Lazy Unnie’s Playlist ON SHUFFLE – May 1st

During these quarantined times I realized I have a lot of music that I’m just not listening to on a daily. That includes a lot of K-POP and K-POP adjacent songs that just don’t come up anymore. What a better way to listen to them than to press shuffle on my huge playlist which is currently over 4 thousand songs. Every week I’ll press shuffle and highlight 10 songs that come up no matter if they’re new, old, obscure or top in the charts.

  • Stay by CRAVITY – A new entry to the playlist. I actually am surprised I liked this song because their debut song wasn’t really my favorite but it does show promise. Some people are calling them MONSTA X lite but I think they have time to carve their own identity out.
  • NO ONE (feat. B.I) by LEE HI – When this dropped I was ALL about it! I love Lee Hi’s voice and the addition of B.I just reminds me of how wronged he was. Anyway, this is a bop and will continue to be so.
  • I Need a Girl (feat. G-Dragon) by TAEYANG – “The Korean Usher” or as I’ve dubbed him. This is such a throwback and makes me wish I actually stanned when this came out. I live for the R&B heavy tracks masked as K-Pop.
  • All In by MONSTA X – Speaking of Starship sunbaes, this song is one of the reasons I stan so hard. Shownu and Kihyun vocal mixture really know how to sell a song and rap line kill it as they only know how to do. I love how MX know how to make a chorus really the highlight of their songs and get them stuck on you.
  • Call Me Baby (Live) by EXO – It wouldn’t be my playlist if an EXO song didn’t come up at east once or fifty times. Call Me Baby is one or if not the top EXO in my life. And this live jazzy version just shows how a live band can elevate any song no matter how great it already is. It just reminds me of seeing Kai slam down the briefcase and get the shit started.
  • Cherry Bomb (Performance Version) by NCT 127 – I guess I can say NCT 127 made me into a K-pop stan and this song was part of that awakening. Every time I hear it I can’t help but get hype and dance, even if it is just chair dancing. And since this is the performance version, I have to mention that this choreo is ICONIC and anyone that says differently, we fighting.
  • Unlimited by SF9 – This EP feels so underrated and I really loved this b-side. When I first heard about SF9 from Sugar Baby, I thought they only did Latin inspired songs but was totally wrong. I put them and this song in my “Slept on but amazing” pile of idols.
  • Begin Again by Kim Jaehwan – Jaehwan is still one of my favorite vocalists that have come from the produce series. Her vocals are really unmatched by most. So when he went solo I thought there would only be ballads. I was semi right, but this one isn’t bad. I will admit, I skip it a lot. Gotta be in the mood for it.
  • Nillili Mambo by Block B – Not the song that got me into Block B and still not one of my favorites but if I’m in a pissy mood, I do put this one on. There is something about P.O’s gruffy voice that gets me wanting to let out some aggression.
  • Rollin’ by B1A4 – Now this was my introduction to this group. I liked how airy and bubbly this song was for a boy group. Reminded me some Jesse McCartney sorta stuff and I was here for it. I kinda miss them as a group, hope they’re well.

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