Whatcha Watchin’ – July 13th – Friends Who Rant Together, Stay Together

Seems like we haven’t done this feature in almost 2 months! It isn’t like we haven’t been watching things, we’ve just been lazy and forgot. But we’ve been busy!

Sugar Baby Unnie

I made a promise to not start any new dramas until I cut down my currently watching list (excluding dramas that aren’t fully subbed) and well here we are I guess…

Korean Dramas

Abyss: Lazy Unnie and I are 0 for 2 right now because I am telling y’all that this show is just.. wow and not in the good way. MOTHERFUCKER GOT REVIVED CAUSE HE HAD A WIG ON THE FUCK.

Backstreet Rookie: Okay so it was difficult to decide whether to continue this or not because as a Jamaican, I am entirely offended by all the scenes with that character. I can tell you that now that we are midway into this thing, I am very curious about how this love line is gonna play out because Daehyun is still very much in love with Yeon Joo at this point in the story. Anyways, I only watch Kim Yoo Jung’s scenes because Saet Byul is so endearing.

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay: I. AM. OBSESSED. WITH. THIS. SHOW. LIKE?? COME ON GIRL GIVE US EVERYTHING. No words can describe how this drama has given me all the life. I am not disappointed by any aspect thus far.

Chinese Dramas

Mr. Fox and Miss Rose: I decided to give this a shot because it sounded really interesting. I actually genuinely like the whole premise and it is pretty easy to watch thus far. I didn’t realize the female lead was from Fuyao until like episode 4.

Fake Princess: Heheehe this now as full subs so your girl has to crank it all out. I am now at the point where they are aware that she is the fake princess so things are getting very spicy. Heheh. Also I know Yiqin was being hella dramatic about this “flopping” but honestly, there was no promo for this and MGTV was hella stingy with the subs. He is such a damn Gemini.

Love Is Fate: Well.. well… well… it is just about time that we finish this because productive procrastination has completed the subs. I won’t lie and say it isn’t a struggle, but I have to support my mans so yep. (Probably won’t finish by the next post LOL)

Lazy Unnie

I’m no longer a loser and I am watching more dramas. This month I decided to only watch things off my currently watching and hold list. It’s incredibly long for no damn reason and this seems like the best time to get it done with.


Abyss – We decided to do another buddy watch since the first one ended SO well. Lets just say we find ourselves on the same page with confusion and frustration.

Oh My Baby – I’m almost done with this! With some focus, I should be done by the end of the week.

The Bride of Habaek – This was started and forgotten by both me and my friend. I’m tempted to keep going without her since she went back to work in this COVID world. Let’s see.


I-LAND – I’m buddy watching this with a friend. I am a sucker for a survival show. It helps that it has hot as fuck Rain as a mentor. I find myself being distracted by his face and everything. But the kids are a bit talented too.

What’s On Deck?

Hwarang – I should have been finished this drama. It’s a freaking Park Seo Joon drama and we all know I’m slightly obsessed. Either way, it’s gonna get watched by the end of the month.

Wok of Love – Sugar Baby probably thinks I’m crazy for watching since we both agreed it was kinda whack. But I’m keeping with theme and tackling on hold shows.

Strangers from Hell – This was one of the options for our buddy watch. I’m sure its going to happen since we both want to watch. Maybe I can finally finish something creepy.

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