Sugar Baby’s 2019 KPOP Mid-Year Draft Picks

I was contemplating even doing this list because if I am honest, this year has been proper dryyyyyy so far. I was thinking to myself, “Nicki, can you really consider any song that has been released SOTY contenders?” The answer is no. I mean they could be other people’s SOTY contenders but certainly not mine. So I decided that I would try categorize my madness and here we have, my mid year picks that may or may not make my year end list.

Top Ten Title Tracks

10. Miroh – Stray Kidz

Are you as shocked as I am that a boy group made the list?? Are you even more shocked that it is resident JYPE flops Stray Kidz?? I can’t deny the appeal and attraction I feel to this song. I just gotta vibe like an absolute crazy person whenever it comes on. I didn’t even look up the translation of the lyrics cause I don’t care because issa motherfucking vibe!!

9. Bon Bon Cholat – Everglow

I enjoyed this song the most of all the debut girl group releases as it has aged the best overtime for me. Like, I was a big fan of Dalla Dalla when it first released but like their sunbaes’ works, it does not often stand the test of time. With Bon Bon Chocolat it still feels fun and vibesy. My only hope is that Yuehua does right by these girls and give them the comeback they deserve. KCON would have been so good for them, it is a shame that they couldn’t get their visa situation sorted.

8. Under Cover – A.C.E

I know I spoke about how I was once an A.C.E bystander stan. They made the list as they were the only boy group that had a title track that truly resonated with me long after listen besides Stray Kidz. So yeah, they had to be placed in the top ten list more than others. I can just rock out so much to this and honestly it is refreshing since most have been going the BTS-lite way lately. ALSO HELLO BE PROUD OF ME, TWO BOY GROUPS MADE THE LIST.

7. Goblin – Sulli

Imagine releasing something literally a day before June ends hence the cut off for my mid year draft and landing at #7?? When you’re THAT bitch, you simply are THAT bitch. Choi Jinri delivered in the way that her good friend Ji Eun, has done on many occasions. The whole vibe screams creepy ass lullaby and then accompany it with the MV and it was just a deadlock. The melody fits her voice perfectly too.

6. Who Do You Love – Monsta X (feat French Montana)

“Umm this song is in English?! Is that allowed?!!” YES. THE FUCK. I have been listening to this a lot more lately which is a testament to the fact that it is actually such a vibe. Legit the most I have liked a Monsta X release since ‘Beautiful’. Oh I guess I have three boy groups on here after all. Hhehehe.

5. Piri – Dreamcatcher

Is there really a need for an explanation? Winner of the month of February delivered with the quality title track and mini album. I really want Dreamcatcher to come back to America to the East Coast specifically. I just feel like they are a group that is made to perform live ya know?

“The moment I close my eyes, it’s black, I’m left all alone. I open my eyes again, I wake up from my dreams, but my reality isn’t different.”

4. The Fifth Season (SSFWL) – Oh My Girl

Like I have said previously in my round up,  this song is just so dreamy and is one of the few girl group songs that really stood out. Their voices all sound so lovely on this track. The concept behind it is quite lovely as well. Spring, Summer. Fall, Winter. Love.

You know what, if it’s love, you’ll know it at a glance. You can recognize it without being confused.”

3. Four Seasons – Taeyeon

Taeyeon has this power in her voice that is simply just wonderful. This song? This song.  It was the perfect spring song that Korea loves and I do tooo. This single album was quite literally perfection. Kenzie is such a lyricist and Taeyeon has a voice full of emotion that commands you to listen and love every moment of it.

“The four seasons come and go. I gave you my winter, I gave you my summer. You were my whole world, but I’m letting you go. Did I really love you?”

2. Love Me – Punch

I think I have mentioned previously how I feel about Miss Jinyeong so I don’t need to reiterate it. Hehehe. Like how legendary to have released this a mere 11 days ago and beat out almost every song that I have listed to up to this point? Heheh. Granted it may just because it was just released but I mean it still goes hard so … what now?

“I feel like I’m flying at your fingertips. You’re filling me up by my lonely side. The way I look at you, you want me too. And you make the world beautiful.”

1. % % (Eung Eung) – Apink

Imagine how genuinely surprised I am that this is at the top of the list? Second only to one other song. But in all honesty no girl group releases this year has really held a flame against this one. Still gets me vibing every time it comes on and that’s how you know!!

“I’m like an ice cream on the outside I’m colorful and pretty but a little cold yeah. If you’re ordinary, you can’t see who I am someone real recognizes what’s real.”

Top Ten B-Sides

10. I Need U – CLC

In all honesty this entire mini was a serve!! As usual I didn’t realize that this was in English until like the twelfth listen. Hehhe. This reminds me of a Calvin Harris type song and I’m not mad about it at all. It is fun and vibrant. Yeeun’s rap is so good too…. Maybe Teddy can take notes next time he decides to create capital murder with writing English raps for Blackpink.

9. From Seoul – Block B BASTARZ

I am not surprised that I found myself enjoying this one a lot because I do like this vibe on boy groups a lot. Definitely enjoy the MV as well. I had wished this was the leading single from their mini and I stand by this. I love listening to this and driving down the highway.

