Monthly Roundup – January in Kpop

Not to steal Lazy Unnie’s thunder but I’m pretty lazy myself. Hehe. Therefore I decided to just lump all the kpop releases I’ve heard this month into a post which will then make it easier for me to do my year end list. Hehehe. Don’t expect a thorough analysis of the songs, this is just my opinion on the songs. Also it’s not about to be every single song that was released just the ones that I cared enough to listen to.

Bad Habits – Shaun

This song came from his single album An-nyeong.. The song is okay ? I mean as someone who really liked Way Back Home last year I was a little meh on this song and even the other songs as well (I won’t be mentioning them). I do like seeing Yoo Bi though so it’s not a complete disappointment.

%% (Eung Eung) – Apink

Hehehehe.. Sooooo….. I realized that I am stubborn. When So Sick came out last year I didn’t end up liking the song until they had finished promotions and I saw a live stage.. So naturally I didn’t like %% until I saw a live stage and now I literally cannot get it out of my end. The chorus is just so addictive and fun that I’m literally at my desk going Eung Eung every other minute. Hehe.

No – CLC

Everyone who knows me personally knows that I have always referred to CLC as my flop favorites. I love them to bits and I am always sad that they haven’t made it. Pepe was one of my favorite debut songs by a girl group. Crystyle, Free’sm and Black Dress are a few of my favorite mini albums. Was I salty that Gidle blew up and not them? Absolutely so. Was I even more salty that La Vie En Rose was supposed to be their song but was given to Iz*one instead? You BET! But see… unlike rabid Chesires, I know and understand how the kpop world works. At the end of the day if the public isn’t checking for ya they just not checking for ya. So even if CLC had released Latata (I barely like this song) or La Vie En Rose, it would have just been another song that CLC had that didn’t go anywhere. I mean they gave us To The Sky and Black Dress and still flopped… Anyways my telling you all of this was just to show that I am not a bandwagonist and therefore my words should be taken very seriously. In all honesty.. No was not that girl for me the first few times I heard it and I think it was my bias about the fact that Soyeon wrote and produced the song which meant that if they did hit success then Neverlands would say it was all due to them..It’s petty! I know! (Would you believe me if I told you that I genuinely do like Gidle and bias Yuqi? LOL) But in all honesty, I very rarely like a song on the first listen so I allowed myself to give it more listens and realized it’s not horrible.. However, when compared to the rest of the album it feels like Hobgoblin did on the Crystyle mini. I think No was a good choice as the title track, but my heart belongs to the b-sides as it typically does.

Tic Toc – NeonPunch

Oooh. So NeonPunch was a group that kinda fell through the cracks for me last year as many tend to do especially with how many nugus debut each year. I only ended up hearing this song cause I was on youtube and it started playing after and GAHHHHH. This was so fun to listen to! Gave me such good vibes and visually reminded me of tripping out on acid. Hehhe. Excited to hear more of them.

Valkyrie – Onesus

A recently debuted boy group under Mamamoo’s label and I enjoyed this enough that I would probably check them out again? LOL.

Loca – Favorite

I have seen Favorite on my timeline endlessly since they debuted but I have ignored them every time. I was on YouTube watching Apink stages when this song ended up playing next. At first I thought to myself, “Damn Kard has gotten bigger!” but then I realized that it was that group that oomf has been tweeting about constantly. Loca does nothing differently but is still somehow so immensely enjoyable. Maybe it’s their voices or the way the MV looked but it prompted me to go and examine more of their stuff and I ended up doing just that.. The mini is my taste and even their older stuff isn’t bad. Maybe I can add another nugu gg to my list.. It can be my humbling experience since Blackpink is doing so well.

Home – Seventeen

Ah Seventeen! Lol I really really liked Don’t Wanna Cry, Clap and Thanks, but unfortunately there is like 900 of them and I am too lazy to care. That being said, ahhhh Home really surprised me. I am a boring bitch, I enjoy this type of music so much more than the influx of noise that most boy groups make.. Bonus question: which is the more sexist company? YG OR PLEDIS?

All Night – Astro

It’s a cute song! Very easy to listen to and the video is really pretty BUT I MEAN that still doesn’t mean I’m not waiting on their disbandment. Eunwoo baby, lets drop this singing bullshit and get some acting classes so I can see more of you.

Q&A – Cherry Bullet

AOA’s little sisters! I have to admit, I was looking forward to their debut since we first saw the first member teaser last year.. Did this live up to my expectations? Not entirely.. I did like that it wasn’t a typical release for a girl group debut song and I like the choreo… However, could use more Chaerin and Linlin, but that’s just me.

La La Love – Cosmic Girls

Another group with 9 million members. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for them Starship said “Fuck China lives!!” and China-line has not been active with them. Meiqi and Xuanyi are on temporary hiatus as members of Rocket Girls 101 which is the Chinese version of IOI and I really don’t know what Cheng Xiao is up to but my guess is getting schmoney in China? Anyways I think Starship can eat shit and China-line should continue to live their best lives. So.. now to the song! HEHEHE.. I like La La Love! I don’t la la love it but it’s better than Happy so it gets multiple plays. My favorite Cosmic Girls song remains Secret even though it is 95% Yeonjung.

Say My Name – Ateez

Twitter basically bullied me into listening to this one. I liked it enough. Reminded me of Pentagon if I was listening to only the voices hehhe. I could see why people like them and maybe if I feel like it I’ll listen to them some more.

Gotta Go – Chungha

I. Love. This. Song. I was not into Love U like at all. It just felt like a track that went nowhere and did nothing for me. I legit forgot she even released it until someone on Twitter was like “don’t forget Love U!” So needless to say I was ready for Rollercoaster to be dethroned.  There is just something about this song that makes me feel so sexy?? Now… if you had asked me two weeks ago if Gotta Go dethroned Rollercoaster I would have said yes undoubtedly so.. However, lately it kinda feels like Rollercoaster is still THAT girl. We’ll see by the end of the year.

Even So – Luna

It’s no Free Somebody, but like its way better than Night Reminscin’ so lets take this W.

Heart – Punch

MY BALLAD QUEEN. Everything that comes out of her mouth is gold to me. I just love her voice so much. So sweet. This mini is just everything I wanted from her. Please sing at my wedding, Jinyeong!

XI (feat Lee Hi) – CODE KUNST



Sugar Baby's Favorite January Release:  %% (Eung Eung) - Apink


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