Whatcha Watchin’ – April 4th – Never Been Kissed

We’ve hit April. But March went out with a SLAP. Hopefully, this new month brings us the energy to watch things.

Sugar Baby Unnie

STILL not in a drama-watching mood.



Goong: Nat wants to know how we can ever ship them as a couple when Shin is so terrible.. lol

Thirty-Nine: I am loving this drama so much. I think that the girls are shining, I don’t like that Mi Do and Chan Young are obviously the closer friends, but alas shit happens I guess.

Why Women Love: Haven’t watched any episodes of this in so long lol oops.

A Business Proposal: This is just a stupid and easy watch. Enjoying it so far.

On Deck

Soundtrack #1: I like pretty people and friends to lovers.

Lazy Unnie

Maybe in April, I will have reviews for all of these things LOL. The last two months have been CRAZY with the watching. I feel the drop heading its way.


  • F4 (Thailand) – One more week! I’m sad to see this go but also happy.
  • Goong – So much trash of characters but Yoon Eun Hye looks so pretty.
  • Cutie Pie – I really can’t deny how amazing these two look together. And the music is some of the best. The plot… not so much.
  • A Business Proposal – One more day and I’m actually sad to see this go. I loved this bright spot in my watching lineup
  • Manner of Death – I need to go back but I know I will just cry.
  • Not Me – The chemistry between OffGun is undeniable but I know this will also make me cry.


  • Failing in Love – When is it time to drop a show? I just keep getting distracted.

On Deck

  • Tomorrow – GIVE ME REAPERS!
  • Soundtrack #1 – I love Park Hyungsik so…
  • KinnPorsche – I need me some adult dark BL so…
  • Blueming – This looks like it might be cute? I’m trying to support more Korean BLs. I’m down for the movement!

Hit It or Skip It – March 2022 Week 5

Is it just me that hate these weird last weeks of the month when it’s split? Either way, there was a lot to come out of it. Some good, some not so good.

NCT DREAM “Glitch Mode”

This brand of NCT noise grew on me. That rock bridge went hard.

OH MY GIRL “Real Love”

Not as catchy as their past lead singles but this one is so cute and vibey


This hit HARD! I love an antidrop. A little Aespa in some parts but not bad.


Finally a BAE173 song I like. This is a good song for a workout. Goes hard.


Love the funk vibe. Reminds me of when VERIVERY debuted.

YUGYEOM “Take You Down (Feat. Coogie)”

AOMG out here snacking the idol out of Yugyeom and making him a decent soloist. This was a vibe.

MAJORS “Salute”

This song would have been a hit if it wasn’t for the weak rap

Heize “Mother”

Not bad, just zzzzzzz

NINE.I “Parallel Universe”

I just don’t get it.


I love the concepts of their MVs but the song only comes alive after the chorus and I don’t think I would listen to it more than once.

Favorite SOTW:

Second Favorite SOTW:

Asian Drama Bingo : March Check-In

We are successful black women! THAT IS WHAT WE ARE!

Lazy Unnie’s Card

I seriously thought this month was a bust but in fact, it was bussin! BINGOOOOOO

Sugar Baby’s Card

Woman, let me be your woman. Woman. Woman. Woman. Also, B I N G O.

Lazy Unnie’s Couch: Semantic Error

Chu Sang Woo is a junior computer science majoring student who prizes reason, rules, and a rigid sense of what is right above all else. As part of his university work, he is told to work on a group project for the liberal arts, whereby the group is required to make a final presentation in order to pass the module. But as the rest of the group – whom he knows nothing about – have decided to leave him to do all the work on his own, he decides to remove their names, and make the presentation in his name. But little did he know that when he did this, he would deal a heavy blow to the academic prospects of a senior student named Jang Jae Young. The latter, a design major, is Chu Sang Woo’s polar opposite. He is stylish, fun-loving, and – above all – extraordinarily popular. He is the closest thing the college has to a superstar! But when his credit for the liberal arts project is taken away, his grand plans to study abroad are suddenly thrown up in the air. He seeks out Chu Sang Woo and is of a mind to torment him. But when the duo is forced to work together, a strange attraction starts to develop between them…

