Hit It or Skip It – March 2023 Week 4

Another week. Another time for you all to realize you will never know what song will tickle my fancy. muauauauauauauhhhhhaaa. That’s my evil laugh.

NMIXX ‘Love Me Like This’

I freaking love this trend that’s going on with girl groups! Like yess serve me y2k realness.

Kim Jae Hwan ‘Spring Breeze’

This song feels like a legit spring breeze.

BOBBY ft. SOLE ‘Drowning’

Yes, I like when Bobert uses his Black cosplayer card.. Who gonna fight me?

Nicole ‘Mysterious’

Kinda has a nostalgic vibe to it.

KINGDOM ‘Dystopia’

I love this group’s concept so much. Hello are you hearing the instrumentals? Sooo good! I thought it was gonna noise but it was a fake out and I love that for me!


Ignore the second verse rap. Trust me..

JIMIN ‘Fix You’

Imagine releasing Set Me Free Pt 2 when this exists? Come on The Weeknd! It’s giving After Hours tease.

Bobby ‘Cherry Blossoms’

It’s fine but will it be added to the playlist? No. Give a stream for the toddler .

YEEUN ‘Strange Way To Love’

Group rappers always wanna release nonsense like this when they leave their company. ZZzzz.

MAMAMOO+ ‘Chico malo’

This was harder than you think to place. What I didn’t like outweighed what I liked in the end. I do think this might grow on me though.

HORI7ON ‘Dash’

Ew. Shoot me please.


I wanted this to be a serve so badly and you gave me garbage instead. In Nugudom you shall stay.

Favorite SOTW:

Least Favorite SOTW:

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