Monthly Round Up – JULY IN KPOP

Do I feel like I am in physical pain doing this month’s round up? Yes. yes I do. Why is KPOP so terrible this year? As you know I typically do these as initial thoughts as soon as I’ve heard the song but the way I have forgotten every song minus like two that were released this month is a testament to the pure garbage that we have gotten. I miss hearing a song and immediately playing it repetitively until my ears bleed. Unfortunately, the releases this year have succeeded in making my ears bleed but not in a good way. At this point my purpose for doing monthly round-ups is just so I can post Seungyeon’s monthly choreography videos at the end. Anyways enough complaining, let’s get to it, I suppose.

All By Myself

Roomshaker – Ailee

The minute I heard the teaser I knew Korea was NOT having this shit. Getting real tired of noise being masqueraded as music. I blame Teddy so much for this shit. Anyways, its not the worse thing I have ever heard and like I would have accepted this as Blackpink’s comeback instead of shit this love. The album in and off itself, is pretty decent. Forgettable but decent.

Rainy Day – Younha

I think you gottta be in the right mood to enjoy her music. What mood is that you may ask? Sadly tweeting and crying into a tub of ice cream for no reason other than your mars being in retrograde or whatever bullshit astrology nonsense you can think off because in all honesty she has quite the soothing voice.

We Don’t Talk Together – Heize (feat Giriboy)

I guess the You, Clouds, Rain money ran out and so Heize was trying for a little extra cash. I have never in my life seen a blatant ploy to get money before. Girlie had a whole physical album for this one song!! Jennie solobook teas!!!!!! The song is fine. It’s a chill vibe.

I Am Not Alone – Sori x Folded Dragons

Sunmi? My mind is having a hard time computing that this looks like Sunmi and sounds like Sunmi but isn’t Sunmi.

Badster – Hyo

Oh Hyo.. I mean this wholeheartedly, I never want to go to the club that you DJ at… Not my taste or style at all.

Three’s A Crowd

Fever – Gfriend

I thought for a second that they were gonna deliver a summer bop but then I remembered that this is Gfriend and I should never try to give them the benefit of doubt to do anything ever again. Of all the groups I am apathetic towards, they are by far #1. Anyways, stick to just creating various versions of Rough and Me Gusta Tu, thanks.

I’m So Pretty – Nature

Didn’t expect Nature of all groups to be the one to almost give me the summer vibes that I was looking for. All in all this song isn’t anything special and I actually do like Nature as a whole and have found their music fun. Maybe Sistar really should come back and save summer again.

Time Of Our Life – Day6

I briefly considered going to Day6’s concert in Boston but then I realized I would be paying to sing along to one song cause that’s exactly how many songs from them I know. In other news this is actually not bad? Why do I not stan them again?

Sunset – KNK

Is it bad that whenever someone releases something like this I think of a Shinee bootleg? Doesn’t help that one member reminds me of Taemin either… This is not bad at all actually and was going well until I had to listen to the rap.

Humph! – Pentagon

Literally didn’t know that Pentagon released until this very moment… That’s sad innit? From my very first and only listen today, I see they’re trying to go for a chill summery vibe and there’s no tropical beat so I can dig it. I actually may like it………….. whoa that took me off guard.


It has come to my attention that I actually have no idea what GWSN stands for…. Good on them for keeping to their style though. Deep House is enjoyable regardless of how mediocre it is. Pinky Star outsold though.

Give Me More – VAV (feat Tom, Dick & Harry)

You can only do so much with this… So anyways… It’s summer!! Grab a corona and relax.


Probably one of two NCT subunits that I don’t mind SM wasting EXO’s hard earned money on in all honesty… Anyways where is WayV’s comeback??


Sighs. Not any better or worse than Dalla Dalla in all honesty… But like at least Dalla Dalla was catchy upon the first listen.. This one? Not so much…. People saying this is their ‘Signal’ because it is produced by JYP as if SIGNAL ISN’T A CERTIFIED BOP. FUCK YALL. I think I have resonated with the fact that we will just be getting noise from this group as Stray Kidz siblings and that is okay.

New Kidz On The Block

UN Village – Baekhyun

EXO has sure come a long way.. As the military enlistments are coming, so are the solo projects because the chance to see EXO as a whole group of nine is certainly a distant memory and dream.. Sighs. Anyways.. Move over Dean, Baekhyun is coming to be the new R&B king. I knew my mans man wouldn’t disappoint me like Jongdae did. A whole album of certified bops that are just my speed of music. In all honesty though, I won’t get a Kyungsoo album until god knows when so I am thankful for Baekhyun. Just put this album on and go for a nice night drive, thank me later.

What A Life – EXO-SC

Such a lazy subunit name. Ohmygod and the overall promotion of this subunit was so shit like could SM give any less fucks about it? Anyways.. My man looks GREAT. This song is fun and a vibe and so is much of the album. I can’t complain, except I totally can and will. Unfortunately, if I am honest, I have forgotten what this song sounds like as soon as I am finished listening to it.. However, I still would let Chanyeol raw dog me. 😉

Movie Star – CIX

Man I hate the name of KPOP groups so much like lmfaoooo fuck yall. Anyways .. Rookie monsters!! I literally don’t know anything about this group but they apparently have an ex-wannaone member and ex-treasure box trainee? Anyways oomf bullied me to listen and I caved, I can for sure 100% hear Marz’s team in the production. I can even picture each EXO member getting each part. If I was in the habit of actively caring about KPOP groups again then I would likely become a CIX stan, but I’m old and tired so……

What Are You Up To – Kang Daniel

Can I be honest with yall? I do not get the Kang Daniel appeal at all… He is kinda mediocre at everything he does.. Average face, average talents.. I dunno.. Kinda wish he went for a polarizing debut cause I imagine for sure that would have cased more buzz in the midst of his company problems. This song is generic and forgettable and quite the bore.


So actually The Rose was another KPOP band that I wanted to go see cause they’re also touring in the US and I actually know their songs and it likely explains why I don’t stan Day6 as I can only afford to indulge in one KPOP “band” at a time. Anywho… Digging the instrumental and vocals on this.. Not bad at all.

Favorite July Release: Baekhyun - UN Village

Enjoy Seungyeon 😉 Stan CLC.



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