Hit It or Skip It – February 2021 Week 2

This week went by faster than I anticipated! I guess it was all those Corona Fresca’s I had been drinking. Anywho… there were some songs this week but it seemed a bit dry. Hopefully next week is full and bursting. These songs are from February 8th to the 14th. Hope everyone had a loving Valentine’s Day as well!

Kim Woo Seok “Sugar”

I really wish he would do more concepts like this if he insists on staying solo. I thought this was fun and vibey. No more sexy concepts for this babie.

RAVI “범”

I wanted to hate this but for some reason the traditional Korean mixes well with the hip-hop beat. And Chillin Homie’s verse was the highlight.

D1CE “You’re My Destiny”

People should really be listening to this group more. This is a decent mid-tempo song in a era with boy groups doing the same old shit. Stan D1CE

TXT “Way Home”

Like I said, this week was dry so TXT came out with a video for a song they did back in October, BUT IT IS SO GOOD! So you better go stream and listen.

J.UNA “Foolish”

This is a new find for me and I’m feeling it. The vibe is super jazzy and R&B so it falls into my love category quickly. I need to check out more of his music.


Like I said last week, Gaho does no wrong in y eyes and this was SOOO cute. I like the cute duet vibe and the MV is adorable with my baby Chani

Yoyomi x JYP “Corny Love Song”

This is a no from me Dawg. Like I get that JYP wants to be relevant, but basically redoing concepts with other artists is all he wants to do now. This time it’s doing his own Walk The Line. Just no.

Mark Tuan “One In A Million”

I love Mark Tuan and I really want to support him so I did stream. However, this song is not it. The MV is SO cute but I can’t get over the augmentation of his voice. My baby deserves better.

BTOB Peniel “Valentine”

I don’t hate nor love this one either. It’s legit forgettable. And I’m tired of Peniel’s mumble rapping.

Chan ft. BIGONE “Anymore”

I don’t know who this is but I swore it was Coogie for a second. It isn’t terrible but it is generic singing rap that everyone is doing. There are better versions of this from other rappers out.

SUMI JO x RAIN “수호신”

I know this is like a big product placement song, but did it have to be so corny??

Favorite SOTW:

Least Favorite SOTW:

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