Sugar Baby’s Review Corner: ‘I Will Never Let You Go’

I Will Never Let You Go / Legend of Hua Buqi


Hua Buqi (Ariel Lin), is a business-savvy wanderer who is being hunted by killers when a handsome masked hero Chen Yu (Zhang Bin Bin) appears and saves her.

Enchanted by his charms, she falls in love and hopes to find him once again. When fate finally does unite them, they start a beautiful long-lasting romance.

But when her true identity is revealed, will she be able to survive being hunted for her powers? 

As I am writing this it is still very fresh in my mind.. I pose the question to you, readers.. Which do you prefer, a drama that is transparent and honest about what is to be expected or one that pulls the rug from under your feet by luring you in under false pretenses?

I am conflicted when it comes to I Will Never Let You, this isn’t my first Chinese drama and it certainly won’t be my last. I know how these things go especially when it comes to historical ones.. I have to admit that like many viewers, I feel a bit cheated once it got to the last stretch of episodes. So let’s dive in…

The Good: There were many positive things to enjoy with this drama. The chemistry between the Bin Bin and Ariel was extremely palpable. Matter of fact the overall chemistry of the cast was excellent.The acting was quite enjoyable for the most part (Kris Sun was not impressive). The story immediately grabbed your attention and kept it for awhile. The women were quite exceptional in this drama, a majority of them and their scenes ranking as the most memorable parts. It was really funny and didn’t seem to take itself very seriously…until it did.

The Bad: I know this drama is set in a patriarchal society as it was back in those days, but oh my gosh, do the men in this fucking story SUCK (Chen Yu, Yuan Chong and his teacher arguably being the only exceptions). So many irritating moments that warrant the biggest eye roll in history. The storyline while compelling truly took a drag when it got to the later episodes.We went twelve whole episodes without our leads sharing a scene. TWELVE. Not to mention how as we got to these later episodes plot points just were not connecting the way they should have been and when they did connect it felt rushed and unsatisfactory.

The Ugly: The ending. It is true what they say.. an ending can really make or break a piece of work and for many, I fear this ending may have broken it. I understood and I expected most of what happened in the last six episodes to be the case, however, it still left a bitter taste in my mouth.

Since I don’t want to riddle this review with spoilers, I will just say that even though the ending was less than satisfactory, I would still do a rewatch. I would rewatch to see the twins being absolute bad ass bitches. I would rewatch to see Xiao Xia and Yuan Chong bicker. I would rewatch to see Master Zhu being a lazy old fart. I would rewatch to see all the genuinely comedic moments in this drama. I would rewatch because Buqi and Chen Yu are so freaking cute that I am willing to overlook it all and reminisce on the good times.



phontoActing: 8.5/10 
Production Value: 7/10 
Music: 8/10 
Story: 7.5/10 

Overall Rating: 8/10

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2 thoughts on “Sugar Baby’s Review Corner: ‘I Will Never Let You Go’

  1. Someone make a fanedit of all the scenes between Ariel and Bin Bin please, those two had such great chemistry. Their scenes felt so natural and gosh, both their smiles are just so pretty.

    Hated the end and then hated it even more with that last scene. I mean, if you already do such an ending, commit to it and dont do a turner at the end.

  2. YES! YES! YES! Their chemistry was sooo unexpected. By far the best I have seen with Bin Bin thus far (I know Dilraba and Bin Bin shippers will disagree). The ending was just pure trash.. I could go on and on and on about how shit it was but I won’t.. I actually have so much more to say about this show but I’m also rewatching it right now so I guess it’s not all bad. heheh

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