Lazy Unnie’s Couch: Put Your Head on My Shoulder

On the cusp of graduation, an accounting major searching for her career winds up living with a genius physics student who shakes up her daily routine. Situ Mo is a graduating student. As someone who got used to having her whole life planned out for her, she is at a loss about her future and can’t find the courage to make a decision for herself. Because the school districts have merged, physics major Gu Weiyi barges into her life. They clash repeatedly without noticing that they are slowly walking into each other’s hearts. To their surprise, they accidentally end up having to live together.

  • Starring: Fair Xing | Lin Yi | Daddi Tang | Zheng Ying Chen
  • Episodes: 24 (42 Min.)
  • Aired: April 10 – May 8, 2019
  • Network: Tencent Video

I could have almost had a baby with the time that it took me to finish this drama. It wasn’t that it was bad. On the contrary, it was incredibly sweet and wholesome. I wanted to watch it because it was promised to be like A Love So Beautiful. There were some similarities, like the height difference between our main leads, the two main couples were a group of friends, there was a school and… that’s about it.

This was a slice of life Chinese drama that was basically an opposites attract story. The plot wasn’t something that was deep or even complicated. There were times when you would think that there would be some problems from outside people trying to break the OTP up but nope, love is strong. A lot of the plot points was about their daily life and learning to live together. On the outside I can see how that would seem boring and nonexistent. I even took a while to finish because it got a little repetitive, but on a whole, the normalcy of the story was refreshing.

At first I thought that Gu Wei Yi was cold and dull. He didn’t really have a wide range of expressions and I was about to write him off as a shit actor. But that’s just how the character was supposed to be. He was a scientist and everything in his life had to have a logical explanation. So when presented with someone that doesn’t fit that equation, it kinda had him buffering at times. Those were my favorite moments. When the relationship between him and Si Tu Mo started to progress, he would look up things like “How to know when a girl is mad” or he looked up how to please her. It was all cute and funny.

Si Tu Mo was kind of your typical female lead. Spunky and defiant until she got in the relationship and then became super shy and girly. That was the only thing I didn’t like about her character. She should have taken that spunk that she had with everything else in her life and applied it to her relationship with Weiyi.

As for conflicts, the only ones I saw were the failed attempts at forming a love triangle from both ends. There was the celebrity that had eyes for Si TuMo and then Weiyi’s classmate. Both times there was no real chemistry to even think that they would be contenders against this OTP.

In the end, if you’re in the mood for a unproblematic drama that makes you feel warm and fuzzy, then this one is for you. Plus, look at how cute Weiyi looks with a cat in a bag! I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE.

Acting : 6/10
Story : 6/10
Music : 7/10
Overall : 7/10
Recommended For : If you’re in the mood for light and cute

Fave Song : Have Your Plot‘ by Zhou Pin

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