Lazy Unnie’s Playlist ON SHUFFLE – May 15th

I love this new feature cause it really allows me to showcase my diverse music taste within the umbrella of “K-Pop”. It also showcases how multifandom I can really be.

  • Hellevator by Stray Kids – This was the first song I heard from Stray Kids and at first I didn’t care for them but after I saw them perform it at KCON NY 2018, I was officially a STAY. 3RACHA just knows how to lay the bars down on a song.
  • Circle by TVXQ – Something about this song is just so pleasant. I don’t know if it’s the combination of Yunho and Changmin’s voices or the ballad anthem vibe the music has. I just feel like there should be a choir behind them singing along.
  • Good Day by IU – I admit, I’m not on the IU train fully. I don’t really like all her songs and I don’t get the obsession. She’s good but meh most of the time. This song is light, fluffy, discoesque and apparently iconic. It’s an obligatory playlist addition.
  • End of a Day by Jonghyun – I miss him. I miss everything about him and I’m so upset I wasn’t into K-Pop earlier so I had the chance to bask in his greatness. This song is one of my favorite ballads and doesn’t fail to make me tear up. Jonghyun’s falsetto is… *chef’s kiss*
  • Stay Up All Night by NU’EST– This is no BET BET but still a nice song. Not that memorable but when it comes up on the shuffle I don’t skip it. I really am enjoying this newish sound from NU’EST. Post-Produce and Wanna One, they’ve come back stronger and I love it.
  • One Way by Block B – This album was my introduction to Block B, with Shall We Dance. One way is in that same wheelhouse of Caribbean undertones. It doesn’t feel try hard and I forgot how fun it is to just jam out to this. I can’t stop swaying as I write this, that’s how addicting this melody is.
  • Rise Up by U-KWON (feat. Koonta) – From the group to the solo track. I found out U-KWON did a solo release way after the fact and as a fan of his, I wasn’t expecting this Korean Reggae inspired track. I still don’t know how I feel about Korean Reggae but I guess it’s a thing. Which the autotune was dialed down a bit.
  • Twenty Four by EXO– EXO are great at putting songs on their winter albums that have nothing to do with Christmas or winter. This is very hip-hop and trap inspired. Basically who’s booty poppin around the Christmas tree to this? This thot right here.
  • Ooh La La La by EXO – Two EXO songs back to back? Not unheard of for my playlist. Anyway, DMUMT was a god among gods of an album and Ooh La La La was a track of no exception. Grown and sexy vibes and the bridge is almost as perfect as the one in Tempo. I demand SM give us the dance practice they posted and then ripped down. GIMME NOW.
  • Sincerity by Babylon (feat. Sophiya) – I’m probably super late to the party on Babylon but this song is such a bop. It’s kinda like a neo soul joint that I’m feeling. I found him and this song on a random K-R&B playlist and ever since then I’ve downloaded a bunch more of his stuff.

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