Hit It or Skip It – March 2023 Week 3


I feel like my life has been overwhelmingly busy. But I had some time on my flight to the west coast to go over the songs for this week. Because if you ain’t know, Rover been it.

Youngjae “Errr Day”

Name is a weird flex but the song is sweet.


Kai has entered his Bad Bunny era and I love it Papi!

NMIXX “Young, Dumb, Stupid”

I hated it until the end of the song and realized I was vibing.

JUNNY “Optimist (Feat. Blase)”

I love them both and this is such a great groovy song.

So!YoON! “Smoke Sprite (Feat. RM)”

This would have been good with or without RM. So!YoON is such a vibe.

CODE KUNST “Jumper (Feat. Gaeko, MINO)”

Groovy hip-hop seems to always win.


Nothing about this really stands out.

Y (Golden Child) “바람이라면 (If I were the wind)”

Why must pre-enlistment songs all be sucky ballads??

Jimin “Set Me Free Pt.2”

I was left with so many questions. Like why so much autotune? Where is part 1? And what Jimin know about some Henny?

Favorite SOTW:

Least Favorite SOTW:

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