The Unnie’s Review Couch Corner: Extracurricular

“Extracurricular” is centered around three high school students who start committing crimes to earn money and the unpredictable dangers they face as a result. Kim Dong Hee will portray Ji Soo, who goes from a model student to a criminal after committing an unthinkable act. Jung Da Bin as school bully Min Hee, who gets caught up in Ji Soo’s crime. Park Joo Hyun will portray Ji Soo’s dangerous partner in crime Gyu Ri, while Nam Yoon Soo will appear as Min Hee’s boyfriend and the school’s most popular guy Ki Tae.

  • Starring : Kim Dong Hee | Park Joo Hyun | Jung Da Bin | Nam Yoon Soo | Choi Min Soo
  • Episodes : 10 (60 min.)
  • Aired : April 29, 2020
  • Network : Netflix

Both Unnies did a buddy watch of this drama and we decided that while it was easier to do joint music reviews, drama reviews are a little bit harder. Fortunately since we both detested this show, it was very fun to have this rant review. Please enjoy!

Extracurricular Review

Acting : 7/10
Story : 2 /10
Music : 2 /10
Overall : 3.5 /10

Recommended For : No one. This was trash.

Fave Song : There was music?

Story: 3/10
Acting: 8/10
Music: 5/10
Rewatch Value: 1/10
Overall: 4/10

Fave Song:  N/A

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