Whatcha Watchin’ – May 10th – BORED IN THE HOUSE, IN THE HOUSE BORED

Y’ALL. IT IS ABOUT TO BE TWO WHOLE ASS MONTHS IN THE HOUSE. We don’t even feel like watching dramas, we just want to hang around and talk shit and listen to music or rewatch shit we’ve already watched a million times over.

Sugar Baby Unnie

I think that lowkey I have passed the point of where I am itching to go outside… Maybe? Idk… Time isn’t real and I barely know what day of the week it is even while working. How is it possible that I have all this time but I am watching even less?


Find Me In Your Memory: I am like three episodes behind, but I plan on finishing up soon… Need to just stop binging reality tv shows.

Beautiful Reborn Flower: I was going to do a separate first impressions post on this, but like sighs. So I am on episode 5 out of the 50 and let me tell yall… Shit is fucking STOOOPID. Like… LOL. Idk if I am going to survive this.. Nnnn.. At least the chemistry between our alleged real life exes is pretty good. They are very complimentary.

Dramas To Check Out Before Next Post

So basically every drama I had listed last post except The King.. Ooopsie. And then knowing me I will start a bunch of random ass dramas instead and then have to redo this again next time.

Lazy Unnie

I think without the purpose of going into the office everyday, my ADHD has decided to take over and the effort to watch anything is just not there. The desire is but just not the effort…


Meow, The Secret Boy – I am really trying to make it to the end. I’m about halfway and should just power through. It’s not a bad show… I’m just finding it hard to keep it up.

The King – Eternal Monarch – I’m halfway through the 3rd episode. I like it, I think it reminds me of other shows in the same genre but I find it hard to get past this instant love story that’s happening. Give me some proper build up please.


Weekly Idol – I don’t know what it is with this show, I just get into moods where I want to binge episodes. I watched the recent GOT7 one and now I want to go back and watch a bunch I missed. I am kinda liking Eunhyuk from Super Junior as a host. They’re not as funny as Doni and Coni but not problematic like them.

What’s On Deck?

The Bride of Habaek – This is back on the deck because a friend of mine said she wanted to rewatch and I said I’ll watch with. Only way I can watch something.

When My Love Blooms – I legit know nothing about this other than Park Jinyoung being in it. One of the groups I belong to (Big up Konnect’d) is hosting a watch-a-long and I’m going to go into it with a clear plate.

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2 thoughts on “Whatcha Watchin’ – May 10th – BORED IN THE HOUSE, IN THE HOUSE BORED

  1. I feel the same, my attention span is looow and I’m out of top notch dramas to watch. We are watching The Bride of Habaek off and on though and it’s really funny. I have also been watching Nobody Knows which I think is one of the best dramas this year, except its about a serial killer and I’m not in a serial killing kind of mood that often.

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