Lazy Unnie’s Playlist ON SHUFFLE – May 8th

Back, back, back again with another shuffle of the good old playlist! Just for some reference, the songs I pick come from my big ass K-Life playlist. Which basically consists of songs from K-Pop to Trot and everything in between. It’s massive and here is the cover of that playlist, just for shits and giggles.

Thank you snapchat
  • Blurry by Kookheon & Song Yuvin – This was post PDX and MYTEEN disbandment and pre B.O.Y. This is a bittersweet song for me because it was a nice to see these two together but it was sad that MYTEEN had to suffer and that this was a ballad. Not a bad song. Just not what I was hoping for.
  • Close Your Eyes by Crush (feat. Hoody) – The amount of love I have for these two artists holds no bounds. And having them on the same jazzy R&B track just makes it better. Their vibes and vocal tones really compliment each other. Kind of how Dean and Heize are.
  • Boat Ride by pH-1 (Prod. Mokyo) – Not my favorite song from one of my favorite rappers, but it’s super chill. It basically fits into this more mature vibe that pH-1 has evolved into after Show Me The Money. I don’t hate it, just don’t love it.
  • Super Special Girl by MamMam (Produce X 101) – This song deserved much more love than it actually got! It is funky and was amped up by the personalities of the trainees that performed it. I’m really glad that most of them in this group either have debuted or almost there.
  • Fallin’ by MONSTA X– TALK ABOUT HYPE SONG OF THE CENTURY! I will probably say this about other songs in the future but seriously, I can’t just listen to this song one time. It comes hard in the verses and then groovy in the pre-chorus and finally full on dance party in the chorus. On top of that, one of my favorite song lyrics is in it “I show you real, it ain’t fiction. Baby focus on me like a meditation” BARS. Watch them perform it live below.
  • Alive by SHINee – This was a B-Side I wasn’t expecting from SHINee but I don’t know why I’m surprised because they are always reinventing themselves and their sound. VIew was the title track so to hear this heavy bass hip-hop & R&B track was nice. I should listen to it more often.
  • Be Your Star by WE IN THE ZONE – Rookie group that I really like. This was your typical boy group ballad. Not bad just not that memorable. They have better tracks.
  • Baby by EXO-K – Not one of their bigger known B-Sides but really good because the vocal arrangement is classic EXO. There is just something about Baekhyun and D.O leading a song with their vocals. And we even get singer Park Chanyeol, living his best ballad self.
  • The First Snow by Park Bom & Sandara Park – It was really nice to see these two reunite. It was like the perfect Christmas Gift for Blackjacks. As far as a Christmas song, it holds up and makes me feel all warm inside. I need more Park Bom in my life.
  • 119 by NCT DREAM – This was my second favorite track on this EP after Boom. It has that NCT flavor of hip-hop that I just like. A more mature Dream I can appreciate.

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