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Genre: Friendship, Romance, Drama, Slice-of-Life
Origin: Japan
Episodes: 9
Air-date: February 27, 2020
Starring: Nakatani Miki as Nara Limi, Ikeda Elaiza as Hyakuta Natsume, Natsuki Mari as Tajima Eriko, Itaya Yuka as Akane, Kaneko Nobuaki as Yuruko, Ikehata Leina as Minori

The series revolves around the pulsating capital of Tokyo with all its life, colors, fashion and ambition as well as the fascinating lifestyle of the women living there. Limi Nara is a famous and successful fashion photographer who has advanced her career with photographs of modern Tokyo, capturing the changes in the city and its people. She leads a confident and independent life both privately and professionally. In contrast to her is the young actress Natsume Hyakuta, who is constantly having problems in her private and professional life in search of self-confidence and her own identity.

But that changes suddenly one day when Limi publishes a photograph of Natsume on Instagram. Natsume’s life and that of those around her collide in blooming Tokyo as they try to defend their standing and status while following their hearts, dreams and social networks. All of these women are trying to find their own way to happiness and love.


Netflix has been dabbling in its own original production of asian dramas for a while now and I mean truly original as in they’re the ones responsible for every aspect of the production. I decided on this particular drama because it had a really nice logo and clearly I just love pretty things. Sure enough this show was definitely a Netflix original. The stylistic choices made were unlike many other asian dramas especially that of Japanese persuasion that I have seen.

This story is not something unique in the western world as we have often seen movies and tv shows about how social media influences lives. I enjoyed that we were now treated to this through the Japanese lens. I liked Limi and Natsume for different reasons as I could see a little bit of myself in both of them. I enjoyed that this story tackled aspects of anxiety, sexuality and womanhood, much of which you would not find in your typical network drama. I was stunned the very first time we saw Limi discuss her miscarriage and the raw depth of emotions. I enjoyed watching everyone’s lives unfold and the influence that social media had on the success of these people. I felt like it was so culturally relevant to today’s world, that I wished we had a little more time to truly flesh out everyone’s arcs. Although the story was there it could have been more refined.

I thought the actresses and actors did a wonderful job with their performances and I found Sunny to be quite the scene stealer as her lines were the most memorable. I think the show truly highlighted how the women were the backbone of this production. However, the most noteworthy thing about this drama was the way everything was so beautifully shot. This was an absolutely stunning drama to watch. The shots of the cherry blossom and the interior decorations were mesmerizing. Ninagawa Mika has a gift when it comes to these things and it was lovely to behold.

All in all I would say that this is probably one of my favorite of the Netflix productions that I have seen because it didn’t feel half done, for lack of a better phrase. I can’t explain it, but a few of the other netflix Asian original dramas that I had watched this year was not quite as catching. *cough* Triad Princess *cough*

Story: 7/10
Acting: 8/10
Music: 8/10
Rewatch Value: 7/10
Overall: 7.5/10

Fave Song: Gorilla Attack – Gorilla Anthem

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