31 Day K-Drama Challenge ~ Day 6


Lazy Unnie


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon & My ID is Gangnam Beauty… Both of these villains were terrible but for different reasons. Soo Ah in the later, was just terrible. She was manipulative from the beginning. There were times I felt sorry for her or could tell the writers wanted me to, but at the end, I could’t stand her. And Jang Hyuk was just creepy with a capital C! One of the truest villains I’ve seen in most dramas. Even with him being super attractive, I didn’t want him to not get caught.

Sugar Baby Unnie


Choi Yoo Jin from The K2 …. Is she technically the villain? I mean on the low low she is but she’s also a badass motherfucker so like there’s that. Every one I know who has watched this show calls her the star. SHE is the reason you keep watching. You root for her because she is such a layered character. She deserved so much better.


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