  • Starring: Park Seo Ham | Park Jae Chan
  • Episodes: 8 (23 mins.)
  • Aired: February 16 – March 10, 2022
  • Network: Viki
  • Where to Watch: Viki

I have really been in one mode and one mode only, BL. Like I said before, I was very wary of diving into the world of Korean BL because I just feel they are extra chaste because of the subject matter and Korea be all kinds of repressed. Either way, something is in the water because this is my second KBL and it was surprisingly addicting. This is a classic enemies to lovers trope while also playing up the seemingly charismatic bad boy falling in love with the uptight and closed-off counterpart. Nothing about the pieces of this drama were revolutionary but I feel like it was because it shows that Korean BL’s have the potential to have chemistry and heat without being gratuitous.

The pacing of this story was really good because of how short it was, there was no time for filler. There was no big build-up. You as the viewer are shown right away what kind of person Sang Woo is and how petty Jae Young could be. I think those were some of the funniest scenes watching Jae Young persistently go out of his way to bother Sang Woo. But it’s when all that teasing starts to affect both of them in ways neither expected that made all the butterflies fly. Something I also loved was the way both Sang Woo and Jae Young’s personalities were reflected by their majors. Sang Woo being a computer science major had him very structured and when he is encountered by the graphic artists of Jae Young, it’s hard for him to compute. Watching him fall for Jae Young and basically try to rationalize it is hilarious.

There isn’t much more to say besides thank you to Park Seo Ham, Park Jae chan, and the casting department. It was the chemistry between the leads and the physicality that made this work. That height difference was PERFECT! I also loved the side characters of Choi Yu Na and Ryu Ji Hye. Yes, the slight love triangle they wanted to set up between Sang Woo, Jae Young, and Ji Hye was annoying but it did give us the amazing scene of Jae Young basically laying claim on his man. And BI SEXUAL QUEEN YU NA NEEDS A SPIN-OFF!

I liked that sexuality was never really an issue. People just liked who they liked and there was no big deal. It felt refreshing. Selfishly, the only thing I really wished for this was it to be longer because I really loved the chemistry of these two characters. They had the friend chemistry down but also their kiss chemistry was AMAZING! I need more kisses like the ones between Jae Young and Sang Woo. If Seo Ham was not in the military right now, he could give lessons. After finishing the show, I had started the webtoon and from what I’ve read, this was a great adaptation. I need more in this realm of Korean BLs.

Acting: 8.5/10
Story: 8.5/10
Music: 9/10
Overall: 9/10

Recommended :

Fave Song :

Hit It or Skip It – March 2022 Week 4

Okay so I feel like I need a disclaimer for this week simply because I said so many no’s but these no’s were a reflection of the fact that I was tired and the songs did not revive me. Okay? Ok.

Red Velvet ‘Feel My Rhythm’

Okayyyy. This is the one babes. Queendom what?.

Rolling Quartz ‘Azalea’

I think I said this last time during my week but I think Rolling Quartz are definitely servers!!

CRAVITY ‘Adrenaline’

Oh this is a vibe. Maybe their best work????.

Highlight ‘Day Dream’



Zzzzzzzzz x 2.


Okay tbf this song is actually good. However, very forgettable. I actually don’t even know if I know any songs by this group.

Suran (ft. Taeyong) ‘Diamonds’

She will never top 1+1=0, Wine nor Abyss and that’s okay..

D-Crunch ‘Addiction’

Yet another group that I just don’t be knowing if I liked anything by them before. This just made me want to listen to EXO oddly. Can’t explain what it is. Lol. Song is mid.

