Tour Review: A.C.E – UNDERCOVER: AREA US – New Jersey

Hi! So I haven’t done a concert review before but I felt compelled to do one after an AMAZING night last night. First I would like to thank my friend Angela for gifting me a ticket to this show for my birthday/Christmas. And not just a regular ticket, she gave me a VIP one! So she’s the real MVP here. THANKS WIFE.

Anyway, this was my first A.C.E concert, VIP for a K-Pop concert AND concert Hi-Touch. A lot of firsts and a lot of nerves. When I heard that people were lined up the day before, I was freaked. I didn’t think it would be that serious especially with it being winter, but in the end, due to some awesome friends, everything worked out and all went well with getting our wristbands. I will say that the biggest shock of the day was the fact that there seemed to be more VIPs than GA ticket holders. How that work? I’m looking at you MyMusicTaste!

Our wristband number was 157 and 158! And there were at least another 100 or so behind us, all just for VIP. It was a long and cold day but when it came time to line up and get into the venue, all was well and the nerves were back and the reality was settling in that I was about to see one of groups up and personal!

What I immediately noticed before the show even started was the vibe of the Choice (A.C.E fandom) in the building. Once the DJ started playing A.C.E’s discography, there were sing-a-long’s, fanchanting, and even some dancing in the crowd. All it did was elevate the anticipation for the show.

I could easily talk about each performance in LAVISH detail but I won’t bore anyone with me going on with how every moment was amazing. However, I will mention some highlights.

Opening: Undercover – Do It Like Me

Donghun, Wow, Jun, Byeongkwan and Chan exploded on stage to screaming Choice in the crowd. And immediately you knew where the strengths lie. The dancing was on point, the outfits were slick and I will tell you that Byeongkwan is the rudest motherfucker on the planet! All the tummy flashes, I’m pretty sure I had a hot flash in my seat. These boys were all about the fan service too. Whenever one member touched another, the room erupted in deafening screams. Along with deafening, the audience was singing the lyrics louder than the backing track.

After opening with an eye catching performance of Undercover, they went right into Do It Like Me. You would have thought it was a club with the way people were vibing to it. And again, A.C.E knew how to fill that small stage that you would have thought they had all the background dancers with them. Stage presence is something this group isn’t lacking.

Covers: Old Town Road – Someone You Loved – Easier – Christmas Medley

There was a good mix between their music and covers. At first I wasn’t here for the choice of doing Old Town Road, but BK and Wow did their thing with their little cowboy hats. Someone You Loved was BEAUTIFUL. With just Chan, Jun and Donghun, it was a simple stage with just their voices. I didn’t know the song before last night but now I am a fan of their version. It was the Christmas Medley that took the cake when it came to cuteness. Each member singing their verse of a classic Christmas song and at the end, all of them coming for Ms. Mariah and their rendition of All I Want For Christmas. It was when they started throwing candy into the crowd that things became a little less holiday cheer and more hunger games. But overall, I loved it.


Talking times: Cutest Ments ever

I have been to shows where the groups do A LOT of talking but I will say that A.C.E let their talent do the talking for them. They had a total of 4-5 ments with the help of an interpreter who… needed some help. But no one cared because the personality and charisma of each member shone on stage. I couldn’t stop laughing when they mentioned how Choice was SO loud with their yelling and singing. Or when they mentioned visiting the Hudson river and it reminded them of the Han River back home. For their sake, I hope theirs is cleaner.

Sexy Times

My first time I was introduced to A.C.E, it was a video of them dancing in the shortest shorts I’d ever seen on an idol. So I knew they had the sex appeal going for them. Seeing it in person was not a disappointment. Between their regular pieces of sexy body rolls, they performed Slow Dive, which Byeongkwan warned us would be some “Sexy times”. And they were not wrong. Floor gyrations, body rolls on top of body rolls, “make love to me” stares… these boys don’t know what they’re asking for. And I will say this, I am a Junhee girl and screamed every time he breathed but Wow is THICC.


The group had done all their hits, including their latest release, Savage, which was a killing point for me. After all was said and done, voice was gone from screaming, arms tired from waving from the balcony to get Junhee’s attention (which HE NOTICED), the show was sadly over. But what came next was the cause of my earlier anxiety: Hi-Touch. I hadn’t done one outside of one for Heize at 2018’s KCON so my reference point was limited. My friends told me how things were but I wasn’t ready.

I really wasn’t ready when the security told us that we would be the first to do the hi-touch AND that we had to stay where we were because the group was going to walk by us. So for about 10-15 mins, I was a wreck waiting for the group to walk by us. How silly right? But it was a blur. They walked by and we waved and said hi and they nodded to us. They were so adorable.

The hi-touch…. another blur. The staff told us to keep our right hands up and when we walked in the first one was Byeongkwan, holding out our signed photocards. He threw me off because I wasn’t expecting it and totally don’t remember Donghun who I’m sure was next to him. The next person I remember was Chan in the middle because how could I not. Then there was Wow, who I’m assuming I high fived. All I said was thank you because that’s what they were saying to us! All the practice I had done in my head went to shit! Until… Jun motherfucking hee. He was at the end and I came out of my stupor by then and muttered “You’re amazing” to him and he tilted his head and smiled big and held my hand. I about DIED. So at the end, my first hi-touch was blurrrrrrr and Junhee.

Thank you so much for coming to the east A.C.E and hopefully we meet again and I won’t be such a weird spazz. And thank you White Eagle Hall for being nice and accommodating from the beginning to the end!

Next up… who knows, I’m broke.

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