Hit It or Skip It – April 2023 Week 1

It’s April! Which means it’s time for these groups to start putting in their nominations for song of the summer.

Kim Woo Seok ‘Dawn’

There is a kind of smooth sexiness here that I am really digging it.

Dreamnote ‘Blue’

I didn’t even know that Dreamnote was still making music tbh but anyways I do love a good pop ballad.

Apink ‘D N D’

Although I have no idea who these faces are! Man do I love this song and I love me some Apink! (fix your nose chorong!)

Heize ‘Vingle Vingle’

I could hear the R.Tee influence so clearly. Anyway I really like the instrumental and it fits her voice really well.

Mark ‘Golden Hour’

He is the truth. Mark is a superstar. Point blank period.

Izykite ‘Diver’

This is like Yerin’s vibe but the thing is that Yerin’s voice is very emotive. It feels very boring. I want her to get more expressive while singing because I enjoy this vocal tone .

Agust D (ft. IU) ‘People Pt. 2’

It’s just your standard for this type. There are better. However, I don’t like the hook. Wtf is IU saying. So nonsensical.

Favorite SOTW:

Second Favorite SOTW:

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