Favorite SOTW:

Least Favorite SOTW: N/A

Sugar Baby’s Review Corner: Love Is Sweet

Love Is Sweet

Genre: Business Romance, Comedy
Origin: China
Episodes: 36
Air-date: Sep 27, 2020 – Oct 27, 2020
Starring: Luo Yun Xi as Yuan Shuai, Bai Lu as Jiang Jun, Gao Han Yu as Du Lei, Xiao Yan as Xu Li, Riley Wang as Li Xiao Chun

Jiang Jun is a girl who is allergic to tears and has a double degree in economics and psychology. She is unrestrained and idealistic due to her family’s superior background. After graduation, she worked in a philanthropy organization where she pursues her dreams. However, her father’s sudden accident leaves her in a dilemma. Eventually, she decides to work in a top investment company to fulfill her father’s dying wish. In MH, Jiang Jun meets her childhood playmate, Yuan Shuai. However, the current Yuan Shuai is no longer her gentle protector, but her rival. In MH, where the “culture of wolf instinct” is rampant, someone is plotting against Jiang Jun while someone sees her as an eyesore. However with her kind nature and attention to details, along with her high EQ and sense of judgment, Jiang Jun eventually attains success in both her career and love life.


If I am not mistaken, I believe that the last time I was reviewing a Chinese drama, I said that it was like a comforting bowl of soup. If I had to describe this drama, I would say it was like a pleasant dream which quickly turned into a nightmare. This drama was 18 episodes too long and it was felt every moment of the way. I didn’t start off disliking this drama, quite the opposite actually. I was obsessed with this drama it was giving everything even with all the cheesiness.

This story was the greatest downfall. It was predictable and not worth the 36 episode run that we had. There were so many portions where you can see that the story should’ve naturally ended. However, that was completely trampled once we got to the last six episodes that had a time jump which completely derailed Du Lei’s character, I was like yeah no fuck this show. I am never one to truly be into second leads and their stories, but when I tell you that this truly just kept going and going and going until I was getting a headache every time I sat down to watch. Like let’s not even talk about the business aspect and how nothing made sense there and then pure CCP propaganda that existed when she argued with him about quitting her job and then deciding she wanted to quit her job and be a wife and mother. Umm ok. And let’s not even discuss the fact that her dumbass friend was also so wildly annoying during those six episodes as well as a married woman.

In all honesty and what people know to be the truth is that Yunxi and Bai Lu had alllll the chemistry here and they were the reason for the season. Like the only reason I am not giving this drama like 2 stars is because of their chemistry. Yuan Shuai was IN LOVE with her and the BIGGEST SIMP ever that I was so sold. I was enamored by this. The kisses were everything! The confession scene during the first snow? I was gagged for days just dreamy about it. It was so beautiful. Never have I ever wanted to go on a date at an aquarium as much as I have since watching this drama.

This drama is a standard case of we could have had it alllll… All they needed to do was cut this by 12 episodes, not make Du Lei become this random psycho perv all of a sudden and make sense of that stupid breakup. All in all, I had a hard time with this one and don’t know if I would recommend it beyond just watching scenes of Yunxi and Bai Lu make out.

Story: 5/10
Acting: 8/10
Music: 8/10
Rewatch Value: 6/10
Overall: 6.5/10

Sugar Baby’s Review Corner – Girl Next Room: Midnight Fantasy

Girl Next Room: Midnight Fantasy

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Youth, Drama
Origin: Thailand
Episodes: 4
Air-date: Apr 19, 2020 – May 10, 2020
Starring: Singto Prachaya Ruangroj Worranit as Tan/DJ Titan, Jamie Juthapich Indrajundra as Mimi

Mimi is a young girl who doesn’t sleep well because of her fears. Due to her lack of sleep, her insomnia causes her to encounter DJ Titan. He hosts the program Midnight Fantasy from three to five. And Mimi is his only listener. She listens DJ Titan to find comfort and she is waiting to listen to him every night, causing her to go to study in a daze.

Until she accidentally falls asleep in class and the teacher orders her and her classmate Tan to make a report together. Now she’s not sure if she’s happy with DJ Titan or secretly shaken by Tan.


