Hit It or Skip It – April 2023 Week 4


Sorry again for the lack of hit it on the second week. This month is a mess of things to do. But I’m back!



xikers “ROCKSTAR”

One of them sounds like a baby Hongjoong so I won’t hold that against them. But not a bad start. Chorus sucks.

BLITZERS “Macarena”

So glad they got to keep this song from Peaktime. This is a vibe!

TAEYANG “Shoong!”

Really didn’t need Lisa. BUT YG DANCERS SUPREME! Song is wayyyy better than I anticipated.

iKON “Tantara”

FIRE! The old school hip-hop feel is great for them. And it just looks like they are enjoying their music which is a big leap!

Xdinary Heroes “Freakin’ Bad”

Thank you for someone to get me the kpop rock music I crave. I loveeee the 70s rock influence in this.

EPEX “Sunshower”

This is cute and not bad the rap was really a nice unexpected moment

WOODZ “Journey”

Weirdly my brand of boring. The build-up to the chorus is AMAZING.


No wedding dress.


The thing is, I actually like this song, a lot. But I don’t think I can often listen on repeat because of the voice augmentation.


No idea who these children are but… yawn.

Favorite SOTW:

Second Favorite SOTW:

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