Produce X 101 Concept Evaluation Performances/Songs Ranked!

I wanted to write this the Friday of the episode, but I hadn’t watched it yet and I wanted the full experience before ranking the songs/performance. And then time just got away from me. Lazy is not just a cute nickname here. Luckily, my opinions on them are still the same as when I first listened.

  1. MOVE (SIXC) – They did the damn thing! I knew from the first time I heard the preview, that this would be a banger. Zico did well. This still reminds me of a Block B song, but maybe that’s because it falls right into Zico’s wheelhouse. It also doesn’t hurt that Cho Seungyoun looks like a mini U-Kwon. It has bass drops and a catchy hook, perfectly on trend. This group was made up of mostly trainees who have already debuted, and it shows. It didn’t feel anything less than an idol group performance for a music show. But at the end of the day, this will go down in Produce history as one of the best songs, alongside Never from season 2.

  2. U GOT IT (GOT U) – If Move is to Never then U GOT IT is to Open Up. Everything about U Got It is reminiscent of the winning concept song from season 2. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a bop. Seungwoo’s vocals and high notes stand out above all. Yohan is captivating with his raps. I don’t know why he doesn’t want to pursue the rap position. People love an idol rapper. I don’t know why they call this a Future EDM Dance song though. Comes across more of an Electronic R&B Pop track and I think that’s why I like it more.
  3. Monday to Sunday (Daily Vitamin) – I actually don’t know why I like this song. Maybe it’s the dance house elements that come through. The chorus gets stuck in my head a lot and I find myself singing From Monday to Sunday… a lot. It’s chorus is fast-paced and very different from the verses but I actually didn’t hate it. But when Lee Hyeop starts hitting those magical runs and high notes, I get chills. The performance wasn’t one of my faves though. It was kinda meh.
  4. Super Special Girl (MamMam) – This is actually Lee Dong Wook’s favorite song of the 5. You can really see why. It’s just a fun song. It’s funky, playful and the performance of the trainees really play that part up. It doesn’t get stuck in my head as much but it’s just a feel good track. Si Hun and Donghyun KILL the killing part, and I think that’s what gets me to like the song even more.
  5. Pretty Girl (Crayon) – I don’t dislike this song. It’s just… the concept isn’t something I gravitate towards. It’s SO bubbly and perfect for the trainees in it because they were cuteness overload. And the killing part is nice and Min Hee is an AMAZING main vocal! I am really rooting for him after this evaluation.

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