Sugar Baby’s 2020 KPOP Mid-Year Draft Picks

Alas here we are, another six months into the shit show that has been and will continue to be 2020. If you’re wondering, “Hey, doesn’t Sugar Baby hate KPOP?” The answer is yes I do and I will continue to hate it. Mind your business. Okay though, let’s be honest.. Will half these songs end up in the year end list? Probably. It’s not my fault kpop sucks!

Top Ten Title Tracks

10. 3YE – Queen

The production on this song is literally so good. It really is like a boy group song but delivered with so much charisma that you’re like whoa wtf. I still think the trap beat in the second verse is a little ill timed, but honestly the rest of the song more than makes up for it.

9. BVNDIT – Cool

I still don’t know why this wasn’t their comeback to be honest. This song is literally so good and shouldn’t have been wasted as a single like this with no promotion. Even the freaking music video was ~Cool~. ehehe

8. ONEUS – A Song Written Easily

Listen, I don’t even know how they got here either. I don’t even know who they are! I was just minding my business and this song just came and was like “well hello” and now here we are. It is quite something. Very fun and well produced that doesn’t make the latin trend in Kpop seem insipid.

7. ATEEZ – Answer

At this point I should just become a Atiny because this group just stay creeping their way into my lists and I am disgusted. Ugh… You win this round I guess… I would also like to formally apologize for calling Yunho clapped even if his nose is big as hell.

6. Day6 – Zombie

Three boy groups in a row???? oh hell no WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING? HAVE WOMEN FAILED ME THIS YEAR? Nah, but fun and joke aside this song is elite. It mellows me out so much and I feel like I relate a little too well to it.

5. Baekhyun – Candy

Is this just like a korean version of Yummy? Yes.. but it has vocals and dance and Baekhyun.. Justin Bieber wishes he could relate. Whenever I hear this song I can’t help but want to move. It is just the perfect vibe for a pregame.

“Accept my invitation your hand is almost there. Feel the temperature, let it melt a little.”

4. Dalsoobin – Dive

As you would’ve recalled last year, Subin got the #1 spot in both the mid year draft picks and the end of year list. Every time I hear this song, I get immediately emotional. There are singers and then they are SINGERS, you know? The way I can feel the strength behind every single word in this song overwhelms me sometimes. She is such a good lyricist as well.

“I was frustrated at the thought of myself falling apart. Is there an end to my struggle? Even though the time has been passing slowly… it’s a miracle just to be alive..”

3. EVERGLOW – Dundun

Yes this is basically Mia and the gorls and no I am not mad about it. This is two times now that Everglow has made this list. If I was in the habit of stanning kpop groups, these girls would be IT. I love the fierceness of the song and the performance so much. It truly is a gem and that’s just facts.

“I’ll dominate in a flash and leave you breathless. Talking cool but my gestures are hot like uh”

2. Dreamcatcher – Scream

If there is one thing that has been proven to be constant with me, it is my love for Dreamcatcher. They literally have never released a bad song… Their power is unmatched. I know that everyone considers this to be noise, but I truly love every aspect of this song.

“After everyone left I’m opening my eyes. All traces have disappeared… Can’t believe me.”

1. Sunmi – Pporappippam

It’s funny but I have played this song nonstop since its release. Sunmi definitely put crack in because why is it so good? I genuinely have not liked a sunmi song this much since Siren like wow. It is a well deserved first place.

“I haven’t drank a single drop of alcohol but I’m tipsy. I think I’m a bit dizzy, if not now, then when?”

Top Ten B-Sides

10. WJSN – Pantomime

Occasionally WJSN surprises me by releasing a b-side that is absolutely fantastic and here it is. This is actually the only thing I downloaded from the album because I didn’t even like the title track.

9. Heize – 1/1140 (feat. Ji Chanel)

Like I said when I listened to the title track, Heize’s bsides and OSTs are way better. For some reason this one stuck out the most to me and maybe it’s the little psuedo-rap that she does, but I enjoy it a lot.

8. Woodz – Lift Up

My friend said this was noise, but I disagree. If he doesn’t stop playing and release this as a single too.. like sirrrr… This is so good. Literally the only song I keep playing from the album.