8. Sunny Side Up – Red Velvet

I think RV is always good with the bsides and after the mess that was Zimzalabim, they needed to make it up to me. Something you should also know about me, I love everything with a reggae beat because I am from the Caribbean so yeah hehehe. Plus their voices blended together quite melodically.

7. No Different – Epik High (feat Yuna)

Another all English song? Listen leave me alone and mind your business. This is a certified bop. Maybe I am in a mood where I need to chill but on god this song gets me in the feels and I don’t know why. I have listened to it so much. I don’t listen to anything else by Epik High if I’m keeping it honest. So like this is probably all due to Yuna.

6. Utopia – Ateez

This is such a fun song and literally the only song by them that I can even remember. I don’t particularly care much about Ateez but I do enjoy trolling my friends so for them to be on my list means that I really do genuinely click with this song.

5. Mola – Winnner

I have moments with Winner tbh. I am probably closest to being a Mino akgae with Yoon tendencies. I liked this track way more than the title because I can’t even remember what the title sounds like if we’re keeping it buck. In the same vein of A.C.E, it is the type of song that you can just rock out to all the way through. There isn’t a bad or misplaced moment in the song. Check out the dance performance!

“They say ignorance is the best medicine, then I guess you’re the Green Cross’ daughter. It just doesn’t make sense that you wouldn’t know cause even your younger sibling comforts me.”

4. Diamond – Dreamcatcher

I briefly mentioned this when I spoke about Piri in my Febraury roundup and so is it really surprising to see it on the list? Absolutely not. I sincerely like this so much because of the various music style and elements that it incorporates while also managing to hold to its core what Dreamcatcher’s concept is. It reminds me so much of Trap and is right up there with my favorite song, Sleep-Walking. I WANT A SPECIAL CLIP FFS.

“The falling star wraps around me; protect me, oh forever. Even if it’s broken or burnt, you can’t hold it. You can’t touch it at all. I’m an unbreakable diamond.”

3. Vogue – Oh My Girl

Oh boy. Oh boy. All I’ve ever wanted is to hear more of Yooa’s dreamy voice in a song and like this style is so perfect for it. This song is FLAMES. Madonna wishes she could steal this perfection. Literally get this on a catwalk please. I am begging!

“Instead of following the trend, I’m just gonna be me. I just need that, baby baby. Instead of following you, I’m just gonna be me. I just need that, baby baby.”

2. Dispatch – Heize (feat Simon Dominic)

Jenkai’s theme song. We love and stan number 1 jensetter, Jang Da Hye.. Please feature her on the album already. Okay but in all honesty this song speaks so well to artistes dating lives and the music video did a perfect job at displaying it as well. It’s no wonder I ended up loving this so much even before she released the short film. I have so much to say about the Korean idol business and when it comes to dating, but I will just keep it hush until I make my own post. Anyways yeah this song is a banger.

“It’s real that we have dated, but after we broke up, it became fake eventually. We were busy hiding without any good memories.”

1. Blue – Taeyeon

I told yall that Miss Taeyeon has been speaking to the deepest parts of my soul with the single album that she released. I literally cannot get this song of out my head. I will be sitting at work and then randomly I am like, “neon naye blueeeee”. The lyrics are so beautiful and the delivery almost makes me feel a deep sense of solace. I  literally need Taeyeon to never stop singing, ever.

 “Warmth that can’t be forgotten, should I cry at the warm memories? I’m still afraid, pretending to be okay. I can’t do this, I’m still afraid.”

Guaranteed Spot in my ‘End of Year List’ aka Favorite release to date

Katchup – Dalsoobin

This song has stood the test of time. It was released in March and still I could listen to it every day on repeat. Subin did what she had to do. Literally became a huge fan of her after listening to this and it’s already crept into my “Most Played” playlist already. I am so excited to hear more of her work. She’s also a pretty decent actress too I’ve notice, as she was in a daily drama that I had started out of boredom.

I was slowly drawn
My heart was completely caught
Little by little I was enthralled
I’m still numb
Stuck on your throat, ahem
What you couldn’t swallow?
Think about it carefully

The reason I also did not know
The reason not even you knew
We eventually broke up
Tell me something

In the end, I was not enough for you
I am a child
I will tell you something

Then what were you supposed to be good for?
Go away baby
It’s ok, leave, leave first

I will catch up with you
I will catch up with you
I will catch up with you
I will catch up with you

A beautiful farewell
In order to avoid the pain
My hearts feels sorry
Let’s end it now

I can’t believe it
What is it that you could not hear properly?
Think about it carefully

The reason I also did not know
The reason not even you knew
We eventually broke up
Tell me something

In the end, I was not enough for you
I am a child
I will tell you something

Then what were you supposed to be good for?
Go away baby
It’s ok, leave, leave first

I will catch up with you
I will catch up with you
I will catch up with you
I will catch up with you

Looking back, I was quite well
I did not realize I was getting better
Thank you, you were nothing

It’s such a pity
Now you are pitiful
I hold back my tears
I don’t have anymore left

I don’t have I don’t have I don’t have I don’t have

I will catch up with you
I will catch up with you
I will catch up with you
I will catch up with you



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