Yeah I am on the grind. You know what’s weird? This is the shortest one I have watched so far and it might be favorite? I really enjoyed the simplisticyt of the story as well as how sweet and comforting the chemistry was. I think I also enjoyed the fact that I found everyone to be very attractive.

Story wise there wasn’t anything here that was new, but it was done in a way that I didn’t find myself being overtly annoyed. This drama benefitted from the fact that it was so short because there was no need for any fodder. It came, delivered and ended. I enjoyed the acting from our leads and I actually found Mimi to be very sweet even though I often do not find myself to be found of female leads with her personality. I also loved her relationship with her father because I, too, am a daddy’s girl. I love that almost every time they speak we have a split screen and see the way they are both dealing with the interation.

I found this drama to be the sweetest of the bunch and I am giving it the seal of approval. Only one left to go and then I am done with this little mini series.

Acting: 8/10
Music: 7/10
Rewatch Value: 7/10
Overall: 7/10

Whatcha Watchin’ – March 21st – There Will Be Blood

March seems to be the month where we do nothing and everything at the same time. All I know is I’m broke and I’m staying my ass home and watching dramas. Gas prices are too damn high.

Sugar Baby Unnie

I am not in a drama watching mood. Oh well, it do be like that.



Goong: Nat wants to know how we can ever ship them as a couple when Shin is so terrible.. lol

Thirty-Nine: I am loving this drama so much. I think that the girls are shining, I don’t like that Mi Do and Chan Young are obviously the closer friends, but alas shit happens I guess.

Why Women Love: Haven’t watched any episodes of this in so long lol oops.

On Deck

Soundtrack #1: I like pretty people and friends to lovers.

Lazy Unnie

Maybe in April I will have reviews for all of these things LOL


  • F4 (Thailand) – I fell off for a couple of weeks but watch this week I get back on track. ALL I WANT IS A PROPER KISS.
  • Forecasting Love & Weather – I hate how much I’m loving this. But once I watch this week’s episodes watch me want to throw the whole shit out.
  • Twenty-Five Twenty-One – I loved the slow burn. Now I want to burn the whole show down with how slow it is going. GIVE ME SOMETHING.
  • Goong – I wish all current shows were this good.
  • Cutie Pie – I originally was feeling this but it is starting to have too many plot holes for my liking. Do these people even like each other?
  • A Business Proposal – I eat this tropey show like a 5 star meal. Can’t wait for more.
  • Manner of Death – I need to go back but I know I will just cry.
  • Not Me – The chemsitry between OffGun is undeniable but I know this will also make me cry.


  • Failing in Love – Why is it taking me so long to watch 5 episodes? WHY?

On Deck

  • Tomorrow – GIVE ME REAPERS!

Hit It or Skip It – March 2022 Week 3

This felt like a big week and I’m actually confused. I like a bunch of things. Lately, I’ve liked nothing and nothing. But March seems to be adding a bunch of good things. Maybe the year has just started musically?

Kang Seung Yoon ” Born to Love You”

I actually liked the vibe. Ended sooner than I would have liked.

Brave Girls “Thank You”

Disco inspired done right!

NU’EST “Again”

This just shows how NU’EST shouldn’t disband. FUCK YOU HYBE!

Moonbin & Sanha “WHO”

The last two I would expect to this ultra-sexy concept but it works. Their vocals are nice on it.

Kihyun “VOYAGER”

Pleasantly surprised. I like the uptempo rock vibe. Suits his powerful vocals perfectly.

Solar “Honey”

Cute. Wish she didn’t add fillers to her face tho.

Stray Kids “MANIAC”

Easily could have gone to the skip pile but there are good aspects to this… hodgepodge of a song.


I really wish they would stop Soyeon from making music

WEi “Too Bad”

They are really hit or miss. Sadly, this is a miss.

Lil Cherry “CATWALK (feat. Rico Nasty)”

I don’t know why I keep giving her chances. Trash

Favorite SOTW:

Least Favorite SOTW: