Whatcha Watchin’ – March 20th – Hood Feminism

We here

Sugar Baby Unnie

Work has been beating my ass. I haven’t really been able to watch anything or read much either. This is a travesty!


New Life Begins: I feel like this drama was sooo good until .. Yeah… I still like it though! I am almost done. I will finish it this month.

Way Back Into Love: Nat is watching this for the first time and I am rewatching it because we finished My Little Happiness and we hated it. The fact that we still happily love this one??!!??

She Was Pretty: My first rewatch of this and OHMYGOD KIM HYE JIN. IS A LEWSERRRR!!!!

Might Give A View or Two

The Secret Romantic Guest House: Say no to nice girl Shin Yeun! We only want to her to serve cunt!

The Heavenly Idol: He better look good and this better be cute.

The Starry Love: I heard this was good and as usual I will be the judge of that.

Lazy Unnie

I can’t believe this is me in the month of March. SOMEONE COME HELP ME


  • She Was Pretty – I really didn’t remember how ridiculous this woman was. Like GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER


  • Boys Planet – So this is gonna be the 5th generation of kpop? Hmmmm
  • Peak Time – THE DRAMA!

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