Lazy Unnie’s Playlist ON SHUFFLE – JULY 3rd

I didn’t even do this in over a month. I basically fail at keeping up with things. But maybe I can do better going forward. Enough of the excuses, on with the shuffle button!

  • We Are by Woo (feat. Loco & Gray) – This is one of my favorite collabs. When Gray puts his stamp on something it is 9 times outta 10 gonna be fire, and this is one of those times. This feels different for the Woo I was used to but I liked this more upbeat song from the more serious rapper.
  • Mystery Lover by Taemin – I absolutely love Taemin’s solo stuff. This song is no exception. It feels haunting with the addition of the creepy music box on the track but I love that shit.
  • So Special by Na Haeun (feat. Microdot) – I wish Na Haeun would do more music. She is an incredible dancer and her whole career is ahead of her. This song is just so cute and happy.
  • Missing You by 2NE1 – I love this song. It’s one of my favorite girl group ballads. You can kind of feel the end near in their voices but even at the time, people didn’t know the future. I miss 2NE1.
  • Final Kiss by IZ IZ is one of my favorite K-Rock bands. they’re so underrated and this is one of their best songs. It has such a 2000’s alternative rock vibe that I find myself jumping around dancing whenever it comes on.
  • MIRO by Hoody – This is a little different from what Hoody usually gives but I love the light house beat with Hoody’s breathy vocals.
  • Tweaks ~ Heavy cloud by no rain by GWSN – Another house based song. I loved this song and the whole album basically. I wrote about it here.
  • Sayonara Hitori by Taemin – Taemin again but this time a Japanese release. This is his more beautiful song to date. To watch him dance to it is almost religious. When the beat changes at the chorus and you get those heavy EDM sounds, it makes the song more impactful.
  • My Romeo by Jessi – This one is from one of my favorite dramas I watched this year. I heard it so much while watching Cinderella and Four Knights that I actually started to like Jessi more as a singer rather than a rapper.
  • AH YEAH by WINNER – Such a fun summery track! I can’t remember when it came out but it just makes me miss this kind of sound from them.

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