To All The Oppas And Unnies We Loved in 2018


Since it is a new year we decided to treat you all to the ‘oppas’ and ‘unnies’ that we absolutely loved in 2018. It was a lot harder than it sounds to only pick an ‘unnie’ and ‘oppa’ each but we did it! So please enjoy.


Zhang Binbin aka Vin Zhang

Dear Bae Bin,

Let me paint you a picture.. A sweet, innocent little girl who was pretentious and refused to watch Chinese dramas because ‘mandarin is too harsh to listen to’. She scrolled by all Chinese dramas on Dramafever (RIP) and ignored the pictures of this really attractive Chinese man on twitter. A few months later that same girl fell into her typical kdrama slum where nothing seemed to satiate her hunger, she decided to hit play on popular Chinese drama ‘Ten Miles A Peach Blossom’. It was there she found a new love of Chinese dramas and the love for a man, Vin Zhang.

You are absolutely breathtaking! A++ to your surgeon for crafting such an excellent nose! You solidified yourself as my bae when I caught you in ‘Pretty Li Huizhen’, (I kept watching for you, boo!) Soon I found myself greedily searching the depths of Chinese dramas to see your face. I have to admit, I was disappointed by the lack of main lead status and happy endings. You strike me as someone who is a doll and extremely hardworking. I believe that with your acting prowess and face there is great success in your future. Please continue to be the great man that you are and serve me more looks and delicious kisses.

PS- If you must insist on following Dilraba around then can we get a nice modern day romantic comedy with a happy ending? I AM BEGGING. 


Yoo Yeonjoo aka Yoo Shi-ah aka YooA

Dear Dollface,

MY DAUGHTER! MY SUGAR! MY ANGEL. I have appreciated Oh My Girl for years now and I always felt partial to Binnie and Jiho. This was mainly because I didn’t invest much time into your group on a whole. However, things rapidly changed when I saw “Remember Me”.. You stood out to me like no one else and I found your heel on my neck.

Being true to myself the minute I took note of you, I just wanted more and I found myself searching through your fancams and watching anything that you have been featured in before. The way you dance is a masterpiece! A doll-like beauty with exquisite dance skill. The dance with U-Kwon on Hit The Stage was insane. I think you are underrated as an idol and definitely one of the most well rounded of the batch. Your voice is equally as divine. I am sorry that I missed you when you came to Atlanta, but I look forward to seeing you the next time you touch American soil. I will continue to support you through everything because you more than deserve it. Let’s have an amazing year together!

Lazy Unnie’s ‘OPPA’

Park Seo Joon aka Park it right here

Dear Seo Joon,

You came into my life like a upper cut to my heart in Fight My Way. Then you made me want to punch you repeatedly in the face in She Was Pretty. At that point, I also gave up on you. You were hot but pretentious but somehow, I couldn’t get enough of you. The love was cemented when you chased after your own Noona in Witch’s Romance. After that, how could I have not been enthralled with you? Your smile, willingness to be goofy and lets not even get to the countless shirtless scenes and way you can kiss a co-star. By the time I got to your “particular” CEO in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?,  the love could not be denied. Things weren’t the best I have to admit. I haven’t finished Hwarang or Midnight Runners, but given the time, I’ll get there. Because let’s be honest Seo Joon, I just don’t know how to quit you! Let’s keep this one sided love going, shall we?


Lazy Unnie’s ‘UNNIE’

Seulgi aka My Wife

Dear Sweetheart,

I’m not sure where you came from, but one day I was minding my business and the next, I was worshiping at your dancing feet. Maybe it was the way you stole the stage for me with your special stage with Taeyong at the 2017 Mama’s. Or the way that with every Red Velvet video I watched, you seemed to catch my eye. I love cuteness, dancing and pretty people. You check every box off that list. Keep shining my little bear!



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