Monthly Roundup – February in Kpop

February was kinda boring… Let’s hope March is better.

Piri – Dreamcatcher

I love Dreamcatcher fell in love with them during ‘Goodnight’ era when I saw Yoohyeon and SuA being extra as fuck on After School Club. Ever since then I look forward to every release and I have enjoyed everything that they had to offer. ‘Piri’ is probably my second favorite title track of all time from them!! I say probably because I am really biased towards ‘Goodnight’ but honestly, I am enjoying this song immensely. It was a nice welcomed change, structure wise, to what I have become accustomed to seeing from them. HOWEVER, let me just gush about ‘Diamond’ for a moment!! ‘Diamond’ is sooo freaking good! Holy shit. I just love the way it flows without sounding disjointed. It is remnant of ‘Trap’ to me. Keep up the quality girls.

Butterfly – Loona

Love Loona. Love their music videos. Love their songs. I loved this song up until the beat drop in the chorus. Just sounds like excessive noise to me. The choreography though!! May force me to like this song after all.

Lips on Lips – Tiffany

Does this count as Kpop? Prolly not but she was a SNSD member so who gonna check me? Anyways, I was beginning to lose faith, Tiffany. Your releases since the split from SM has been less than stellar thus far. However, I enjoy both the song and the EP, especially Runaway‘. The EP reminds me of 2000s RnB and not in an irritating Ella Mai way. Maybe I would’ve liked to see you in New York after all.

Twit – Hwasa

I guess it is true what they say; you can listen to something long enough to eventually like or hate it. I like Hwasa’s voice, I am not sure if I like her voice on the song but I also like the instrumental so you see my predicament… But seriously Hwasa, we need to figure out something with this makeup.. It does NOT look good.

Enough – SF9

For the first time ever in SF9’s career, I am underwhelmed. Nothing on the mini helps me to save face either. I’m sorry boys.

WiFi – Saturday

Saturday makes such fun music! I don’t care what anyone says!!! Coming for Momoland’s neck!

Dalla Dalla – ITZY

Hehehhe. There were so many divided opinions on this song when it first came out and I’d like to go on record and say that I liked it from the first listen! It was a hot mess but it was an enjoyable hot mess and stood out from the pack. I really loved the chorus! I have the receipts!! So now that they’re breaking all the records y’all wanna pretend you was riding! God don’t like ugly… Heheh. As my friend said, Itzy took Weki Meki’s concept of teen crush and did it way better than them. YEJI NATION MAKE SOME NOISE.

Remember – 9Muses

RIP MY HOMIES. MY GIRLS. MY HOME SKILLETS. I WILL MISS YOU. I am severely annoyed by the fact that there’s now two 9Muses song titled ‘Remember’ and when you search for it this shit one will come up first and not the obviously superior track.

Blow Your Mind – (G)-IDLE

I guess this gets a separate post cause it has it’s own MV but as I’m writing this I’ve already forgotten how it sounds. I could hit play to refresh my memory but that takes effort.. I’ll pay more attention to it when the mini gets released. I do know that I loved Minnie and Yuqi’s voices at the beginning of the song. PLEASE GIVE MORE LINES FOR YUQI FUCKERS.

Señorita – (G)-IDLE

#CubeEntHatesChina omg who started this? Prove them wrong @ CUBE! Let Yuqi and Shuhua sing!

Alligator – Monsta X

MX is another boy group that I was super into back in the day and I constantly forget about them lmfao… There are so many better songs on the album that they could’ve chosen. ‘Beautiful’ remains the supreme! Anyways.. I’d still let them hit it though. Kihyun, call me!

Gravity – Trei

I only decided to listen to this to say, “fuck them boys” and give us the banana culture new girl group because I wanna see them debut already lol. This feels like an IKON song but with half the members although it could be argued that it is about the same number of IKON members since most people only know Double B and Junhoe.

On N On – Miso

I first heard about Miso back in 2017 during her Pink Lady era and I was like home girl is heavy on the Hyuna cosplay! Then I watched KKPP and I began to wonder if Hyuna and Miso were actually the same person. I ended up hitting subscribe on the channel and it wasn’t because I was particularly into her but I just felt like I needed to see every single music video that she drops and that’s how we got to On N On. This could easily be a Chungha track. It is very on trend with the sound and the dance which is a roundabout way of me saying that this is pretty decent. The comments said that this is her real voice that she is singing in which is funny to me.

Leggo – WANNA.B

THREE YEARS LATER. I really thought they disbanded.. I feel obligated to give a proper review of this song.. but I won’t… Hehheeh. It’s booty popping music. If the chorus was more fleshed out it would have taken it to like 100. On the topic of choruses though, I am kinda over the repetitive words with a beat that is now mainstream pop and I know my favs are guilty of this too, but I kinda miss actual choruses ya feel?

What You Waiting For – Z Girls

Not sure if this is technically kpop either but was created by Wanna.B’s company sooo… omg that Pryianka girl is very pretty!! Way better than the other famous Priyanka.

No Limit – Z Boys

The male version of Z Girls! Ummmmmm guys… it kinda slaps……

Let’s Shut Up & Dance – Jason Derulo, LAY, NCT 127

I don’t like Jason Derulo. This song is okay for what it is I guess. I feel compelled to like it because a) Yixing, Mark & Taeyong and b) they gave a shout out to Jamaican girls. I’m a simple woman, pander to me and I will like your song. It’s probably why I could never work for a public office because I will 100% take bribes.

Favorite February Release: Piri - Dreamcatcher



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