Sugar Baby’s Review Corner: Before We Get Married

Before We Get Married

Genre: Romance, Drama
Origin: Taiwan
Episodes: 13
Air-date: May 31, 2019 – August 23, 2019
Starring: Puff Kuo as Zhou Wei Wei, Jasper Liu as Chu Ke Huan, Steven Sun as Li Hao Yi, Nita Xia as Gao Zi Yuan

Zhou Wei Wei is about to marry her successful, devoted fiancé. And Chu Ke Huan’s girlfriend of ten years is hoping to tie the knot with him. There’s just one hitch, Wei Wei and Ke Huan are starting to develop feelings for one another. Despite their intentions to keep things platonic, Cupid seems to have other plans for them. Will they get cold feet? Will they give in to passion? Or can they keep their feelings for one another in check? This tense romantic drama about love, friendship, and betrayal is adapted from a novel by hit author Ayamei.


Often I can immediately tell whether I will vibe with a story or not. I was actively avoiding this one for months. I typically stay away from cheating stories because in all honesty that just has never really appealed to me. Although whenever I start a show and the premise is surrounding cheating, I have an idea of what it is that I know I want to see. I eventually got around to giving this a go because everyone praised the storyline and the chemistry and I saw the most delicious youtube video that I was like okurrrr. However after completing this drama I would like to go on record and say that I have been hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray, run amok and flat out deceived.

This story was shitty. It was a flop. It was exhausting. It was boring. It was not what was advertised. I came for a show about people being hoes and all I got was this dumb annoying bitch ~finding herself~ or whatever. I’m not gonna lie and say that the first few episodes weren’t entertaining, I really enjoyed what they were doing, but the problem was that this show refused to commit to what they actually wanted. They didn’t want us to dislike our leads for cheating and so they beat around the bush for leeways and scape goats for their actions. It’s why episodes 5 to 13 was just ridiculously repetitive. It’s why you literally only need to watch episode 1 and episode 13 because nothing of value or importance happens in between.

It was actually a bit comical to me that they went through all this trouble to ensure that the audience didn’t dislike the leads and root for their relationship because it failed for me. I didn’t like our leads at all which is sad because I do love Puff Kuo and Jasper so much. I’ve said this previously and I’ll say it again no amount of turning their respective partners into demons will make me go “oh yeah definitely cheat on that bitch” because it’s never gonna be okay lmfao. Matter of fact, I wanna see a story where it’s the nicest person ever, who donates, feeds the poor, and has a terminal illness, and they get cheated on. Just give us a little flavor.

The saving grace of this show is that indeed the chemistry between Puff Kuo and Jasper is through the charts. It’s a very natural chemistry with a good amount of yearning and they compliment each other so well. Which is why I say they should’ve just committed to it and given us the most bomb affair in Taiwanese dramaland. I wanted sex on the roof, in the car, in the coin karaoke booth, beside their respective partners etc. The one scene that we all loved was so well done. Another thing that I really liked was Feifei! She was everything the perfect comic relief and best woman ever. She deserved everything.

So even though we got the nice steamy kisses and the sexy time, it was not enough. I really wish that I had just stuck to watching my YouTube videos because the story was indeed a bland flavor of repetitive garbage. Seriously just watch the YouTube videos and thank me later.

Story: 5/10
Acting: 8/10
Music: 7/10
Rewatch Value: 2/10
Overall: 6.5/10

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