Yo, Dramafever, WTF?

Did I plan on my first post being about Dramafever? No, absolutely not but a bitch is heated. If you are like me, you logged on to your favorite streaming site for the best asian content (sorry not sorry Viki) to find that it has been shut down. Now, I have been a loyal Dramafever user since 2011 and I am in utter and complete shock at how blindsided myself and seemingly many others were by this. I was literally in the middle of watching a Chinese drama when my screen went blank, I hit refresh then I saw this message:


I am not going to pretend that I am some business savvy person and I understand anything about acquisitions and all of that. I am only here to complain and vent my frustrations. No email out? Yet I got an email every damn weekend in English and Spanish about which dramas were coming and what were finished that I could binge? This goes beyond me just being upset that I can no longer stream ‘100 Days My Prince’  but rather the radio silence that us as subscribers are getting? How is the refund process going to happen? WHEN will we get our refunds? We deserve answers! Warner Bros sucking ass as usual. Pfft that’s why Justice League flopped.

Okay well I guess I learned my lesson…..Never gonna watch anything legally every again!


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