Lazy Unnie’s Playlist ~ Top Ten Hoe Anthems


Everyone loves a good hoe anthem. And if you don’t know what I mean by hoe anthem, I mean that song that makes you want to shake your ass and take over some shit. To me, these are the songs that get me in the “mood”…

NCT U’s “The 7th Sense” – My favorite NCT U song. Hits on every level. 

Jay Park’s “Solo” – Some would argue that All I Wanna Do is the better hoe anthem. I beg to differ. 

EXO’s “Sweet Lies” – It was a travestry that this wasn’t a single and a MV was released. Damn you SM.

Taemin’s “Thirsty” – Can’t really have a hoe anthem list without this hoe. 

Hyolyn’s “Dally” – COME. THRU. KWEEN

DEAN’s “I’m Not Sorry” – Again, could have picked a number of songs of his, but this puts me on my bad bitch vibes.

CL’s “Lifted” – Everyone’s go to is Hello Bitches but this is equally as a hoe anthem.

GOT7’s “Teenager” – Cause these my hoes. 

Pristin V’s “Get It” – I wish they did more songs like this. 

Seo In Guk’s “BeBe” – I need a moment. The hoe is coming out and I need to simmer down.

Honorable mentions

Monsta X’s “Tropical Night” – Makes me wanna find a pole.

EXID’s “DDD” – Queens of Hoe Anthems.

J-Hope’s “Baseline” – I dance to this with the stankest face ever and love it.

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