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another miss oh

Two women, both named Oh Hae Yeong, find themselves constantly mixed up in each other’s lives because of their shared name. From confusion over boys and grades in high school to ending up in the same occupation and company as adults, they can’t stop running into each other. And then there’s the man in their lives, a man with the ability to see into the future, a man who must decide which of these women he wants in it. Will these two women continue to find their lives entangled with each other? Or will they finally find a way to separate themselves from each other and become their own people?

  • Starring : Eric Mun | Seo Hyun Jin | Jeon Hye Bin | Lee Jae Yoon | Kim Ji Suk | Ye Ji Won
  • Episodes : 18 (1 hr. 10 mins.)
  • Aired : May 2 – June 28, 2016
  • Network : tvN

I have always kind of just seen this drama in the background. People have always listed it for something or another, especially the kisses, and I said eventually I’d get to it. So… I did. What I’ve determined is that yes, people were right in saying the skin ship and kissing were out of this world but everything else… yeah…

Plot-wise? Holier than thou. Well, maybe not so holey but the fact that we have a main male character, in my opinion, doesn’t really seem like a good catch and we’re basically conditioned to root for him. On the other hand, we have two female leads who share the exact name and their lives have been intertwined since youth. When in that predicament the girls were obviously compared to each other and our heroine was deemed the regular/other Oh Hae Young where the other was the pretty/popular one. Anyone in main Oh Hae Young’s position would build some animosity and it was there for sure. But what this whole plot boiled down to was some weird supernatural aspect thrown on top of what happens when you assume, you make an ass out of you and me. And this cast of characters was full of your fair share of asses.

Let me first say that I hated Park Do Kyung. I don’t know if it was Eric Mun’s face or stiff acting but everything about him turned me off. I mean, if he ruined my potential wedding because he thought he was getting back at his ex-girlfriend, I couldn’t be with him. But look at that, main Oh Hae Young didn’t have those same moral issues.

Speaking of Oh Hae Young, as a character, she is hella flawed. I mean not in an endearing way. More in the “oh girl you so messy. Try an AA meeting or therapy.” Even though her drunk moments lead to some great funny moments. However, because Seo Hyun Jin is such an amazing actress, Oh Hae Young became a highlight and I found myself just wishing for her happy ending because she just deserved it. Even if the ending she got was one I didn’t agree with (I shipped her with her coworker!).

Now I didn’t hate the drama entirely. There were highlights besides the obvious (make-outs galore). The supporting cast and storylines ended up being more intriguing overall. From main Oh Hae Young’s parents to Park Do Kyung’s siblings and best friend. Oh Hae Young’s mom was legit the best. She was the kind of mother that would cuss you out for fucking up but if someone said anything sideways about her baby she is cutting a bitch. She just wanted what was best for her daughter even if that meant giving some tough love. One of the best scenes was when her parents found out she had been dumped instead of ending her wedding like she wanted everyone to believe, they took her out to some karaoke to sing and dance away the blues. Now that’s some love. At some point in the series, I ended up loving the story between Do Kyung’s sister Soo Kyung, who was also Oh Hae Young’s boss btw, and his best friend Lee Jin Sang. This deserved its own series and if it was, I would have watched religiously. I SHIPPED IT!

So what this all boiled down to for me is… I would have liked it if things seemed a little more believable. I know that’s a lot coming from dramaland, but I know it is achievable.

Acting: 8/10
Story: 5/10
Music: 7/10
Overall: 6/10
Recommended For: If you don’t mind unlikeable leads and plot holes for days

Fave Song: ‘If It Is You’ – Jung Seung Hwan

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