Whatcha Watchin’ – Week 2

Actively Obsessing Over

Go Go Squid

Who would have thought I would be in love with C-Dramas? I know I didn’t! I’ve watched 3 dramas so far but it wasn’t until I decided to give this one a try that I knew what I was missing. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s the chemistry of the cast or the plot, but Go Go Squid has captured my mind and heart in a vice. It’s about this cold E-Sports team leader and the young computer genius/online singer who falls in love with him at first sight. I usually don’t like those instant love storylines, but this has a nice slow burn too! Not to mention the secondary characters are hilarious and cute!


Passively Obsessing


This one had been on my to-watch list for a while. I had started it because, after TSLOMS, I was in a Kim Young Kwang drought and needed more of that man. And once I got past the bad hair choices, I started to really like it. But it started to get really heavy. I saw where the sadness was going and I was becoming frustrated. I also realized that I don’t like Park Shin Hye as much as I thought I did. Something about her face and the fact that she looks always close to tears annoys the hell out of me. But once I get out of this C-Drama zombie mode, I’m going to go back.


Love O2O

This is another C-Drama that has caught me in its web. But that web is a web of frustration and promises. This seems to be loved by everyone, and I admit that I drank the kool-aid and got all swoony over it. But I’m halfway through and I want to punch the screen every time. The pace is a little too slow for me and makes me want to flounce on it. Another reason that makes me want to drop this is the leads. They are cardboard cutouts with a personality to match. Yang Yang is GORGEOUS but his Xiao Nai is so dry, it feels like I’m being force-fed burnt wheat toast. However, I can’t drop it cause I really want to see if it gets better. Damn my brain with this one.


Looking Forward To

Produce X 101 Finale – July 19th

Last time I said I was obsessing over PDX101 and I still am! But the end is near and I can not wait to see who will be in the final line up. This past week’s episode gutted me with the eliminations. Some of my favorite puppy’s won’t be in the finale but now the nerves are even higher to see if any of my diehard favorites get to “debut”.

Moment at Eighteen – July 22nd

Speaking of Produce 101, Ong Seungwoo from season 2 is finally having his drama debut! I’m not sure if this will be my cup of tea, but the cast already is something that makes me excited. A coming-of-age drama about 18-year-olds doesn’t sound so great but it might be nice to branch out. Even with all his personality, who knows if Seungwoo can actually act. Only time will tell.

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