Sugar Baby’s Review Corner: Way Back Into Love

Way Back Into Love

Genre: Comedy, Romance
Origin: China
Episodes: 26
Air-date: Sep 4, 2020 – Sep 10, 2020
Starring: Daddi Tang as Xu Jia Xu, Sun Qian as Lu Jia, Wang You Jun as Ye Ang Yang

A mutual crush that was never revealed gets a second chance when two people are reunited after seven years to draw a perfect conclusion to the regrets from their youth.
When they were in high school, Lu Jia (Sun Qian) had a crush on Xu Jiaxiu (Tang Xiaotian) who excelled in academics and had good character. However, they went their separate ways after graduation and lost contact. After working for many years, Lu Jia finally returns to her hometown of Dongzhou. She joins a company only to realize that the founder is none other than Xu Jiaxiu and that they have become neighbors.
Lu Jia thought that things would be different now that she has moved on but their daily interactions stirs up feelings of romance once again. Ye Angyang (Wang Youjun) who has had a crush on Lu Jia since high school also joins the same company and he starts to pursue her. The reappearance of Xu Jiaxiu’s ‘first love’ also causes for the couple. What’s more, a former suitor who was once rejected by Lu Jia approaches her using work as an excuse.


I think it’s pretty obvious how I operate by now.. If I like you, I obsessively watch everything that you’re in until I have watched it all. I really really really like Sun Qian y’all.. I think she is so natural in her acting, gorgeous to boot and so damn funny. I am rooting for you in that actor variety queen! The first scene I saw by you was excellent!

Now onto the drama… Guys listen… This drama was cute to boot. I love dramas that make me feel warm inside with a strong sense of family and mature adults who can communicate to work through their issues. When I started this drama it reminded me of My Love Enlighten Me because of the way the episodes were structured as well as the overall vibe. I enjoyed this plot a lot even though it certainly wasn’t what I initially had expected it to be. I went into this expecting more of romance, but left with a story of a group of young people working hard to achieve their dreams and sorting through the missed connections that they had. By the time the company went on their field trip, I felt like it was my company retreat! Hahah.

I enjoyed Sun Qian’s portrayal of Lu Jia so much and like in all honesty, this girl does not miss! Lu Jia was bold, sweet and a girl after my own heart. I loved that she stood with her principles and knew what she wanted. I also really liked Xu Jia Xu because he wasn’t a broody male lead, even if he was a little petty. I was pleasantly surprised that they didn’t have this huge misunderstanding of a breakup, and that they squashed all their misunderstandings or fights as a couple within the same episode or in the following episode. I also enjoyed the supporting characters a lot and Janice was the woman that I thought I would be when in college dreaming about my career. Hahah. I am glad that her and Ang Yang obviously got together in the end cause duh.

The only reason this drama didn’t get a higher rating from me is because I wished we had more solidly romantic moments. I also swayed a little at the end because I thought that Song Juxi and Jia would have made a good couple. SUE ME. IDC. Hahah. I still would recommend this for people to watch! I definitely enjoyed it.

Story: 8.5/10
Acting: 8.5/10
Music: 9/10
Rewatch Value: 8/10
Overall: 9/10

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