Whatcha Watchin’ – May 15th – American Street

I guess it’s spring! Time for us to put the work in!

Sugar Baby Unnie

It’s rough out here in these drama streets. A girl be too busy to finish things. Next month might be the same. Hopefully we will slow down in June.


The Starry Love: I’ve started to slow down and I don’t know why.

Romance of a Twin Flower: More than halfway there! I actually like the cousin and general side couple a bit.


Might Give A View or Two (no update)

The Secret Romantic Guest House: Say no to nice girl Shin Yeun! We only want to her to serve cunt!

The Heavenly Idol: UPDATE! Tbh I pressed play then saw it was over an hour and got annoyed.

The Journey of Chong Zi: I kinda have this weird thing for Chaoyue.. She can’t act for shit and I never finish any of her dramas, but… 🎶 the heart wants what it wantssss. 🎶

Lazy Unnie

I think I might be out of my funk. MAYBE. We shall see.


  • Bed Friend – LOOK AT ME WATCHING SOMETHING! I can’t with the long-ass looks but their chemistry is kinda kicking. Also, King is BAE!
  • The Real Has Come! – I need to get back to this. Maybe soon!

Up Next

  • The Good Bad Mother – Maybe… let’s see what happens.

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