Sugar Baby’s Review Corner: Kiss Goblin

Kiss Goblin

Genre: Fantasy, Friendship, Romance
Origin: South Korea
Episodes: 12
Air-date: July 28, 2020 – September 3, 2020
Starring: Bae In Hyuk as Ban Sook / Kim Keon Woo, Jeon Hye Won as Oh Yeon Ah, Lee Jung Min as Choi Hee Won, Jang Eui Soo as Exorcist, Lee Se Hee as Yoon Sui Hee, Moon Ji Young as Ji Seung Heon

Ban Sook is a 160-year-old goblin who wants nothing more than to be human. But in order to do so, his mentor the Goblin Queen tells him that he must take human form and kiss humans 10 times. As he is strikingly handsome and possesses otherworldly charm, this initially seems like an easy assignment. However, he soon discovers that the task will be more complicated than first thought. Every time he kisses someone, he develops a new human emotion. And he finds that the more emotions he has, the more complicated the romance game becomes!

An exorcist also steps onto the scene, threatening to derail his quest for good! He also meets a strong-willed young woman named Oh Yeon Ah, who attacks and chides him after she sees him kissing a stranger and then her best friend. Ban Sook cannot help falling for Oh Yeon Ah, but can he convince her to feel the same way about him?


Lately, I find that I have been enjoying watching these little mini dramas. It’s nice to get through the day with quick drama because often times it is just like those 16 hour dramas but in a condensed manner. This drama was no different, we had all the delicious cliches that we have gotten used to in kdramas in just about 3 hours and honestly something like this definitely only needed these three hours.

Plot: Fun idea! A goblin goes around and collects kisses to become human. Of course he gets into an entanglement with the female lead. I will admit, I didn’t get the female lead’s appeal. I actually found myself liking her best friend and the Goblin Queen instead. The plot was as predictable as they come and I really can’t fault much of anything. My only true complaint is why her ass was just sitting there crying when he got injured instead of calling an ambulance? Like I get that he is a magical being or whatever, but come on man… And another thing…. he could have fought the exorcist all this time? Also just a little tidbit but how tf they just decide that we have only 10 emotions. Fuck that. Oh and lastly.. WHY THEY WASTE ALL THE COFFEE AND CAKE!!!!!

Romance & Acting: Romance was fine. I mean I didn’t see any scorching burning chemistry between them. I think he had decent chemistry with all the women he kissed, am I saying this because it wasn’t a peck and they were sucking face? Yes. The Goblin Queen and the Exorcist though… I want that romance story ahaha. Give us season two! Don’t be shy! The acting was quite average, but that is what an average script calls for. I suppose the male lead was the best of the bunch alongside the goblin queen. I mean it really wasn’t much to write home about in any event. So-so.

Overall, a good way to pass time and try to fight the urge to criticize everything. ♫ Let it beeee let it beeee just let it beeee. ♫

Story: 7/10
Acting: 7/10
Rewatch Value: 7/10
Overall: 7/10

OST Song:  My Time – Rosy

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