The Longest Road to Kingdom

Road To Kingdom Annyeong! With Kingdom right around the corner we have decided to bless you with our 100% biased and definitely true ranking of the performances. Sugar Baby’s rankings are of course more valid since she is a misandrist! Heheheh. Once again… Road To Kingdom is seven “nugu” groups battling for a spot inContinue reading “The Longest Road to Kingdom”

Produce X 101 Concept Evaluation Performances/Songs Ranked!

I wanted to write this the Friday of the episode, but I hadn’t watched it yet and I wanted the full experience before ranking the songs/performance. And then time just got away from me. Lazy is not just a cute nickname here. Luckily, my opinions on them are still the same as when I firstContinue reading “Produce X 101 Concept Evaluation Performances/Songs Ranked!”