Sugar Baby’s Review Corner: Single and Ready To Mingle

Single and Ready To Mingle

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Sitcom
Origin: South Korea
Episodes: 8
Air-date: October 13, 2020 – November 4, 2020
Starring: Choi Yoo Jung as Bong Joo Yi, Kim Do Yeon as Ji Yoon Seo, Jung Hyo Jun as Woo Seung, Kim Min Chul as Kang Joon Woo, Moon Ji Hoo as Ma Hoon, Lee So Yul as Ma Ho Young

Bong Joo Yi and Ji Yeon Seo are best friends who have been single all their lives. Things take a different turn when they share a house with three men, resulting in a chaotic daily life and the anticipation of a possible “first love”.


Yes I’m back again with another web drama this time with our former I.O.I now Weki Meki duo as the stars of this weirdly funny and adorable story. I watched this solely because the title was so cute and resonated deeply with how single I am and unfortunately due to COVID-19, I cannot mingle.

This story was so adorable and equal parts cringey. I enjoyed how basic and easy to follow the plot was. I actually cracked up a few times because it was the kind of ridiculous that I could enjoy. For example, when Woo Seung said that Joo Yi could be an idol and she was like no way. Everything was so on the nose especially the product placement. There was no subtlety at all. When Ho Young did that whole watering scene, I instinctively thought of Jennie’s Sprite commercial. Also the way Yoon Seo just created her own reality all the time is a big whole mood.

Acting wise I would say that everyone did what was required. There was no need for any great acting cause it wasn’t anything deep. I think that Yoojung seemed pretty natural in her role and then I enjoyed Kim Min Chul’s character a lot and would like to see more of him.

Overall, very cute and easy to watch. I recommend it as something to kill a hour or two. Heheh.

Story: 7/10
Acting: 7/10
Rewatch Value: 7/10
Overall: 7/10

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