Back That Ass Up – 2019 Year In Music

I definitely didn’t want to do this because the music was trash ass buttcheeks this year and I hate KPOP more than I’ve ever hated anything else in the world. Of course we know that EXO is the exception, and I know you’re probably thinking “what about Blackpink?” and it’s like nope! They’re on a timeout too. I am not ready to forgive them for Shit This Love just yet. I actually listened to a lot more Mandopop this year than I did Kpop so it was very hard to pick only five. In the same breath, I decided to cut down the KPOP picks to just five because it was way easier to come up with five verses ten. So anyways! Let’s get to it.

PS- I kinda regretted not doing a monthly round-up from July onwards cause I had to then go look at what songs were released/groups debuted and if I liked any of them. Also, for the OSTs, even if the song was not released this year, if the drama was then it is valid-house rules.


A Bop Is A Bop! No Matter The Language – Top 5 Mandopop Releases

5th: Who’s Next? – ØZI

4th: Rainbow – VaVa

3rd: Hat Trick – Lexie Liu

2nd: Pretend – Yo Lee, Becky Yeung & George Wu

Top Release: Without You – OSN

Is What I’m Watching Good Or Am I Blinded By The Music? – Top 5 Chinese OST Releases

The Golden Eyes

5th: I Want to be The Only One In Your Eyes (我想成为你眼中的唯) – Gai Yujia

Love & Destiny

4th: Water From the Heaven (水从天上来) – Zhang Bichen & Zheng Yunlong

The Legends

3rd: A Far Journey (路之遥) – Ding Ding

I Will Never Let You Go

2nd: Juvenile In White (白衣少年) – Xu Shi Yin

Top Release: Never Let You Go – Sa Ji
Le Coupe De Foudre


Listening To Echos – Top 5 Japanese Versions of Korean Songs

5th: Monsta X – Shoot out

4th: Twice – What Is Love?

3rd: Momoland – I’m So Hot

2nd: Winner – Ah Yeah

Top Release: Dreamcatcher – Deja Vu
Unfortunately there’s no official video version, but this sounds so sexy! The illustration is so damn good. We want the anime opening song!

According to Knetz, Japan Is Irrelevant – Top 5 Original Jpop Releases from Korean Artists

5th: IZ*ONE – Suki to Iwasetai

4th: TWICE – Fake & True

3rd: Taeyeon – Voice

2nd: Seventeen – Happy Ending

Top Release: Dreamcatcher – Breaking Out

Hey! We Exist! – Top 5 Japanese Releases From Non-Kpop Artists

5th: iri – Wonderland

4th: MACO – Time Limit

3rd: BananaLemon – #Slaysian

This is a remix of her 2008 single.

2nd: Miliyah Kato – Sayonara (feat SKY-HI)

Top Release: RIRI – luv luv (feat Junoflo)


Do Men Deserve Rights? Be Honest. MALES

Let’s Get This Bread – Top 5 Title Tracks

5th: Blue Flame – Astro

4th: Wonderland – Ateez

3rd: Miroh – Stray Kidz

2nd: Under Cover – A.C.E

Top Release: Obsession – EXO

You Are Second Best To No One – Top 5 Bsides

5th: Play Hard – SF9

4th: Mola – Winner

3rd: Utopia – ATEEZ

2nd: Maybe I – CIX

Top Release: Groove – EXO

Standing On Your Own – Top 5 Releases From Solo Artists

5th: Like Me – pH-1

4th: That’s Okay – D.O.

3rd: Nappa – Crush

2nd: Human – Zico

Top Release: Hate Everything – Golden

You’re My Best Man – Top 5 Bsides From Solo Artists

5th: Love Words – Chen

4th: Ibiza – Crush

3rd: Hug Me – Crucial Star

2nd: Broken Record – Golden

Top Release: Psycho – Baekhyun

No Skips Allowed! – Top 5 Mini/Full Albums



Women In Charge – Top 5 Title Tracks

5th: Piri – Dreamcatcher

4th: The Fifth Season – Oh My Girl

3rd: Fancy – TWICE

2nd: Psycho – Red Velvet

Top Release: %% (Eung Eung) – Apink

Aint No Regular Side Chick – Top 5 Bsides

5th: I Need U – CLC

4th: Vogue – Oh My Girl

3rd: Sorry – AOA

2nd: Love Foolish – TWICE

Top Release: Silent Night – Dreamcatcher

Independent Woman – Top 5 Releases From Solo Artists

5th: Butter Chicken – Oohyo

4th: Gotta Go – Chungha

3rd: Four Seasons – Taeyeon

2nd: Love Me – Punch

Top Release: Katchup – Dalsoobin

You’re My Maid Of Honor – Top 5 Bsides From Solo Artists

5th: Paper Moon – Kim Jiyeon

4th: Square – Yerin Baek

3rd: The Visitor – IU

2nd: Dispatch – Heize

Top Release: Blue – Taeyeon

No Skips Allowed! – Top 5 Mini/Full Albums

1ST: NO.1 – CLC


Rookie Spotlight – Soloists (Re)Debuts

5th: Don’t Make Me Laugh – Oh Hayoung

4th: Face – Woosung

3rd: Twit – Hwasa

2nd: Goblin – Sulli

Top Release: UN Village – Baekhyun

Rookie Spotlight – Groups

5th: Valkyrie – Oneus

4th: Dalla Dalla – ITZY

3rd: Breathe – AB6IX

2nd: Movie Star – CIX

Top Release: Bon Bon Chocolat – EVERGLOW


5th: Wet The Bed – Sik-K x Coogie

4th: What A Life – EXO-SC

3rd: Stars Over Me – BOL4

2nd: How Can I Love The Heartbreak – AKMU

Top Release: Who Do You Love? – Monsta X ft French Montana
Technically a feature not a collab, but house rules. :p

The Show Is Over But The Music Lives On – Top 5 OSTs

Her Private Life

5th: Maybe – Lee Hae Rin

Angel’s Last Mission: Love

4th: Pray – Klang


3rd: Abyss – Suran x Coogie

Sky Castle

2nd: We All Lie – Ha Jin

Top Release: Done For Me – Punch
Hotel Del Luna

So there you have it! I can’t wait to see what next year has in store for us musically! xx

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3 thoughts on “Back That Ass Up – 2019 Year In Music

  1. First I want to commend you on your voluminous collection of Asian videos. Second, if I was understading you correctly, there is nothing I detest more than Asian groups trying to sound like East and West coast rappers from the USA. Having lived in China and Japan, and being the beneficiary of their absolutely beautiful music that blends their traditional instruments with their incredible vocal ranges. I couldn’t listen to all of your videos, but I enjoyed: “Water From The Heaven,” “A Far Journey,” and “Never Let You Go.”
    As for the Japanese JPOP, I have to admit I am a huge fan of their style because they seem to consistently churn out videos that are filled with a bunch of happy cuties that put a smile on my face every time.
    Thanks for your thoughtful review of the Asian music scene.

  2. Thank you for reading! I think there’s so much more mandopop that I haven’t been able to listen to due to regulations but I won’t stop trying. I am anticipating being able to immerse myself more later.

  3. If you haven’t done so already, you owe it to yourself to visit some of those countries. The people treat you like a celebrity, the food is fantastic, and China, especially, is far from the oppressive dictatorship with egregious human rights atrocities that it is portrayed as. Enjoy your listening, and keep on posting what you can my friend.

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