Watcha Watchin’ – Feb 23rd

Mercury is in retrograde and so is our lives! Mardi Gras weekend means beads and booze! What have we been watching? Read on and see!

Sugar Baby Unnie

I was telling Lazy Unnie that I had a very busy week and an even busier weekend so I didn’t get to gorge on dramas. I removed Story of Yanxi Palace and Love Is Fate even though I am very much still watching these dramas because it is a very slow watch process. There is probably so many new kdramas that are about to air that I would like to see, but I have just been so busy that I haven’t had the time to check the line ups. I will try to improve on this.

Korean Dramas

Romantic Dr. Kim 2: This drama is coming up to an end this week and I will admit that my initial excitement has died down in comparison to when I first started. However, it’s kinda wild how much I am lusting after Shin Dong Wook and Ahn Hyo Seop.

Chinese Dramas

Dr. Cutie: Randomly picked this up because I thought the main actress looked so cute. I am liking this a lot mainly because of the main actress. She is so lovable and fun and a natural actress that it is refreshing to see in dramaland and kind of rare. It is a very basic drama but it works.

Other Dramas

Triad Princess: I have only watched one episode but I really liked what I saw and I am continuing so hopefully I can balance all my dramas. hahaha.

Someday or One Day: This drama immediately caught my attention when it first aired and I watched the first episode, I was waiting on it to finish so that I can watch it in its entirety because I learned my lesson with currently airing Taiwanese dramas.

On The Radar

The Love Lasts Two Minds: Yukee Chen. Like. Do I need to say more?

Because This Is My First Life: I had put this drama on hold when it aired because I was so unbelievably busy with work and overwhelmed with dramas and this one got dumped. So now I am ready to revisit it as it is now on Netflix.

Lazy Unnie


Itaewon Class: I AM LOVING THIS DRAMA SO DAMN MUCH! Last week’s ending had me shook and itching for this week’s. And this week got me all kinds of ragey and crying. This show is doing things to my emotions and I don’t know how to handle that. A kiss better happen soon or some happiness.

Another Miss Oh: This one has been on my list for a while. I’m still not sold on it 100% because lets be honest, Eric Mun ain’t my cup of tea but I hear the kisses are A+.

Hyena: I was going to do a first impression of this but I’m too lazy. But okay, I’m here for this so far. Kim Hye Soo’s character is like lady goals. She’s badass and shady. And on top of that, we got topless/almost naked Joo Ji Hoon in like the first 10 mins. I’m intrigued enough to keep it going weekly.


Master in the House: I have so many episodes to catch up on but then I heard that Sungjae and Sung Yoon are leaving and my heart broke. So I need to power through before they bounce. I still love this show even though I’ve taken all breaks with it.

Record PARK’s: This is actually Park Seo Joon’s youtube channel. He has a bunch of behind the scene videos of him promoting Itaewon Class and other things like Q&As. I’m here for all the extra PSJ content either way.

See you soon! xx

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