Rambling Queens – Episode 1

“There is no group without flaw, and if there is—give it time.”

Sugar Baby Unnie

Hello readers! So like about two weeks ago on Feb 15th, I sat down with an old friend and we drank booze and talked mad shit about dramas and kpop. What should’ve been an interview just turned into a world wind of topics which caused the audio to be almost three hours long. I know I would not listen to myself talk for three hours so I broke my rule of no editing and tried to cut this shit all the way down. I ended up with about half of what we discussed. Since I had to cut it down, I decided that I would make this a recurring treat and will link up with Nat once every few months. I mean in all honesty, it was wild how it ended up being close to three hours when we literally chatted for like two hours before I even decided to record. Next time it won’t be so long between recording and posting because we’ll make it concise and I won’t have to edit it. Hehehe.

A few things to know is that Nat and I have been friends for close to five years now and we share a mutual love of Yoon Eun Hye, Gong Yoo and Coffee Prince. Since this recording the coronavirus has gone on its one world tour so some of what we say may not be as relevant anymore for e.g. it is obviously not black history month anymore. But I am black and a woman so I win twice!

Disclaimer: Somewhat sensitive language. Not necessarily recommended for children under 18.

Rambling Queens – #1

Not Your Average Netizens (NYAN)

“Why do you have braids and a bang?”


“If there is someone to thirst after, I will thirst after them”



Nat’s Article: When They Refuse to See Us: K-pop and the Continued Erasure of Black people.

“I don’t need a song to be deep to enjoy it.”

Song at the intro
Our vibe ~

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