Sugar Baby’s Review Corner: Unchained Love

Unchained Love

Genre: Historical, Comedy, Romance
Origin: China
Episodes: 36
Air-date: Dec 27, 2022 – Jan 20, 2023
Starring: Dylan Wang as Xiao Duo, Chen Yuqi as Bu Yin Lou, Peter Ho as Murong Gao Gong / Fu Wang, Zeng Li as Empress Rong An

During the Longhua period, eunuch Xiao Duo plotted with Fu Wang to help him sit on the throne. Bu Yin Lou was supposed to be buried with the late Emperor, but she is rescued by Xiao Duo. Bu Yin Lou, a lady-in-waiting, was meant to be the emperor’s woman. Due to her status, she was supposed to follow him in death, but Xiao Duo saves her because she has caught the eye of Fu Wang. She then stays at Xiao’s manor, and they grow closer over time. However, they cannot reveal their feelings. The road is full of obstacles… what will become of their fates?


If y’all knew how long ago I watched this but I have been too lazy to write this review? No, no, please actually laugh at the fact that I even rated it and everything back then too, but somehow couldn’t put two words together. A darn shame. It’s probably because this was such a mid drama that there really isn’t much to say.

The story had a really good premise. I love forbidden love type of stories and I am in the minority in which I am glad it seemed to be childish and fun in the beginning because the abrupt tonal shift was not the vibe. I actually enjoyed a lot of this drama up until the about episode twenty-two or so when the Emperor decided to escort her back to the forbidden city. I loved that we spent so much time with the couple and I thought the chemistry was fine. It wasn’t no ‘drop your panties and get horny’ but it was sweet. Like come on the dance scene in the brothel was soooo cute. So yeah, after they went back to palace and the Emperor strapped on his hella crazy boots I was like damn.. I don’t give a fuck. LMFAO.

I want to go on record and have it in writing that the people claiming this to be the worst drama in existence are being dramatic and over exaggerating. I am over everyone acting like Dylan Wang is some acting God because of Love Between Fairy and Devil and that he was out acting Yukee. THEY WERE EVENLY MATCHED IN MEDIOCRITY. Yeah, I said it. Who gonna fight me? Also, you put on this drama expecting more than to see pretty people in costumes? Too bad. So sad.

Overall, mid drama. I had an okay time. Not bad enough for me to give it anything lower than a 7 because I did enjoy it up to a point. I mean, I liked approximately 63% of it ! Plus, I like Dylan and Yukee and I am biased so kiss my ass! xx

Story: 7/10
Acting: 7/10
Music: 7/10
Rewatch Value: 7/10
Overall: 7/10

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