Welcome to the first annual (let’s see if I do this shit again) LUKA’s! Or the Lazy Unnie’s K-Music Awards. With a little inspiration from Sugar Unnie, I’m doing my own awards to wrap the year up, but instead with music! This year was big for me personally when it came to discovering new music. […]

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Niche or Slump? Let’s Discuss..

Before I start, you’re probably wondering, “Where are the Love Alert recaps?” Well…. uMM.. You see…. You see what had happened was….. Okay. So I will be honest with you, I haven’t had the time to sit and watch Love Alert to do full recaps. I will likely get caught up during my break from […]

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Hit me baby one more time…

As a rule of thumb, at least for me, rewatching is a chore. I’m not a fan because my initial reactions are my truest. Granted, I am a rule breaker and that extends to my own rules. Even though I’m not a fan of rewatching shows in particular, I do find myself hunkering down to […]

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