7. Ong Seongwu – Guess Who

I actually believe that Seongwu delivered a pretty decent debut album. He stays consistently getting the bag and I appreciate that. Listen the way I would risk it all for his little 5’10” ass. No questions asked. This song is vibrant and fun and he sounds so good. It legit makes me get up and dance every single time. Kang Daniel could literally never.

6. Ha:felt – Life Sucks

I wanted to post the video but aesthetically wise I couldn’t. This is Yeeun’s open letter about her situation with her dad and it really broke my heart. I didn’t even notice that the entire song was in English until my third listen. I just love everything about it.

5. ITZY – Ting Ting Ting

An ITZY song on my top picks? What in the world is this phenomenon? Yes, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. This Itzy is pretty good. Even though it is edm like their usual stuff it has a deep house kind of vibe to it and it is legit a vibe. This is the most un-Itzy song and I would love if their comeback is something like this.

“Ting ting ting as you feel, ting ting ting at will. Even I don’t know where it would go, enjoy it ting ting.”

4. Gfriend – Labyrinth

I swear I am not drunk. I legitimately love this song. They really ate this up. The last Gfriend song I liked was probably Fingertip as everything else sounded like a Me Gusta Tu rehash, but in an era where all we get is beat drop and noise from girl groups this has stood out well.

“Walking along the light like being possessed. In the labyrinth without an exit.”

3. Pentagon – Zoom Up

Yeah.. I have definitely been giving men too much rights this year, but maybe women need to step their shit up. I don’t really fuck with Pentagon like that but this legit a crack song. The instrumental gets me every single time without fail because this is the shit I eat up all the time. More oriental strings in songs please.

“Super D.N.A looks something different, I think I swallowed an apple. Dancing dangerously, come closer and zoom up.”

2. Baekhyun – Ghost

HIS. VOICE. IS. VELVET. There is a reason why Baekhyun decided to do R&B over boring ballads and that is because he knew that it would drive me insane. I actually had a hard time choosing between this and Underwater as they are equally my favorites from the mini. This won in the end.

“It will get better After this I won’t pretend to be strong The pain will stop soon can’t take no more…”

1. Dreamcatcher – Black or White

DREAMCATCHER MAKES NO BAD SONGS. Entire album is an absolute bop, but I ended up becoming addicted to this one in the end because of the instrumental. I really really love this group and this song.

“As you hide numerous thoughts behind your back above your mask A dilemma grows deeper and deeper…”

Guaranteed Spot in my ‘End of Year List’ aka Favorite release to date

Apink – Dumhdurum

Apink has somehow managed to consistently be on top of my lists with every release since I’m So Sick.. It is actually disgusting at this point. I am definitely obsessed with this and it’s like one of the few songs that I can listen to over and over even if I am hating kpop. I really appreciate how this group has matured in looks and musical style as the years have gone by. Congrats!

Hey, I feel something’s wrong
You said you’d let me go because you love me
Sadly, I guessed right
Even though I want to deny it

I’ve been masquerading
You don’t know how scared I am
Don’t worry, baby, I’m so fine
Everything’s all right, I’m doing just fine

My heart is like dumhdurum
You letting my love fall apart left me
Which is good for me
Bye, bye, baby
I don’t feel sad, I don’t shed tears
My love is over

Look, yeah
My heart is like dumhdurum
Don’t say I’m lying to you
My heart is like dumhdurum

Yeah, nananana, it’s like nananana
I only hear sad songs
You know this feeling
Nananana yeah nananana
I ask myself, ‘Can I love again?’

I’ve been masquerading
Do I look better? But my heart is dying
Don’t worry, baby, I’m so fine
Everything’s all right, I’m doing just fine

My heart is like dumhdurum
You letting my love fall apart left me
Which is good for me
Bye, bye, baby
I don’t feel sad, I don’t shed tears
My love is over

Look, yeah
My heart is like dumhdurum
Don’t say I’m lying to you
No, no, no, no

I miss you every night, yeah, yeah
I would get to sleep listening to your voice
Even if time could heal everything
Even if it could happen to me someday

My heart is like dumhdurum

Look, yeah
My heart is like dumhdurum
Don’t say I’m lying to you
My heart is like dumhdurum

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