Sugar Baby’s Review Corner: Angel Beside Me

Angel Beside Me

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Fantasy
Origin: Thailand
Episodes: 12
Air-date: 18 January – 4 April 2020
Starring: Kritsanapoom Pibulsonggram as Mikael Lansaladon Aekisna Ares/Somchai, Ramida Jiranorraphat as Lin, Pongkool Suebsung as Thong, Jirakit Thawornwong as Luke, Juthapich Inn-Chan as Punpun.

Lin is a poor girl who is on the verge of suicide when suddenly been interrupted by a loud crash through the ceiling of her room. An angel known as Michael Lansaladon fell from heaven after observing Lin’s attempt suicide. As a blessed angel in heaven, he understood human’s feelings. Feelings such as taste, excitement, fatigue, anger, pain, and love.


I started the year watching a show about an Angel and human falling in love and now that we’re halfway into 2020, I have returned with a review of another drama about an Angel and human falling in love. Does this mean that I will need to end the year with another drama with this theme? Mmmm….

I’ve always been able to stumble upon random Thai dramas and this was no difference. From a story standpoint this went as much as you expected it to in some parts and a little differently in others. I found that things were moving quite quickly throughout the episodes and it wasn’t a pace that I was used to at first because I know the trajectory of what happens when stories do this. This much was evident with how slow and unnecessary the span of episodes 6-10 felt. I think the themes that this drama tried to tackle was done a bit more entertaining than others and the whole idea of points reminded me of The Good Place. One of my main issues is that I wasn’t sure exactly which religion they were following the etiquette of—it felt like a bunch of jumbled up ones and a more concise and direct link would’ve been better.

The acting was pretty okay even if I did find character actions to be annoying. I actually decided to watch this for Jane and it was lovely to see the difference between her character here and what I had seen her in Gifted. I was not familiar with the male lead, but he was fine albeit a little unbelievable at times. I actually believed that Luke was perfectly casted. I believed him as every bit the devil that he was.

For the romance, I didn’t fall deeply for it. Once again chemistry is very subjective and tbh I didn’t feel it like I was supposed to. It was still nice enough though. In the beginning, it was interesting to see that Lin just accepted anything Somchai said as is even though she was a bit skeptical but not skeptical enough if you ask me. I mean I personally would not let some random man who fell from the sky live with me no matter how hot he is but that’s just me!! I mean either way I am still a bit of a sucker for cohabitation… Oopsie

Overall this wasn’t a particularly memorable drama, but it was still decent enough. I would’ve ended this after episode 11 because I just found 12 to be overall unnecessary and this is why there shouldn’t necessarily be “happy” endings for every drama. Sometimes a just/bittersweet ending is needed.

Acting: 7/10
Music: 7/10
Rewatch Value: 6.5/10
Overall: 7/10

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