even though she was a bit skeptical but not skeptical enough if you ask me. I mean I personally would not let some random man who fell from the sky live with me no matter how hot he is but that’s just me!! I mean either way I am still a bit of a sucker for cohabitation… Oopsie

Overall this wasn’t a particularly memorable drama, but it was still decent enough. I would’ve ended this after episode 11 because I just found 12 to be overall unnecessary and this is why there shouldn’t necessarily be “happy” endings for every drama. Sometimes a just/bittersweet ending is needed.

Acting: 7/10
Music: 7/10
Rewatch Value: 6.5/10
Overall: 7/10

Whatcha Watchin’ – July 13th – Friends Who Rant Together, Stay Together

Seems like we haven’t done this feature in almost 2 months! It isn’t like we haven’t been watching things, we’ve just been lazy and forgot. But we’ve been busy!

Sugar Baby Unnie

I made a promise to not start any new dramas until I cut down my currently watching list (excluding dramas that aren’t fully subbed) and well here we are I guess…

Korean Dramas

Abyss: Lazy Unnie and I are 0 for 2 right now because I am telling y’all that this show is just.. wow and not in the good way. MOTHERFUCKER GOT REVIVED CAUSE HE HAD A WIG ON THE FUCK.

Backstreet Rookie: Okay so it was difficult to decide whether to continue this or not because as a Jamaican, I am entirely offended by all the scenes with that character. I can tell you that now that we are midway into this thing, I am very curious about how this love line is gonna play out because Daehyun is still very much in love with Yeon Joo at this point in the story. Anyways, I only watch Kim Yoo Jung’s scenes because Saet Byul is so endearing.

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay: I. AM. OBSESSED. WITH. THIS. SHOW. LIKE?? COME ON GIRL GIVE US EVERYTHING. No words can describe how this drama has given me all the life. I am not disappointed by any aspect thus far.

Chinese Dramas

Mr. Fox and Miss Rose: I decided to give this a shot because it sounded really interesting. I actually genuinely like the whole premise and it is pretty easy to watch thus far. I didn’t realize the female lead was from Fuyao until like episode 4.

Fake Princess: Heheehe this now as full subs so your girl has to crank it all out. I am now at the point where they are aware that she is the fake princess so things are getting very spicy. Heheh. Also I know Yiqin was being hella dramatic about this “flopping” but honestly, there was no promo for this and MGTV was hella stingy with the subs. He is such a damn Gemini.

Love Is Fate: Well.. well… well… it is just about time that we finish this because productive procrastination has completed the subs. I won’t lie and say it isn’t a struggle, but I have to support my mans so yep. (Probably won’t finish by the next post LOL)

Lazy Unnie

I’m no longer a loser and I am watching more dramas. This month I decided to only watch things off my currently watching and hold list. It’s incredibly long for no damn reason and this seems like the best time to get it done with.


Abyss – We decided to do another buddy watch since the first one ended SO well. Lets just say we find ourselves on the same page with confusion and frustration.

Oh My Baby – I’m almost done with this! With some focus, I should be done by the end of the week.

The Bride of Habaek – This was started and forgotten by both me and my friend. I’m tempted to keep going without her since she went back to work in this COVID world. Let’s see.


I-LAND – I’m buddy watching this with a friend. I am a sucker for a survival show. It helps that it has hot as fuck Rain as a mentor. I find myself being distracted by his face and everything. But the kids are a bit talented too.

What’s On Deck?

Hwarang – I should have been finished this drama. It’s a freaking Park Seo Joon drama and we all know I’m slightly obsessed. Either way, it’s gonna get watched by the end of the month.

Wok of Love – Sugar Baby probably thinks I’m crazy for watching since we both agreed it was kinda whack. But I’m keeping with theme and tackling on hold shows.

Strangers from Hell – This was one of the options for our buddy watch. I’m sure its going to happen since we both want to watch. Maybe I can finally finish something creepy.

Sugar Baby’s 2020 KPOP Mid-Year Draft Picks

Alas here we are, another six months into the shit show that has been and will continue to be 2020. If you’re wondering, “Hey, doesn’t Sugar Baby hate KPOP?” The answer is yes I do and I will continue to hate it. Mind your business. Okay though, let’s be honest.. Will half these songs end up in the year end list? Probably. It’s not my fault kpop sucks!

