Sugar Baby’s Review Corner: My Little Happiness

My Little Happiness

Genre: Comedy, Law, Romance, Drama
Origin: China
Episodes: 28
Air-date: Jan 13, 2021 – Jan 27, 2021
Starring: Xing Fei as Cong Rong, Tang Xiao Tian as Wen Shao Qing, Huang Yi Lin as Zhou Cheng Cheng, Li Chuan as Wen Rang

Cong Rong has long dreamed of becoming a lawyer, but her mother is absolutely determined to see her daughter study finance abroad. Hoping that her daughter will successfully settle down somewhere overseas, Cong Rong’s mother won’t take “no” for an answer. Unable to convince her mother to let her pursue her dreams, Cong Rong has no choice but to do as her mother wishes. Or does she? After successfully convincing her mother that she has set off for distant lands, Cong Rong secretly returns home to begin work as a legal intern. Taking on her first case, Cong Rong comes face-to-face with her childhood friend, Wen Shao Qing. Now a surgeon, Shao Qing isn’t just Cong Rong’s client, he’s also her landlord and next-door neighbor. Tied together by the ever-tightening strings of fate, Cong Rong and Shao Qing find themselves drawing closer, despite their best efforts. Engaged in a never-ending battle of wits, the childhood friends may fight against the ties that bind them, but how long will they be able to resist the inevitable?


You know how in my review of Unchained Love, I stated that it was okay to be biased and that’s why I gave it 7 stars?! This drama is the perfect example of why honesty while reviewing is the best policy. There ain’t no mother fucking way the average rating of this drama is 8.5 on MDL and a 9.6 on Viki. AIN’T NO FUCKING WAY.

This story and it’s characters were stupid. First of all, she’s a law intern but somehow seem to being doing stuff way outside her pay grade and he was quite literally the most available neurosurgeon I have ever seen. THIS MAN STAY NOT AT WORK. I know I shouldn’t ask for realism because this is a romance drama but come on.. it ain’t no damn fantasy! Speaking of romance, you know I love a good man simp but it didn’t work here. I heavily disliked how oblivious she was about his feelings. Actually, to keep it 100, after she decided she would step away from liking him or whatever cause of the other girl begging her to ‘not get in between the two of them’, I literally rolled my eyes. At that point I was over this drama and no amount of kissing was making up for it. Now, we know that childhood friends to lovers stories are quite common and very often the backbone to all these Asian dramas. Now, for the life of me I couldn’t understand why he knew it was her but she didn’t know it was him. I was like did this bitch have a head injury or something? Was it amnesia? Was it trauma from losing her dad? Nope nope. It was simply because he was fat and she didn’t even know his name. NONSENSE. Also, I disliked the second couple as well. WOE BE UNTO ME AND MY RICH PEOPLE PROBLEMS. Foh.

As far as acting goes, Idk man, I really couldn’t even pay attention to any of the characters to decide if they were giving apt performances. I just kept getting distracted by the height difference. There were scenes that were shot from a zoomed out lens and it genuinely resembled a father and his daughter. I just couldn’t.

So yeah, didn’t like much of the story, nor the characters nor the romance and to see that this had higher ratings than Way Back Into Love felt quite criminal and that was why we (Nat and myself) immediately decided to watch that drama WHICH IS WAY BETTER. Legit, when we completed the last episode of the drama, we went and watched episode one of Way Back Into Love and already that had way more story than the 15 episodes of My Little Happiness that we didn’t skip through (yeah after a point it was 2x speed and jump to the end where we didn’t feel as if we missed anything). Therefore, I am imploring drama watchers to just be honest.. Say that you shipped them in Put Your Head On My Shoulder or that you have wanted them together since that drama or something but do not say this is a 10/10 perfect drama because yall know you are lying. I decided to rate this lower than I typically would simply because I think it is overrated as is. Until next time! xx

Story: 6/10
Acting: 7/10
Music: 7/10
Rewatch Value: 7/10
Overall: 5/10

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