Top Ten Title Tracks

10. 3YE – Queen

The production on this song is literally so good. It really is like a boy group song but delivered with so much charisma that you’re like whoa wtf. I still think the trap beat in the second verse is a little ill timed, but honestly the rest of the song more than makes up for it.

9. BVNDIT – Cool

I still don’t know why this wasn’t their comeback to be honest. This song is literally so good and shouldn’t have been wasted as a single like this with no promotion. Even the freaking music video was ~Cool~. ehehe

8. ONEUS – A Song Written Easily

Listen, I don’t even know how they got here either. I don’t even know who they are! I was just minding my business and this song just came and was like “well hello” and now here we are. It is quite something. Very fun and well produced that doesn’t make the latin trend in Kpop seem insipid.

7. ATEEZ – Answer

At this point I should just become a Atiny because this group just stay creeping their way into my lists and I am disgusted. Ugh… You win this round I guess… I would also like to formally apologize for calling Yunho clapped even if his nose is big as hell.

6. Day6 – Zombie

Three boy groups in a row???? oh hell no WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING? HAVE WOMEN FAILED ME THIS YEAR? Nah, but fun and joke aside this song is elite. It mellows me out so much and I feel like I relate a little too well to it.

5. Baekhyun – Candy

Is this just like a korean version of Yummy? Yes.. but it has vocals and dance and Baekhyun.. Justin Bieber wishes he could relate. Whenever I hear this song I can’t help but want to move. It is just the perfect vibe for a pregame.

“Accept my invitation your hand is almost there. Feel the temperature, let it melt a little.”

4. Dalsoobin – Dive

As you would’ve recalled last year, Subin got the #1 spot in both the mid year draft picks and the end of year list. Every time I hear this song, I get immediately emotional. There are singers and then they are SINGERS, you know? The way I can feel the strength behind every single word in this song overwhelms me sometimes. She is such a good lyricist as well.

“I was frustrated at the thought of myself falling apart. Is there an end to my struggle? Even though the time has been passing slowly… it’s a miracle just to be alive..”

3. EVERGLOW – Dundun

Yes this is basically Mia and the gorls and no I am not mad about it. This is two times now that Everglow has made this list. If I was in the habit of stanning kpop groups, these girls would be IT. I love the fierceness of the song and the performance so much. It truly is a gem and that’s just facts.

“I’ll dominate in a flash and leave you breathless. Talking cool but my gestures are hot like uh”

2. Dreamcatcher – Scream

If there is one thing that has been proven to be constant with me, it is my love for Dreamcatcher. They literally have never released a bad song… Their power is unmatched. I know that everyone considers this to be noise, but I truly love every aspect of this song.

“After everyone left I’m opening my eyes. All traces have disappeared… Can’t believe me.”

1. Sunmi – Pporappippam

It’s funny but I have played this song nonstop since its release. Sunmi definitely put crack in because why is it so good? I genuinely have not liked a sunmi song this much since Siren like wow. It is a well deserved first place.

“I haven’t drank a single drop of alcohol but I’m tipsy. I think I’m a bit dizzy, if not now, then when?”

Top Ten B-Sides

10. WJSN – Pantomime

Occasionally WJSN surprises me by releasing a b-side that is absolutely fantastic and here it is. This is actually the only thing I downloaded from the album because I didn’t even like the title track.

9. Heize – 1/1140 (feat. Ji Chanel)

Like I said when I listened to the title track, Heize’s bsides and OSTs are way better. For some reason this one stuck out the most to me and maybe it’s the little psuedo-rap that she does, but I enjoy it a lot.

8. Woodz – Lift Up

My friend said this was noise, but I disagree. If he doesn’t stop playing and release this as a single too.. like sirrrr… This is so good. Literally the only song I keep playing from the album.

7. Ong Seongwu – Guess Who

I actually believe that Seongwu delivered a pretty decent debut album. He stays consistently getting the bag and I appreciate that. Listen the way I would risk it all for his little 5’10” ass. No questions asked. This song is vibrant and fun and he sounds so good. It legit makes me get up and dance every single time. Kang Daniel could literally never.

6. Ha:felt – Life Sucks

I wanted to post the video but aesthetically wise I couldn’t. This is Yeeun’s open letter about her situation with her dad and it really broke my heart. I didn’t even notice that the entire song was in English until my third listen. I just love everything about it.

5. ITZY – Ting Ting Ting

An ITZY song on my top picks? What in the world is this phenomenon? Yes, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. This Itzy is pretty good. Even though it is edm like their usual stuff it has a deep house kind of vibe to it and it is legit a vibe. This is the most un-Itzy song and I would love if their comeback is something like this.

“Ting ting ting as you feel, ting ting ting at will. Even I don’t know where it would go, enjoy it ting ting.”

4. Gfriend – Labyrinth

I swear I am not drunk. I legitimately love this song. They really ate this up. The last Gfriend song I liked was probably Fingertip as everything else sounded like a Me Gusta Tu rehash, but in an era where all we get is beat drop and noise from girl groups this has stood out well.

“Walking along the light like being possessed. In the labyrinth without an exit.”

3. Pentagon – Zoom Up

Yeah.. I have definitely been giving men too much rights this year, but maybe women need to step their shit up. I don’t really fuck with Pentagon like that but this legit a crack song. The instrumental gets me every single time without fail because this is the shit I eat up all the time. More oriental strings in songs please.

“Super D.N.A looks something different, I think I swallowed an apple. Dancing dangerously, come closer and zoom up.”

2. Baekhyun – Ghost

HIS. VOICE. IS. VELVET. There is a reason why Baekhyun decided to do R&B over boring ballads and that is because he knew that it would drive me insane. I actually had a hard time choosing between this and Underwater as they are equally my favorites from the mini. This won in the end.

“It will get better After this I won’t pretend to be strong The pain will stop soon can’t take no more…”

1. Dreamcatcher – Black or White

DREAMCATCHER MAKES NO BAD SONGS. Entire album is an absolute bop, but I ended up becoming addicted to this one in the end because of the instrumental. I really really love this group and this song.

“As you hide numerous thoughts behind your back above your mask A dilemma grows deeper and deeper…”

Guaranteed Spot in my ‘End of Year List’ aka Favorite release to date

Apink – Dumhdurum

Apink has somehow managed to consistently be on top of my lists with every release since I’m So Sick.. It is actually disgusting at this point. I am definitely obsessed with this and it’s like one of the few songs that I can listen to over and over even if I am hating kpop. I really appreciate how this group has matured in looks and musical style as the years have gone by. Congrats!

Hey, I feel something’s wrong
You said you’d let me go because you love me
Sadly, I guessed right
Even though I want to deny it

I’ve been masquerading
You don’t know how scared I am
Don’t worry, baby, I’m so fine
Everything’s all right, I’m doing just fine

My heart is like dumhdurum
You letting my love fall apart left me
Which is good for me
Bye, bye, baby
I don’t feel sad, I don’t shed tears
My love is over

Look, yeah
My heart is like dumhdurum
Don’t say I’m lying to you
My heart is like dumhdurum

Yeah, nananana, it’s like nananana
I only hear sad songs
You know this feeling
Nananana yeah nananana
I ask myself, ‘Can I love again?’

I’ve been masquerading
Do I look better? But my heart is dying
Don’t worry, baby, I’m so fine
Everything’s all right, I’m doing just fine

My heart is like dumhdurum
You letting my love fall apart left me
Which is good for me
Bye, bye, baby
I don’t feel sad, I don’t shed tears
My love is over

Look, yeah
My heart is like dumhdurum
Don’t say I’m lying to you
No, no, no, no

I miss you every night, yeah, yeah
I would get to sleep listening to your voice
Even if time could heal everything
Even if it could happen to me someday

My heart is like dumhdurum

Look, yeah
My heart is like dumhdurum
Don’t say I’m lying to you
My heart is like dumhdurum

The Unnie’s Review Couch Corner: Extracurricular

“Extracurricular” is centered around three high school students who start committing crimes to earn money and the unpredictable dangers they face as a result. Kim Dong Hee will portray Ji Soo, who goes from a model student to a criminal after committing an unthinkable act. Jung Da Bin as school bully Min Hee, who gets caught up in Ji Soo’s crime. Park Joo Hyun will portray Ji Soo’s dangerous partner in crime Gyu Ri, while Nam Yoon Soo will appear as Min Hee’s boyfriend and the school’s most popular guy Ki Tae.

  • Starring : Kim Dong Hee | Park Joo Hyun | Jung Da Bin | Nam Yoon Soo | Choi Min Soo
  • Episodes : 10 (60 min.)
  • Aired : April 29, 2020
  • Network : Netflix

Both Unnies did a buddy watch of this drama and we decided that while it was easier to do joint music reviews, drama reviews are a little bit harder. Fortunately since we both detested this show, it was very fun to have this rant review. Please enjoy!

Extracurricular Review

Acting : 7/10
Story : 2 /10
Music : 2 /10
Overall : 3.5 /10

Recommended For : No one. This was trash.

Fave Song : There was music?

Story: 3/10
Acting: 8/10
Music: 5/10
Rewatch Value: 1/10
Overall: 4/10

Fave Song:  N/A

The Unnies’ Spin on The Playlist: IRENE & SEULGI – MONSTER



LABEL: SM Entertainment

RELEASED: July 6, 2020

We’re back with another joint review! It was inevitable that we would both want to review this mini album because Red Velvet is a top girl group for us. Lazy Unnie’s ultimate female bias is Seulgi! Stupid ass unit name aside, there was definitely quite the buzz with this one because everyone knew that Seulrene was the unit that everyone was rooting for. It was kinda stupid of SM to so royally mess up with the MV release.

(Lazy Unnie will be colored pink and Sugar Baby Unnie will be purple.)


Rating: 3 out of 5.

If I had to imagine what a NCT song done by women sound like, this would be it. I don’t hate it or love it but it wasn’t what I would have expected for a lead single. I like the chorus, a lot, and Seulgi’s high notes are nice. But other than that, I’m not over the moon about this. But watch that damn “I’m a little monster” hook get stuck in my head, watch. Also, the fact that SM held out the MV on us, shows SM hates their artists, the females especially. But I do like the dark witchy vibes they put forth.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

It’s it is so weird that this song is only 2:57 but it feels like it is a hour long with nothing happening. The song is very much what I expected and honestly, the only thing that is worthy nothing is that it has a catchy hook. I don’t know exactly what it is, but this song is missing something. I look forward to seeing the choreography live though!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

YES! You know I’m a sucker for a jazzy R&B track and this is definitely one. This reminds me of some of Red Velvet’s older b-sides but it’s a style that is so classic that it can’t stale. I could listen to this on repeat all day.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

This reminds me so much of a song that could be easily plopped onto their Velvet album. Very much the style of Automatic and Be Natural. It’s easy to listen to and smooth. Nothing particularly special but better than Monster, that’s for sure.

Feel Good

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Going to be honest, I kind of wrote Irene off. She is a great visual but when I think about vocalists of Red Velvet, she isn’t one of them. That said, she sounds really nice in this. She’s overshadowed by the time for the bridge, but she held her own for a bit. The song doesn’t really go anywhere and it’s simple, but I like it for that.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I think the instrumental is very consistent throughout this song and has a good dynamic. Seulgi sounds really good on this song. Wow. Like I think this might be the song with the most emotion and charisma on the mini, which isn’t really saying much.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

I’m jelly at how much I like this song. I could have seen this being the title track. It’s in that typical girl group realm but just a hint of R&B Pop that makes you subconsciously bop along with the beat.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

This is a more upbeat song, that reminds of the way Red Velvet can switch onto their red side. It has nice vocal layering on it and the underlying trumpet sounds really good especially at the end.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

My queen, my bias, my love. Of course she got a solo song on this. It’s a futuristic R&B track and I love it. It’s a simple song with a nice melody and catchy hook. Top of my chill playlist for July.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

No doubt about it, Seulgi is a really good singer. Her voice actually sounds so dreamy on this track it is great. I enjoy the laid back nature of this song. This is a nice song that you can listen to at nights. The production isn’t really doing much, but the pairing of the futuristic R&B is definitely a good idea.


We actually talked about why this duo came to be and I’m not mad at it. I get it, Wendy hurt and Irene is aging, gotta give them something to stay in the limelight. They didn’t disappoint to me. Overall it was a good mini and my main female bias Seulgi killed it like she does. I can’t wait to see the stage performances. I’m actually glad it was Seulrene that came out first.

This album met my expectations which was that it would be average. I think that there is a certain lack of charisma in the songs and I have chalked that up to Joy’s vocal tone being missing. The thing is that this album is fine to listen to as I’m listening to it, but once I have finished, I have already forgotten what the songs sound like.

PRODUCTION : 3.5 / 5
OVERALL : 4 / 5

Least Favorite Track(s): Monster
Favorite Track(s): Diamond

Concept: 4/5
Vocals: 3.5/5
Raps: N/A
Cohesiveness: 3/5
Overall Rating: 2.5/5